13 Best Ski Apps for Android and iOS

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Ski Apps

How do you anticipate the upcoming ski season? While some people are busy booking a ski house and purchasing a season pass, others are trying to gear up. No matter which group you belong to, downloading the best ski apps before hitting the slopes is a must.

Ski apps are designed to enhance your ski experience in various ways. Whether you need a personal ski instructor or accurate ski tracker, you can always find the best options to simplify your ski or snowboarding trips.

Best Ski Apps for Android and iOS

There are so many options when it comes to ski apps but only few are dedicated for skiers and snowboarders. We’ve collected top-rated ski applications to make your trip a bit easier. Scroll through. 

1. OnTheSnow


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Let’s begin with the world’s most used ski apps OnTheSnow. Developed by Mountain News Corporation, this is a powerful app to track ski conditions at various resorts. It brings you daily snow reports and conditions of the slopes in over 2,000 ski resorts globally.

Featuring a clean interface, this app is loaded with useful tools. My Resort might be your favorite, with which you can track and compare favorite ski resorts. It’s also equipped with a weather forecast feature, making it easier to schedule your ski trips.

And if you need a powder alert? OnTheSnow is a trusted app to alert you when your favorite resorts get new snow. You can also use Powder Finder to hunt new snow from nearby resorts.

On top of that, it is featured with trail maps to prevent you from getting lost. You’ll also like user’s reports and photos from fellow skiers found on this app. 

2. FIS App


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This is a great app for big fans of skiing and snowboarding. It may not tell you about weather info or ski resorts but it has everything you need to know about all FIS events. If you don’t want to miss out then FIS App is just for you.

Using this app you can highlight videos, view photo galleries, complete live timing, and much more. It could be the best source of skiing and snowboarding events information you could ask for.

FIS App is an official application developed by FIS IT Department. If you dream to be Alpine skiing athletes or professional snowboarders who take part in prestigious events like the World Championships or Continental Cup, downloading this app could be a perfect start.

3. Ski Tracks

Ski Tracks

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Ski Tracks is an excellent application for winter sports. The award-winning tool is loaded with features to upgrade your ski experience. There are so many things you can do with this app, from recording ski adventure to sharing ski history.

Millions of users have downloaded Ski Tracks on their device. If you join the crowds, you’ll find tons of features, such as advanced GPS to track your route; 3D maps to get to know about the terrains; ski run and lift analysis; geo tagging for every picture, and much more.

Developed by Core Codera, Ski Tracks is featured with battery efficient technology. This edgy tool supports all day recording without internet connection so you can focus on your performance.

Whether you are a beginner or professional, this best ski tracking app comes in handy to simplify your skiing and snowboarding journey. Ski Tracks runs well on Android and iOS.

4. Bergfex


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Bergfex is another favorite app among winter sport enthusiasts. It has detailed information for ski resorts in Europe, including Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France, and Germany. If you plan to travel to those countries and hit the slopes then Bergfex could be your best partner.

On this app you can find the latest snow report, weather info, accommodation, and even ski maps. The complete set of features makes it a decent application to enhance your skiing or snowboarding adventure.

There are over 5,000 webcams and video streaming cams included, allowing you to view the condition before arranging a schedule. You can also find ski ticket prices for each resort, along with detailed information like accommodation and equipment rental.

5. Skiresort


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Skiresort is the most extensive app with a huge selection of ski resorts from all over the globe. There are about 5,700 ski resorts you can access through this app, making it easier to arrange a schedule to the upcoming ski season.

Additionally, it has more than 3,300 high resolution piste maps that show the layouts, lifts, and other information about the slope. Update yourself with the latest snow reports and ski weather information to keep you safe.

Compared to other apps with similar function, Skiresort is a comprehensive tool for beginner and seasonal professional. Just in case you need information about ski lessons or rentals then Skiresort has got you covered.

What’s more, it allows you to book ski lessons or ski rentals online. This is a great way to enjoy the ski season with getting overwhelmed with all the preparations.

6. OpenSnow


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Find accurate snow forecast on OpenSnow. This is one of trusted source for skiing information, including snow report, map overlays, and also ski conditions.

The best free ski app is designed for winter sport enthusiasts who need to chase powder. You can find the deepest snow, choose the best mountain, and view cams of your favorite ski resorts in a few seconds.

OpenSnow can do many other things like showing 2-day snow forecast, custom snow report, show favorite location list, and avalanche forecasts. If you want additional features, simply upgrade to the premium version that gives you a lot of benefits.

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Premium OpenSnow is loaded with advanced features, including 10-day snow forecasts, unlimited snow read, current radar, cloud cover map, and much more. 

7. Slopes


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Bring the most exciting ski tracking experience to your mobile with Slopes. This is one of the best ski apps that gives you access to smart features like automatic detection for runs and lifts, interactive maps replays, and detailed info about ski speed, distance, vertical, and much more.

Trail map is a great tool included to find trail maps and further information about thousands of resorts. There’s also info about trail difficulty and insights into things you can expect. Plus, it has a tool that tells you the snow condition based on fellow skiers’ ratings.

Slopes is integrated to AccuWeather with which it provides a 7-day snowfall forecasts that is essential for your plans. On top of that, it tells you when you head to the resort to catch fresh powder.

There are many other things Slopes can do. It automatically tracks run & lift from your pocket and tells where you are. And if you want a little competition, this application features private leaderboards. As a bonus, it comes packed with a recorder to record your ski footage. 

8. Snow2day


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Snow2day is a useful ski app which tells you places with new powder. It notifies you of your favorite ski resorts so you don’t miss out the season. This app is ideal for winter sports like skiing and snowboarding.

Aside from update notification, Snow2day has some extra features: social reports by community, snow quality, snow measurement in the last 3 days, and much more. Each tool is needed by winter sport enthusiasts to make plans during the season.

And if you wish to find out the stat of ski resorts, taking a virtual tour with StreetView is the most brilliant idea. This app also provides guides to get to the ski resort from your place. Be sure to check the weather forecast included in this app before heading up.

9. Jollyturns


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Jollyturns gives you the most comprehensive information about your favorite ski resorts. This modest app is designed to keep track of your ski tracking intuitively. It also has the ability to find friends on the resort map and greet them.

It includes over 2700 ski resorts throughout the US and Europe. Extensive ski information includes lodges, restaurants, ski runs, lifts, weather info, and snow info.

Jollyturns gets more attractive with tracker that helps record your day on the slopes. View your statistics per day or per season and compare with your friends.

GPS sensor is one of the best features to locate your position. Keep track of your location and don’t get lost. Whenever you want to head up, download Jollyturns and get a better ski tracking you’ve never exerperienced before.

10. Carv


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Meet Carv, your virtual ski coach to bring your ski experience to the next level. Carv highlights leaderboards featuring Ski:IQ, a smart system which defines your ability. Find top spots to conquer and lead your local leaderboard.

On Carv you can find improved tips and advice for any level. It also comes packed with deeper insight into the concept and learn through videos and descriptions. Personalized tips are another main feature to upgrade your ski tracking.

11. Snow Tracker

Snow Tracker

Download on Google Play

Snow lovers and winter sport enthusiasts must have Snow Tracker. Trusted by millions, this app is useful to measure skiing speed, distance, and tracks. It also marks the slopes and provide you with full statistics of your activity.

Snow Tracker has powerful features, such as skiing speed recorder, time measurement, and monitoring the height. Using this app you can also take pictures and share with them. Just make sure you’re connected to the internet.

Best of all, this mobile app is free to download on Google Play Store. Get this app and enjoy a better skiing and snowboarding experience.

12. Sportler Ski Tracker

Sportler Ski Tracker

Download on Google Play

Sportler has been around for a while and it has helped many winter sport enthusiasts enjoy their time on the mountain. This amazing app promises seamless performance, simple interface, and extensive features for beginners and professionals.

Using Sportler you can record a day on the slope and save it. Monitor your track using Sportler’s interactive map and make a simple analysis. Besides, you can share location and locate your friends using live position updates.

Before hitting the slopes, Sportler is a great app to download on your Android device. You might need to connect to the internet so you can enjoy some features like location sharing and leaderboards.

13. Ski Tracker & Snow Forecast

Ski Tracker & Snow Forecast

 Download on the App Store

This ski tracker app is brought to you by LW Brands. It is designed with cool features to help skiers and snowboarders track their runs and view stats. Using this app winter sport enthusiasts can also check the snow forecast accurately.

Whenever you’re ready to hit the slopes, open this app and forget it. The ski tracker runs in the background and keeps track of information like your max speed, total vertical, and total distance. It also has some added features like tracking calories burned and filter stats by day, season, or individual run.

Backup your data to iCloud and share with friends. Ski Tracker & Snow Forecast uses the internet to automatically back up data to iCloud, allowing you to share between devices.

There are other fantastic features to find in this app, such as delete erroneous data, automatic detection of motion, and pause tracking option. Get your Ski Tracker and enjoy this season.

It’s never too early to gear up for the upcoming ski season. Before heading up, download the best ski apps to make this season unforgettable. From booking online to tracking snow activities, ski mobile apps have everything you need to have fun on the mountain. 

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