10 Best Voice Recorder Apps for Android

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Voice Recorder Apps for Android

A smartphone comes with myriad functionalities, one of which is voice recording. Numerous voice recorder apps are available on the Play Store, giving you a headache to download and install the best one. When you open Google Play Store, each app looks great with its excellent features. Unfortunately, many of them are scams that are not worth installing.

Before proceeding further and ending up choosing the wrong app, it’s necessary to find out the best voice recorder app for Android. Here, you are about to find 10 voice recorder apps with the best features and functionalities, either to support your work or have fun. Don’t install any voice recorder apps before reading this!

Best Voice Recorder Apps for Android

There are a lot of voice recorder apps that can be downloaded on your Android devices. Ranging from basic to full-features, the following recorder apps are worth your thought. While you can easily find free apps, some paid apps are also available to give you a better experience. Check this out!

1. Rev Audio & Voice Recorder

Best Voice Recorder Apps: Rev Audio & Voice Recorder

Rev is a simple voice recording app that offers powerful performance. It comes with a lot of functionalities, ranging from audio recording to dictation. It also offers the best human transcription service with professional and highly-trained transcriptionists. You can rely on this app to work on your project or interview 24/7.

There are some key features to take advantage of. It comes with high-quality recording for crystal clear audio, allowing you to record lectures, interviews, meetings, and so much more. The app also features a simple user interface that every beginner can handle. Not to mention it allows you to share recordings directly from the app through email or sharing apps.

2. Easy Voice Recorder – Background Voice Recorder

Easy Voice Recorder – Background Voice Recorder

If you are searching for apps that receive many stars on Play Store rating, Easy Voice Recorder is worth the thought. This is a useful recording app that enables you to record by a single click. It boasts a lot of functionalities, such as background voice recording, scheduled recording, and myriad language supports.

A handful of features are ready to bring your audio recording to the next level. It allows you to use volume buttons, power buttons, and even phone shake to start and stop recording. To keep your privacy, this app is protected by a password. It gives you peace of mind when recording something confidential. Or else, you can also share recorded audio as well as delete it.

3. Smart Recorder by SmartMob

Smart Recorder by SmartMob

Smart Recorder is a free audio recorder that boasts high-quality recording as well as easy usage. This app is specifically designed for long time recording, allowing you to record interviews, lectures, and other professional purposes. Coming with a simple and clean interface, Smart Recorder is among the best recorder apps on Play Store.

This app delivers a number of features to make your recording experience more enjoyable. Thanks to audio spectrum analyzer and background recording that gives easier audio recording. In addition, a high-quality output format lets you use the app for professional use. If you need an app that won’t drain your battery, Smart Recorder by SmartMob is a good bet.

4. Samsung Voice Recorder

Samsung Voice Recorder

Samsung users can opt for Samsung Voice Recorder for wonderful recording experience. This easy-to-use app is specifically designed to provide you with high-quality sound and editing capabilities. It also offers playback capabilities so you can sort out which record is worth saving. No more saving scams! This app works well for everyday and professional audio recording.

If you want to record an interview session, this app can help activate top and bottom microphones for better voice recording. It also supports voice memo that is able to convert voice to text as well as background recording that allows you to use the phone while recording. Whenever you want to share audio recording, the app lets you share through WhatsApp, email, OneDrive, and other sharing services.

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5. Recording Assistant

Recording Assistant

Recording Assistant developed by Multi Cloner Dev is a versatile recorder app for every occasion, such as presentations, meetings, lectures, and everyday recordings. A lot of features and capabilities are wrapped in a simple and clean interface. It also boasts easy-to-manage recordings, ranging from rename, play, delete, and share. And yet, this free app does not support call recording.

Recording Assistant supports cloud backup, allowing you to upload every time you open this app. It also provides download and delete options for uploaded cloud data. Another good thing to enjoy is audio mixing and stitching capabilities as well as adjustable playback volume and speed. If you need a high-quality voice recorder, Recording Assistant is worth choosing.

6. ASR Voice Recorder

ASR Voice Recorder

ASR is among the best voice recorder apps for Android. This app manages to deliver high-quality sound with an easy interface for a better experience. It works well for a lot of purposes, such as meetings, lessons, notes, songs, and so much more. What makes it better? ASR Voice Recorder is available for free and it has no limitations on recording time.

Unlike other free apps that come with limited features, ASR boasts ease-of-use features for the best audio recording. It supports myriad recording formats, including AMR, M4A, OGG, FLAC, and MP3. This app also supports cloud upload for OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and many more.

ASR Voice Recorder allows you to add notes while recording or listening to the audio. It comes with a lot of recording capabilities, such as deleting and sharing, skipping silence mode, and multiple languages. In addition, it has a customizable recording folder and controller for playback speed.

7. Voice Recorder by HD Camera

Voice Recorder by HD Camera

If you are looking for a voice recorder that comes with a built-in media player, Voice Recorder by HD Camera is the best choice. This is a free and easy app that lets you record audio during meetings, lectures, or presentations. You can enjoy the high-quality sound with limitless time. The only limit is your Android’s memory size.

Voice Recorder brings a multitude of key features such as a user-friendly media player for playback. This app also supports background recording, allowing the app to record even when your screen is off. Free up your space from scam recordings through delete capability. Or else, you can also rename and share the recordings right from the app. This is what you need to get high-quality audio on tablets or smartphones.

8. Voice Recorder Pro

Voice Recorder Pro

If you don’t mind spending a dime for a recorder app, Voice Recorder Pro is a good choice. This is a functional app that offers a lot of features to record your speeches, lectures, presentations, songs, and everyday recording tasks. It boasts limitless recording time, as long as you have ample memory size on your smartphone.

Voice Recorder Pro is one of the best choices. It features high-quality voice recording as well as a simple interface that makes it easy to use. This app also supports sharing, saving, and deleting your recordings. In addition, you can enjoy a live audio spectrum analyzer while recording or listening.

However, Voice Recorder Pro lacks an audio format that supports only MP3 and OGG. Besides, it does not have call recorder support. This app is available on Google Play Store at around $6.

9. Aroundsound Audio Recorder

Aroundsound Audio Recorder

One of the best voice recorder apps for Android that you can get in the Play Store is Aroundsound Audio Recorder. This app allows you to record the sound of everyday life, add description and title, and then share it with your family and friends. Aroundsound is free to install yet it offers numerous features to make every moment more special.

Simply record your audio, get the link, and share. This is what you need to relive any special moment through high-quality sound. Interestingly, it allows you to get connected with other people. Every sound you add to a shared collection, all members will be notified whenever you make a change or add something.

To ensure your privacy and safety, your audio recordings are backed up to cloud storage. It means you can easily access them through any device. Overall, Aroundsound is what you need to redefine every special moment that you have.

10. RecForge II

RecForge II

If you need an app that gives you more than an audio recorder, RecForge II is a nice bet. This is a Dictaphone as well as an editor with recording, converting, playing and sharing capabilities. Say goodbye to boring recording as RecForge II is going to make everything more fun.

Thanks to editing functionality that allows you to convert dictation to M4A, OGG, MP3, and other audio formats. It also lets you edit metadata as well as change music speed and save it. This audio recorder supports real-time monitoring with the live audio spectrum analyzer. Last but not least, it comes with background recording with recorder control in the notification bar.

RecForge offers more features, such as organizing files with folders, save sound, play, record, convert, adjust pitch, and many others. Don’t forget the AGC toggle switch that allows you to disable AGC for better quality.  All the wonderful functionalities are wrapped in a simple and easy user interface. More importantly, this app is free to install.

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