Malwarebytes VS Avast, Which One Is Better?

by Hashir Zuniga

Malwarebytes VS Avast

Giving protection to your computer can go wrong, especially when you choose the wrong anti-malware software. The fact that malware lurks on the internet and is ready to infect your device anytime, installing anti-malware is essential. There are a wide array of alternatives when it comes to anti-malware software, such as Malwarebytes and Avast. If you are about to choose one, get to know Malwarebytes VS Avast.

Both Malwarebytes and Avast are anti-malware software developed for Windows operating system. Windows is the most widely used OS, at the same time the most targeted operating system. If you are one of Windows users, give the best protection for the device using the best software. Is it Malwarebytes or Avast? Check the comparisons below!

Malwarebytes and Avast at a Glance

Before comparing Malwarebytes and Avast head to head, it is a wise decision to know the overview of each software. Let’s begin with Malwarebytes, anti-malware software that was released in 2006. Being one of the most popular applications, Malwarebytes is considered reliable to protect your Windows devices from malware. It is also able to find threats real quick, no matter malware infects your computer.

To enhance its protections, Malwarebytes provides updates regularly even up to this moment. Not only does it work for the Windows operating system, but the publisher also provides protection for Mac and Android. Malwarebytes for Mac and Malwarebytes for Android are available for various users across platforms. In addition, Malwarebytes Premium is also available to protect small teams, offices, and startups.

On the other hand, Avast is known as one of the largest companies that offer protection to your devices. Sophisticated technologies adopted by the company allows Avast to provide advanced and reliable application to protect any devices from threat and malware.

Today, Avast protects more than 435 million customers that spread in 186 countries around the globe. The anti-malware application is able to prevent 3.5 billion attacks each month. To maximize its protections, Avast provides a variety of products both for consumers and business users. Avast is also available in free package and paid package.

Windows users are not the only one who can enjoy the features developed by Avast. The company also develops an anti-malware application for Mac and Android with the same performance and capability of protecting against the threat. In addition, Avast also offers an application for performance and privacy across the operating system.

Malwarebytes VS Avast: Who Is the Winner?

Choosing the best anti-malware application is a real struggle. It is not a surprise that many people, including you, spend much time to figure out the best software to install. At the time you cannot decide which one is better—Malwarebytes or Avast, continue reading as you will find the best things offered by both applications. Thus you can choose the best alternative for malware protection.

1. Products

Malwarebytes is an anti-malware software that provides a free version for its users. Though it is free, the application is able to scan the system for viruses, malware, and other cyber threats. At the same time, it can clean the infected devices.

While Malwarebytes free serves to complement antivirus, Malwarebytes Premium can replace antivirus. To enjoy the features, Malwarebytes software can be downloaded and installed to your device. There is a 14-day trial if you want to use the full version.

Meanwhile, Avast provides a stunning performance when it comes to security and privacy. Even in the free package, you can enjoy decent performance such as password manager, secure web browser, and home network scanner. While their features are commonly found in the paid package, Avast offers for free.

In addition, you can enjoy Avast Internet Security that includes premium features such as online shopping and online banking protection. Avast Premier is also available, giving protection against webcam spying. The last but not least, Avast Ultimate provides all features above with additions of Avast CleanUp Premium and Passwords Premium.

2. Features

Features become an important aspect to compare, allowing you to find the best one that meets your requirements. Malwarebytes can serve to replace your antivirus software. The application receives anti-ransomware and anti-malware features. It enables you to protect from the malicious website as well as terminate malware that slows down your computer performance.

There are more other capabilities of Malwarebytes, such as cleaning up infected computers, protecting identity from hackers, protecting your documents and financial files, and crushes malware that causes corrupt of your program.

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Considering the features offered by Malwarebytes, it becomes a good application if you wish to detect and remove malware and threats from your computer device. How about Avast?

Avast is more prominent when it comes to features offered. This anti-malware software comes along with sizable features such as intelligent antivirus, smart scan, cyber capture, and Wi-Fi inspector. You can also enjoy many other features including firewall, anti-spam, ransomware shield, sandbox, and browser cleanup.

If you are looking for a full-featured software that provides decent internet security, Avast is the best alternative to go. Particularly Avast Ultimate, it combines the features of Avast Internet Security and Avast Premier in one.

3. Antivirus protection

Anti-malware application ideally protects your PC against malware, virus, and other similar threats. Before choosing an application, it is essential to figure out the performance of antivirus protection. Revealing the facts help you decide the most suitable software for your usage.

Malwarebytes is known to be powerful that it is able to demonstrate good malware detection. The software can detect more than 98 percent of malware in a test. According to a test by AV-TEST lab, Malwarebytes showed 99.4 percent of protection against malware. It also showed 99.5% of prevalent malware.

On the other hand, Avast that was also tested by AV-TEST showed a similar result. This software shows 99.4 percent of protection against malware and 99.3 percent of prevalent malware. It makes a slightly lower score than Malwarebytes.

When it comes to antivirus protection, Malwarebytes is more prominent. Total protection score by AV-TEST showed a slightly higher score for Malwarebytes. However, Avast also provides strong malware detection as well.

4. Impact to system performance

When installed to a PC, an anti-malware application can influence system performance. A good anti-malware software should not slow down computer performance, allowing you to do what you need to do. How about the impact of Malwarebytes and Avast to PC performance?

Malwarebytes is an application that gives a big impact on system performance. It is reported to cause interruptions and lags to your computer. It is because the program eats more system resources than any other antivirus programs. According to a test, Malwarebytes impacted by 30% on the computer.

Despite its heavy impact on your PC, Malwarebytes can provide stable and quick scans. It also offers three different types of scans, including hyper can, custom scan, and threat scan. Tested by AV-TEST, Malwarebytes has impact by 11% while launching popular websites. It also has impact by 0% while downloading applications.

How about Avast? This decent anti-malware application has impact on slowing down the computer while launching popular websites by 20%. Impact by 13% is also detected when launching a standard software application. While installing frequently used application, this anti-malware software has impact by 19% that is way less than Malwarebytes.

Apart from its very good performance, Malwarebytes has to accept the fact that Avast wins this round. Avast receives an overall rating of 9.4 while Malwarebytes receives 9 for overall rating.

5. User Interface

Ease of use is another aspect that should not be missed when you are choosing the best anti-malware application. Especially if you are a newbie, choosing one with a simple and friendly interface is the key. Malwarebytes and Avast, despite their powerful performance, provides a user-friendly interface. It allows you to operate the program without any difficulties.

Malwarebytes User Interface

At a glance, the user interface offered by Malwarebytes seems a little bit complex. It has multiple icons, status details, assorted buttons, and tabbed areas. Though it looks complex at first sight, the interface is pretty easy to navigate and understand.

Meanwhile, Avast comes with a simple user interface, allowing you to easily understand what to do even at first sight. The interface is also easy to navigate with major categories displayed in the main window. Avast also has a left-side menu that makes your experience of using the program more convenient.

Avast User Interface

6. Popularity

At the time you want to follow the stream, downloading the most popular anti-malware application is what you need to do. When it comes to popularity, Avast is far more popular than Malwarebytes. In addition, Avast possesses the largest market share among other anti-malware products with 18.44 percent of market share. Meanwhile, Malwarebytes has to be satisfied with 12.33 percent of the market share.

Malwarebytes VS Avast, who will be the winner? Malware is an anti-malware application that comes with powerful performance, however, it has a heavy impact on your PC. On the other hand, Avast is a decent but not flawless application to protect your PC. If you are looking for a simple application, Avast is the one. But if you are looking for better protection against virus, Malwarebytes is recommended.

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