Is Bluestacks Safe To Use For Windows & Mac?

Is Bluestacks Safe

Bluestacks is arguably the most popular Android emulator with millions of users worldwide. Not a surprise, the app player provides a lot of conveniences as you can run Android applications on Windows PC or Mac. Unfortunately, Bluestacks App Player comes with uncertainty as some antivirus detect it as a threat or malware. Is Bluestacks safe for your PC?

Despite the fact that the software has been downloaded millions of times, many people out there fail to ensure themselves about the safety of Bluestacks App Player. Worry not! Here you are about to figure out the truth about Bluestacks. Keep on reading and find all the information you need to know about Bluestacks and if it is safe for your Mac or Windows PC.

What Is Bluestacks?

Before going any further, it is necessary to reveal what Bluestacks really is. Bluestacks App Player is an Android emulator that enables you to run the Android operating system on desktop OS. To make a long story short, you can run any Android applications in your computer.

Bluestacks focus themselves on gaming thus most users take benefits from Bluestacks to play some popular games such as PUBG Mobile, Temple Run, Candy Crush Saga, and any other games that are unavailable on PC. Though Bluestacks can also be used to run instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Snapchat.

Surprisingly, statistic showed that nearly 96% of Android apps are compatible with Bluestacks. In addition to this, 86% of games available for Android can be played on Windows or Mac PC using this Android emulator. This surely explains why Bluestacks has been widely used by Windows and Mac users around the globe.

Furthermore, Bluestacks comes with convenient features. It makes this software a versatile Android emulator with a variety of capabilities. Here are some features you can enjoy using Bluestacks:

  • Integration Friendly

This feature enables you to integrate the camera, microphone, sensors, and mouse. Thus you can use Android apps on Windows or Mac PC, especially games.

  • Easy App Installation

Installing applications on Bluestacks is a piece of cake. There are two methods that you can choose, using Google Play and download via browser and install using Bluestacks.

  • Quick Updates

To optimize your experience, Bluestacks releases quick updates. It is proven by the release of Bluestacks 2 and Bluestacks 3, the most recent update. With improved features, you can enjoy the emulator even more.

  • Resemble Android

If you are a new Bluestacks user, you will not find any difficulties in using the emulator. Thanks to the home screen that resembles the Android home screen. This enables you to access the apps easily.

Is Bluestacks Safe for PC?

Apart from the convenience provided by Bluestacks, there is an issue that becomes a concern. Some antivirus detects Bluestacks App Player as a threat, especially to Windows 7 and higher. Regarding to this, many people out there consider Bluestacks as unsafe software for Mac or Windows PC. Meanwhile, some others keep using this Android emulator and consider threat detection as shown by antivirus is normal.

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As your concern, Bluestacks is safe for your desktop. Some antivirus such as Avast or McAfee does detect Bluestacks App Player as malware or threat. In fact, it turns out to be a false detection as there is no evidence that Bluestacks is a threat. Some tests have been made and there is no founding that Bluestacks causes a threat to the computer.

But why Bluestacks installer asks to disable antivirus protection? There is an explanation why Bluestacks installer requires you to disable AV protection while installing the software. There is no bad purpose behind this request as many people think. Instead, this request ensures the application to be installed properly. At the time you have over-protective security, it will prevent Bluestacks from successful installation.

Is Bluestacks worthwhile? If revealing the security of Bluestacks is not enough to convince you, there are more reasons why Bluestacks is worth-using as follows:

1. Performance

You may wonder how Bluestacks affects the performance of your Windows or Mac PC. Some people report that Bluestacks causes a crash and eats a sizable amount of system resource, especially on the computer with medium spec.  In truth, this Android emulator does have a high CPU and RAM usage but it is normal. This happens because the desktop and Android operating system have a different structure.

2. The latest, the safest

Back to when Bluestacks was first introduced to the public, there were many security issues and uncertainties. It cannot be denied that Bluestacks became a controversial application at that time. Fortunately, the developer managed to make it up and release the latest version with many upgrades. In short, the latest version provides not only safety but also convenience to each user.

3. Popularity

Choosing Bluestacks is like choosing Samsung as your smartphone. Many people choose Samsung because it holds the biggest market share. So does Bluestacks that becomes the most mainstream option when it comes to Android emulator. Millions of users download and install Bluestacks because it is the most preferred Android emulator among others.

4. Legality

A lot of users wonder if Bluestacks is legal. While some other emulators such as Nintendo emulator and Gameboy emulator do violate policies and are considered illegal, Bluestacks has a different story. Android is open source thus you can run the operating system as you like. Meanwhile, for Google Play Apps, Bluestacks already has permissions to include Google Play Store.

5. Security

Bluestacks is 100% safe for your PC. There is no evidence that Bluestacks triggers malware, threat, or spyware. If you are picky who only choose safe and legit software to use, Bluestacks is one that should be taken into account. Why would you lose lots of fun because of unreasonable security issues?

As conclusion, Bluestacks as one of the most popular Android emulator is definitely safe for Windows or Mac. Using this emulator, you can run a variety of Android apps on the computer especially game apps. Though Bluestacks is sometimes detected as threat and malware, it is a false detection that should not become your concern. Will you join millions of Bluestacks users out there?

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