13 Apps Like QuadPay & Similar Pay Later Apps

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Apps Like QuadPay

Living in today’s world also means that you have to keep up with the trends. When it comes to trends, there are lots of aspects you have to pay attention to – pay later features are just one of those trends. So, while QuadPay (now Zip) is a good thing to try, you should also consider apps like QuadPay.

In this article, you will find a series of apps that allow you to buy things without paying them fully. It works like a loan but there is no need to deal with a bunch of steps in the first place. Some apps also come with features that help you divide your expenses or bills, though.

Apps Like QuadPay Worth Considering

The presence of QuadPay is such fresh air for many people. It comes with a solution both for customers and a business for sell-and-buy activities. Today, this kind of app comes with a more beneficial aspect.

One of those things is for paying small payments regularly for online platforms. And today, there are plenty of options you will find on the market – QuadPay is not the only app you can rely on. So, what app should you use for a pay later thing?

Below, you will see a list of pay later companies and the apps that you can give a try. Make sure you check the terms and conditions before signing up for one.

1. Klarna


Klarna is one of the apps similar to QuadPay that provides multiple financial services. According to users, Klarna is quite practical because they can use it as part of the checkout process.

Generally, you can repay the bill in four payments without interest. Every time you open an item, the system will show you a price alert. Other than that, you may get rewards for every purchase with Klarna – even though sometimes it can be a bit annoying.

Klarna is a perfect pay later app for those who always pay on-time. You don’t need to pay more than the actual price at the end of the day. On the other hand, if you are late then the system may charge you USD7 every time you miss the payment date – longer loans mean more late fees.

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2. OpenPay


The next platform you have to consider is OpenPay. This app is often called Opy. As one of the best apps like Quad Pay on the internet, there are a bunch of benefits offered by this platform. When this platform was created, the goal was to provide great services without hidden charges.

Other than that, OpenPay comes with transparent terms and conditions, which may not be the case with many pay later platforms. You can use this tool for buying optometry, home improvements, big ticket retail and many more.

One of the best things about this app is that you can repay your bill up to two years, way longer than all apps on this list. However, you can only use OpenPay in specific countries, such as Australia, the UK, and US.

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3. Sezzle


Sezzle is one of the apps like QuadPay and Klarna that offer no-interest plans. The services can be used on various selected merchants. However, this only functions on online platforms – you cannot use Sezzle for in-store purchases.

Similar to other apps on this list, Sezzle won’t affect your hard credit. Other than that, you can get no-interest payments as long as you don’t miss the due date. 

Generally, you can determine and reschedule the payment – terms and conditions apply. Thus, you can browse various items through the app and pay with Sezzle. 

You need to repay your bills in four installments – you have 6 weeks, though. In case you miss the payment date, you have to pay an extra USD10. And if you pay well and right in-time, you may increase your credit limit. 

So, if you commonly use online platforms to shop around then you need to consider using Sezzle.

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4. Afterpay


Talking about apps like QuadPay no credit check, you will find quite many options – limitations may apply, after all. Yet, you should take a look at Afterpay, though. This platform is quite accommodating in the first place. 

Also, it comes with a series of beneficial things. By using Afterpay, there is no need to deal with interests and other fees, as long as you pay according to the initial agreement. 

Compared to other apps on this list, Afterpay is quite easy to apply. The application is short and easy. You are also in charge of picking the spending limit and managing payments. But make sure you don’t skip the payment due. 

The late fees are quite high, up to 25% of the purchase price. Thus, if you don’t want to deal with interest, make sure you follow the guidelines of Afterpay.

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5. Zebit


If you are looking for apps like QuadPay and Afterpay for both iOS and Android platforms, Zebit is worth considering. However, this app has a segmented niche – electronic things to jewelry collections. The best part is that you may get various options from well-known brands.

This platform offers free interest plans and you can payback up to 6 months – terms and conditions apply. Zebit is quite simple but you have to show a steady income to get started. Once you’ve used the credit, your limit may increase up to USD2,500.

As mentioned earlier, you have to provide personal information as well as an income statement. Those documents are required to determine the initial limit for your credit. All in all, Zebit is quite reliable. You should give this platform a try, especially if you plan to purchase electronic stuff.

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6. PayPal Credit

PayPal Credit

Are there apps like QuadPay for Walmart? Have you tried using PayPal? Well, PayPal is accepted by almost every merchant, right?

You can use PayPal on any online platform as long as the platform accepts the payment. This platform works like a credit card but there are no card numbers, which means that there are no expiration dates either.

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Generally, you can use PayPal Credit and then pay the bill within 5 months if you don’t want to deal with interest. However, this feature only works if you purchase items more than USD99 – this platform won’t process anything if the amount is less.

If you cannot repay your credit within six months, the system will charge you APR starting at 20% of interest. So, you better know how to repay your bill then.

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7. Affirm


Are there apps like QuadPay for Amazon? There could be, though. However, if you are looking for a pay later app with flexible payment options then you should consider Affirm – this platform works on Amazon too.

There is no need to run a hard credit check like traditional lenders. Other than that, you can get best deals from several online market platforms – Affirm will do the comparison in the first place. According to users, this app is an excellent choice for larger finance options.

The only drawback might be on the interest rates – it could reach 30 percent, after all. But if you can repay every two weeks for four times then you don’t need to deal with interest at all. So, you can get a financing option that offers up to USD17,500. Interesting, right?

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8. Four Pay Later

Four Pay Later

You may have found several apps like QuadPay for hotels on this list. Another pay later app that you can consider is Four. Similar to most apps on this list, you can use this platform to buy things now and pay for them later.

It is possible to pay back the bill without dealing with interests. This platform offers four equal payments which have to be paid every two weeks. Thus, if this scheme works for you then you should give this pay later app a try.

For now, Four has partnered with at least 1,000 brands around the world. Since everything is accessible in one app, you can also track your payments and orders from the Four app. All you need to do is not pay the bill late.

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9. Perpay


Are there any other apps like QuadPay? Of course, there are – quite many, in fact. Perpay is one of the best platforms you should try if you look for flexible financing. Other than that, this platform allows you to browse and buy items from 1,000+ well-known products.

Similar to other apps on this list, you can purchase your favorite items and pay them later. Before the system accepts you to use the service, you have to fill in basic information in the first place. This will be the base to determine how much you can spend.

If you pay it right in-time, you can build your credit score. And it also allows you to get more credit limit – just keep in mind that you don’t violate the due date.

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10. Tabby


The next platform on the list of apps like zip QuadPay is Tabby. Signing up for this platform is quite effortless – you may get approved in a short time. Later, you can link your cards for auto-payment.

By that, you can track and check all financial activities through one place. Other than that, the system may suggest the best deals after comparing from different online shopping platforms. If you are lucky, you may also earn cashback too.

Tabby might be a new app – it was established in 2019. Yet, you can enjoy a seamless experience of online shopping. And don’t worry because the system will send notifications before every due date.

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11. LayBuy


Are you looking for other apps like QuadPay with more benefits? Well, you should consider LayBuy, after all. Generally, this platform works like QuadPay in many ways. You can use the app to browse items and buy it directly from your phone.

There is no hidden fee as long as you pay the bill according to the plan. This app generally allows you to spread the payment depending on how you could repay the bill. As long as you pay the entire thing according to the agreement, there is no need to pay for interests.

However, once you pay your bill late, you will have to add another 5 percent from your purchase. Still, LayBuy is a worth-considering pay later platform.

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12. Future Pay

Future Pay

Among apps just like QuadPay, Future Pay is one of the best platforms. According to users, this platform is user-oriented in many ways. Generally, the registration process is quite easy and short. Also, the system will accept your application right away.

As long as you pay your bill right on time, you don’t need to worry about interest. However, if you skip the due payment, you have to pay interest. Or, the app may charge you USD1.50 per USD50 of credit.

Further information is available on its app. You should check it out and find out whether this app is for you.

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13. FlexWallet


There are quite many pay later apps you have found on this list. The last one is FlexWallet. This option is very suitable for those who prefer purchasing things online instead of in-store purchases.

FlexWallet, on the other hand, is more popular for buying or leasing furniture, electronics, home appliances, and many more. Of course, it will help those who are currently looking for a way to upgrade their home.

However, your earning has to be at least USD2,500 to be qualified using this platform. More than anything, you should give FlexWallet a try.

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Nowadays, you don’t need to get through a series of difficult steps to process payments. You can even use a pay later app without installments in the first place. 

Of course, providing personal details is a must – even though some people consider this as a dangerous move. Whether you are a buyer or a website owner, providing features to pay things later is such an essential to grasp success. 

Leaving the apps like QuadPay behind may lead to a slow improvement of your business. Thus, it is always better to incorporate such technology to keep up with the trend.

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