14 Best Mountain Biking Apps for Android and iOS

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Mountain Biking Apps

Do you have a mountain biking plan in the near future? Gearing up your bike is a must but downloading the best mountain biking apps can improve your riding experience. These apps come in handy either to hone your skills or explore new trails.

The market has plenty of options but only few are worth the download. If you don’t have enough time to scour the internet then you’re in the right place. We’ve collected the best apps for upgrading your mountain biking trips, so read on.

Best Mountain Biking Apps for Android and iOS

Going mountain biking is a real pleasure. But if you get lost then it could be a different story. The following apps are mostly navigation tools that are helpful to keep you on track. However, you can also find some other functions like calorie tracker and tour planner.

1. ViewRanger


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ViewRanger is among recommended navigation app for any outdoor activities, such as biking, hiking, and even skiing. This tool is designed with adventure in mind, providing you with tons of feature to bring your outdoor activities to the next level.

Using ViewRanger you can navigate trails and view the stats of tracks. It is compatible with OS Wear so you can track every trip on your wrist.

Not only is it an excellent navigation app, but it is also a handy track recorder. You can easily record a new track and pause or stop during the recording process. Plus, this tool enables you to view bearing, longitude / latitude / altitude data, and also heading. 

2. Strava


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With over 10M+ downloads on Google Play Store, Strava is undoubtedly a capable app for your cycling journey. It highlights Strava Activity Tracker that helps you train smarter—record your route and analyze, map your route, and training challenge.

On this app you can find a powerful tool to record your cycle speed and calories burned. You can also explore new trails thanks to the largest trail network brought to your table. Not to mention it allows you to join monthly challenges and push yourself.

You will also like its mile counter feature that tells you how far your journey is. Share your best routes with your friends and let them see your photos of the latest ride.

3. All Trails

All Trails

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All Trails is a great app to simplify your mountain biking trips. Featuring an intuitive and user-friendly interface, it is loaded with features from abundant routes and GPS tracker to downloadable maps which work offline.

This best free mountain biking app lets you explore over 200,000 hiking trails from different places. You can find a perfect trail for mountain bike riding that is perfect for your experience level and fitness. View ratings and review from the community to help you make a better decision.

Designed for Android and iPhone, All Trails turn your device into a GPS activity tracker. Simply follow the trail and don’t get lost in your journey. And if you want to share your mountain bike ride, share your activities with friends on social media platform.

On top of that, All Trails allows you to save your favorite trails and bike again. Add new trails to your bucket list and never stop riding.

4. Komoot


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Get Komoot and join a vast community of mountain bikers who share their knowledge and recommendations eagerly. This is a free, must-have app to bring your mountain bike adventure to life with a bunch of features.

Komoot provides you with a large selection of single tracks for your mountain bikes, along with routes for other activities like road biking or hiking. It simplifies your tasks of planning down to the last details, such as elevation profile, surface, distance, and difficulty.

Besides helping you plan a perfect cycling adventure, Komoot comes with a capable voice navigation feature to keep your eyes on the road in front of you. It also has many other features like offline maps, highlight destinations, and adventure logs to store your favorite adventure.

5. MTB Project

MTB Project

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Do you need a guide to a new trail? Are you looking for a comprehensive mountain biking apps that works offline? Then the MTB Project is made just for you. 

This app is designed to guide you to any trails you want to ride. It helps you create a perfect plan for mountain biking thanks to comprehensive information like elevation profiles and GPS route info. You can also view the best spots to ride captured by the community.

MTB Project contains 77,000+ miles of trails to hone your skills. It shows your exact location at all times, even if you’re out of the grid. The best part is that you can get updates from the community whether a trail is in a good condition.

You can’t decide the right trail to explore? Find suggestion for the best featured rides nearby your location or any area that you want.

6. bergfex Tours & GPS Tracking

bergfex Tours & GPS Tracking

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Bergfex has a complete set of features to redefine your outdoor activities. It has all-in-one tool for planning and tracking your mountain biking journey, such as detailed topographical maps, tour planner, and search feature.

This app for mountain biking is featured with over 70,000 GPS tours across Europe, making it the perfect choice for your tours. It also has a particular tool for planning down the journey with detailed information.

Additionally, bergfex has tracks and statistics tool to look back to your activities. Not only does it show the routes, but it also shows detailed information like distance, date and time, and likes.

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Bergfex is available for free on Google Play Store and the App Store. But if you want to enjoy additional features than you will have to upgrade to the Pro version. Bergfex Pro highlights offline maps, ads-free, and slope steepness overlay for better planning.

7. Google Maps

Google Maps

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Google Maps is unarguably the world’s most downloaded navigation app. This tool is not specifically designed for mountain biking but it can be a great option for backup. It is simple, easy to use, and offers Google Earth for better navigation.

This useful app allows you to download offline maps for easier access without internet connection. It helps you a lot, especially when you are out of range or on airplane mode.

If you plan a mountain bike journey in national parks then Google Maps can be taken into your consideration. Not only does it provide you with the fastest route, but it also lets you view ratings and reviews from other users.

8. Naviki


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Naviki is possibly one of the best mountain biking apps for your Android and iPhone. It highlights the best route planning for cycling activities, whether you prefer mountain bike or racing bike. Choose your destination and it shows your routes immediately.

Naviki is loaded with features aside from route planner. You will love its turn by turn voice navigation that keeps your eyes on the road. It also has point of interest feature consisting of recommended destinations you might want to visit.

Offline map is one of the best features, allowing you to set your phone on airplane mode to save battery. And if you wish to know the elevation profile, Naviki has got you covered.

9. Bikemap


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Are you looking to improve your ride? Look no further. Bikemap is a fantastic cycling map and GPS navigation to help you enjoy the journey at its most. Providing more than 7M routes in over 100 countries, this is one of the most comprehensive mountain biking app you could ask for.

Bikemap includes a voice navigation feature that works both online and offline. It also highlights detailed reports in the event of slippery roads, constructions, or potholes.

If you want to find more features, all you have to do is upgrade to the Premium version. This version allows you to save all routes for offline use, provides various map styles, and much more.

10. Cyclemeter Cycling Tracker

Cyclemeter Cycling Tracker

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Cyclemeter transforms your Android and iOS device into a fitness computer. This app is suitable for a range of outdoor activities like mountain biking, cycling, and running. Featuring advanced highlights, this could be your best riding partner.

Cyclemeter is integrated to Google Maps, allowing you to view maps and terrain. It also gives you access to view your workouts on a calendar which can be sorted by activities and routes.

What’s more, this useful app has the ability to record your heart rate, bike cadence, and bike speed. It users your phone’s sensor to work appropriately.

11. Bike Computer

Bike Computer

Download on Google Play

Impressive features are all you can find in Bike Computer. This app is designed to track your ride, from cycling speed to total duration and elevation profile. Thanks to comprehensive tools that make this happen.

Bike Computer highlights route tracking and calorie counter with which you know how many calories burned after the activity. You can also save tracks and ride again with favorite list embedded in this app.

And if you plan a night ride, dark theme brings convenience to you. Not to mention it can significantly save battery life during your trip. The best of all, Bike Computer is suitable for most Android devices, including the earlier version.

12. GPS Sports Tracker App

GPS Sports Tracker App

Download on Google Play

GPS Sports Tracker can handle various outdoor activities such as cycling, running, walking, and other sports. Utilizing your phone GPS, it mainly acts as a navigator that tracks your progress in real time on map and record your route.

This app allows you to get comprehensive information about speed, burned calories, duration, and pace using text to speech. If you are not moving, it has auto pause feature that will pause the record automatically.

Do you want to inspire your friends? Kindly share your activities on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

13. Bike Tracker

Bike Tracker

Download on Google Play

Bike Tracker is an app for every cycling lover. It has the ability to measure your cycling speed and show elevation profile. You can also find out the distance of your trip and locate GPS position effortlessly. All is available on this single app.

Bike Tracker helps mark your bike routes on the map so you can have fun with it—just like many people do. Record your route and bike again later simply by viewing your history.

Whether you want to ride day or night, Bike Tracker could be a good bet. Choose between light and dark mode for your convenience. 

14. Cycling


Download on Google Play

Tracking your pace and measuring your distance is made simple with Cycling. This versatile bike tracker app has everything you need to improve mountain biking experience. From real time GPS to calorie counter, it transforms your device into a bike computer.

Cycling contains advanced graphs that show calories burned, distance, and your activity time. It allows you to set a goal, such as distance traveled or amount of burned calories.

This app has been trusted by millions of people to upgrade their outdoor activities. Not only is it suitable for mountain biking, but it also works well for recreational biker, BMX rider, and road biker.

No matter your biking goals, you can always find the best mountain biking apps to help you out. These apps are designed to simplify your biking trips and meet any goals you set. Find an app that is the right fit for your personality and keep riding.

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