13 Best Apps for Contractors for Android, iOS & iPadOS

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Apps for Contractors

Contractors can take all the benefits of mobile apps to boost their work efficiency. But with oodles of choices of construction apps flooding the market, it could be a bit overwhelming to find the best one. If you need help to narrow down the choices, a list of the best apps for contractors below will do.

Following contractor apps are equipped with a wide array of features to help with your construction jobs. From calculator to jobsite capture platform, there are useful apps for accomplishing any projects—even you can find a tool to create a construction diary.

Best Apps for Contractors for Android and iOS

FieldWire and Raken are two popular tools that possibly pop in your mind when it comes to construction apps. But there are so many other options to get your project done, such as Procore, PlanGrid, and Olous. Check this out for more recommended apps!

1. FieldWire


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Created as a powerful platform for construction management, FieldWire is undoubtedly one of the most used apps among contractors. It has the ability to connect everyone in your field team, making it possible to easily monitor the drawings, schedule, and track the progress.

This platform has been used to handle more than 1M+ construction projects thanks to a handful of features brought to your table. It can serve as an efficient drawing and blueprint app with online and offline modes supported.

On top of that, it is equipped with construction scheduling tools that provide you with task manager, instant notifications, easy scheduling, and productivity reports. You can also use it as a punch list app for construction inspection and save progress photos.

2. Raken Construction Management

Raken Construction Management

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Raken is a top application for field reporting and construction management. Designed with a user-friendly interface, it is a simple and efficient solution to streamline your works. Whether you want to perform daily reporting or production tracking, this app has you covered.

What’s great about Raken is that users can type or simply use voice-to-text to create jobsite report in the app. While you are on the jobsite, it is possible to capture the progress, update cost, and synchronize them to the office.

There are so many other things Raken can do, such as creating a custom checklist for field teams, add construction videos, and capture signature right in the app. It also features safety and toolbox talks that allows you to create safety surveys.

And if you want to know the weather forecast for your project, find it on Raken. It is equipped with weather feature that captures daily weather info.

3. PlanGrid Build Field

PlanGrid Build Field

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Field collaboration and project management made easy with PlanGrid Build. This construction app for Android and iOS device helps instant real-time sharing for construction plans, blueprints, and punch list. Plus, it supports easy sharing for jobsite captures and construction reports with your field team.

There are tons of features to find in PlanGrid Build. As a construction punch list app, it supports a customizable punch list that helps you create and track issues. It also works well as a construction plan app that supports real-time access to punch list and progress photos.

Additionally, it is equipped with versatile construction management tools to handle any kind of project. Advanced filters come in handy to find a plan that you need. Overall, PlanGrid Build is an ideal app for contractor, project manager, foreman, and even architect.

4. Procore


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If you’re looking for a versatile construction app that is featured in many countries then Procore is just for you. The best free app for contractors has a large selection of tools you need for every construction job.

Used by more than 8,500 companies with over 1 million projects done, Procore has the ability to manage not only projects but also people and material. You can view set of drawings and edit it even without internet connection.

Daily log is another highlight feature that enables you to keep track of details including equipment, labor, and even job site events. It can also serve as a punch list app to create punch list items as well as assign them right from the jobsite.

One of the best parts of Procore is schedule feature with which you can create schedule and share it. Schedule edit is also possible with this app.

5. Civil Calculation App

Civil Calculation App

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Civil engineers, contractors, and anyone working in the construction industry can take benefits of this app to get the job done. This civil calculation tool is a robust app to work with long and complex calculation in a matter of minutes.

Whether you need to calculate how many bricks are needed for total room or how much concrete is required for a concrete wall, this app makes everything easy and simple. Featuring a simple interface, it allows quick calculation for efficient and accurate construction work.

There are so many options to find in this app. From concrete and cement calculation to bricks and blocks, you will find it useful for every construction project. RCC calculator is also included, such as round column calculation, simple slab calculation, and many more.

What’s more, Civil Calculation App allows you to work with volume and convert units. You can quickly calculate the volume of the prism, cylinder, and rectangle or convert different units such as length, volume, and temperature. 

6. Construction Calculator All in One

Construction Calculator All in One

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The next all-in-one calculator app comes packed with metric and imperial measurement systems. This tool is designed to streamline any calculations for constructions. Whether you want to work with normal calculator, estimation calculation, or volume calculation then this app is worth the thought.

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Contractors, civil engineer, engineering students, foreman, and anyone who needs simplified calculation can use this tool. It supports not only quantity calculator but also area calculator, volume calculator, and a complete set of unit converter.

You will love its simple and user-friendly interface for everyone. It also supports fast calculation for efficient work, even for complex and difficult calculations. What’s interesting is that it allows easy answer sharing with your teammate.

7. Construction Expense Manager

Construction Expense Manager

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The name speaks for itself. This is a simple application for managing your expense during any constructions. While most people use spreadsheets to do this job, this platform allows you to record expenses right from your smartphone—even if you are at the jobsite.

This app is designed with a clean and simple layout, making it super easy to use for anyone. Adding expenses and saving them takes only a few easy taps so you can do it anywhere anytime. There’s also report feature that enables you to generate report and share it with your team.

Do you need to back up your data? This tool is equipped with a built-in backup button that allows you to back up data with just one tap. Select currency and default category before hitting the backup button. They will come in the form of PDF or Excel for easier sharing and data collection.

8. Building Materials
Building Materials

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Find a complete guide on building materials with this app. It contains important information of building constructions and materials that thousands of civil engineers, jobsite supervisors, and contractors find it useful. With a friendly user interface, it can be easily accessed by anyone.

This best app for contractors highlights a large selection of materials and estimations, from bricks to tar bitumen and asphalt. With this app you can create quick notes about building materials items as well as its usage. Use the notes for any purposes for your construction project.

You will love this app because it works offline. Learning about construction materials and construction engineering made it simple with Building Materials app. Whether you need to know about classification of bitumen or different kind of cements, it has got you covered.

9. Buildo


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Need to create a construction diary without a pile of paperwork? Look no further. Buildo is a great app designed for construction companies, allowing users to create simple and easy construction diary. This is what you need to save time and of course, paper.

In addition to creating construction diary, Buildo allows you to attach photos for evidence of machinery, materials, and even labor. It also supports PDF export so you can easily share the record with your entire field team.

Email notifications are also featured in Buildo. These notifications ensure you don’t skip daily records, not to mention it also has reminders that notifies you if the record is not filled. With this app creating everyday reports from your jobsite is incredibly simple.

10. Joist App for Contractors

Joist App for Contractors

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Joist is one of the best construction apps that lets you create professional estimates and quick invoices, manage projects, and accept payments from iOS and Android devices. This free tool helps you stay organized while doing more jobs and saving lots of time.

Using this app you can easily manage valuable clients including creating, organizing, and storing their info for easier access anywhere and anytime. With a support of easy payments, your clients will find your service is professional and reliable.

What’s more, Joist enables you to attach photos to your invoices. Print estimates or send via email depending on your client’s preference. When it comes to project management, Joist lets you create a list of commonly used materials, services, or items.

11. Autodesk BIM 360 Glue

Autodesk BIM 360 Glue

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Get easier access to BIM projects with this app. Whether you simply need secure access to projects or collaborate with your team, Autodesk BIM 360 Glue has you covered. This app has been trusted by construction professionals to explore a vast collection of models either online or offline.

This tool highlights one-click to BIM for easier access to shared models. You can also navigate through shared views to access further property data that could be useful for your construction. Plus, you can enjoy easier and intuitive navigation.

There are so many other features to find in this app, such as review and annotate models, access models of larger projects, and easy measurement between objects. Featuring intuitive design, this is a great app to boost your work productivity.

12. StructionSite


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When it comes to capturing your jobsite, StructionSite could be the best app to take into your consideration. This is a reality capture platform that allows you to capture a variety of photos including standard photos, 360 photos, drone shots, and also videos.

You will love this app because it can be a powerful tool to help you walk the job without even visiting the construction site. Share your photos with anyone in your team so they can add notes or response to the photos.

Since it uses your phone camera, photo results heavily depend on the quality of your camera. See the progress of every project with StructionSite.

13. ContractorTools


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If you need a help to create invoices, estimates and payments then ContractorTools is just for you. This is a full-featured construction app to manage your business. Using this tool you can make professional invoices and estimates, change orders, and even draw schedules.

It provides you with job templates for easier use. Not to mention it supports synchronization with multiple devices as well as QuickBooks Online.

Need to use this app without internet connection? ContractorTools support offline mode that allows you to keep working in a remote jobsite.

The best apps for contractors must have useful features to get your construction jobs done. Choose an app that meets your criteria and keep your business run. 

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