14 Best Speech Therapy Apps for Android and iOS

by Emily Barrow

Best Speech Therapy Apps

Speech therapy is a treatment of speech disorders. Individuals from toddlers to adults can experience communication problem for some reasons, such as speech delay, brain damage, or autism. Fortunately, the best speech therapy apps are designed to help them improve communication skills.

Most speech therapies are commonly given by a professional therapist but the use of mobile apps is expected to promote significant improvements. Using these apps, parents or individuals can easily practice at home. Keep scrolling to find out the best apps available on the market.

Top 14 Best Speech Therapy Apps for Android and iOS

Speech therapy mobile apps are developed to support communication in various ways. With plenty of choices out there, you can find an app that meets your specific needs. Take a closer look at the following list and make your choice.

1. LetMeTalk


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LetMeTalk is a free Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) app that provides voice for everyone. It contains over 9,000 images taken from ARASAAC to support users to create a meaningful, understandable sentence.

On this app users are encouraged to line up images and read them in a row. This row of images can help them build a meaningful sentence to communicate with others. As they progress, they are expected to be able to arrange their own words and sentences.

This best free speech therapy app is suitable for autism symptoms, down syndrome, speech apraxia, aphasia, and other conditions which cause speech impairment. It has been used by SLP in many speech therapies and you can also use it at home.

LetMeTalk comes with multiple language supports, making it a great app for users worldwide. It also works without internet connection so it’s possible to practice anywhere anytime.

2. CommBoards Lite

CommBoards Lite

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This is your personal AAC speech assistant at home. Designed for individual of all ages, CommBoards Lite helps those with limited verbal abilities to communicate and express themselves. It features a system of communication board using the AAC method to improve communication skills in a fun way.

Users are required to tap on pictures or symbols to line them up. Each picture comes with a word which must be read aloud to hone oral speech and thought expression. This method is effective to assist people with Asperger syndrome, autism, and other similar conditions.

When it comes to features, CommBoards has much to offer. Pre-defined communication boards cover all areas of life, including feel, drink, eat, and play. It also features natural pronunciation that’s easy to understand. Plus, you can find pre-configured therapy for kids with ASD.

3. SpeakEasy


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If you’re looking for the best speech therapy app for toddlers then SpeakEasy is just for you. This mobile app comes in handy to accelerate language learning of children in their early language development.

SpeakEasy is developed for parents of kids with speech delay or communication problems. It contains evidence-based language activities which are written by professional speech therapists. All the activities are easy to do and fun for kids.

This app includes language learning techniques which allow you to do daily activities while improving toddler’s speech. Tons of pre-defined activities are included to boost your toddler’s skills. You can also earn points and unlock new stuff for a better user’s experience.

SpeakEasy could be a great alternative to cope with toddler’s problem without hiring a speech therapy. It’s free to download and contains in-app purchases for additional features. 

4. Stamurai


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Stamurai offers a stuttering treatment for kids and adults. This therapy app is designed to help you overcome stuttering and gain better communication skill. It includes plenty of customization options for daily practice at home.

Stuttering is a speech disorder which requires persistence and regular practice. Your motivation, engagement, and confidence also play a major role in your way to achieve the goal. After finishing this training plan, you’re expected to be able to speak confidently and fluently.

There are so many things you can do with Stamurai thanks to easy to use features and training tools. Not only can you practice reading aloud, but you can also learn coastal breathing technique to promote speech fluency.

In order to keep you on track, this application has progress monitoring options. It also features Delayed Auditory Feedback (DAF), counselling strategies, and assessment to evaluate the severity of your stuttering.

5. Buddo


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Buddo is another best speech therapy app for kids with stuttering. On this app users are encouraged to manage their fear and anxiety through meditation exercises. Unlike most therapy speech apps that use AAC method, it’s basically a mindfulness therapy to overcome speech disorder.

Relaxation and mindfulness techniques allow you to achieve better fluency. This application offers a 90-day course containing 9 parts and 10 sessions, each of which should be completed each day. Regular practice is essential to meet the goals so make sure you don’t skip a day of practice.

After joining the course users are expected to speak with confidence. It also helps reduce stuttering and speech anxiety when communicating with others. Increased mindfulness and happier feeling are also things you’ll get from the course.

6. Language Therapy for Children with Autism

Language Therapy for Children with Autism

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Parents of children with autism can utilize this application for language therapy. It features MITA, a unique therapy for children with autism and speech delay. Clinical data showed that thousands of children with autism who trained with MITA experience language improvement.

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This fun and intuitive application has been trusted by millions of parents to overcome speech delay. Multiple language supports make it possible to run the app on different languages, such as English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese, and more.

There’s a large selection of educational activities included in this tool. All the activities are developed based on ABA techniques and language therapy techniques to hone children’s language skills.

7. Speech Therapy for Kids and Babies

Speech Therapy for Kids and Babies

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Speech Therapy for Kids and Babies is the best speech therapy app to support kid’s speech development. The game-based speech therapy app is suitable for children in that it’s developed based on their natural stages. Featuring experts in pedagogy and speech therapy, it offers a better experience for learning speech skills.

Parents can use this application for kids with apraxia or dysarthria. It contains attractive and interesting games to motivate them for active speech. Useful tasks are also available to hone your kid’s phonemic awareness, vocalization skills, and rhythm of speech.

Good news for parents, this apps includes detailed instructions to help them in each section. The app can be used for 18-month old toddlers to older kids.

8. Huni


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Speech delay is a speech disorder commonly found in toddlers and kids at early development. Some parents may spend thousands of dollars for speech therapy but others choose to download this mobile app.

Huni is designed to assist children with developmental disorders, including speech delay to get a better communication skill. More than 50 word packs are featured, from conversation and family, to foods and feelings.

What’s more, this useful tool has autopilot SLP which can act as your speech trainer. You can learn with a virtual assistant 24/7 and finish training new words. Featuring a simple and clean interface, this application is completely easy to use.

9. Apraxia Therapy Lite

Apraxia Therapy Lite

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Adults can experience speech disorders and communication problems due to brain damage, accident, or specific medical condition. Apraxia Therapy is the best speech therapy app for adults which can help them overcome frustration.

This tool contains videos showing mouth movements to train your listening and speaking skills. You can also repeat the audio and speak alone with visual support. Many adults have gained their confidence after training with Apraxia Therapy and you might be interested to join the crowd.

Don’t worry, this application is free to download. It also comes with a small download size so your phone resources won’t be burdened. 

10. Conversation Therapy

Conversation Therapy

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Conversation Therapy is a great app to get people talking. It could possibly be one of the best speech therapy tools for adults who live with autism or have a stroke and experience speech impairment. But it also works well for children and teens.

Conversation Therapy helps you improve language and social skills through effective lessons. The therapy can be performed at home so you don’t need to spend extra costs for speech therapist and accommodation.

Featuring adjustable settings, you can get the right lesson which meets your needs. And if you wish to communicate with other users then use one-on-one talk or host groups can be your favorite feature. 

11. Otsimo


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Otsimo is a speech therapy app which uses voice & speech recognition technology to understand what you’re trying to say. It has been used to help children improve communication skills and build their confidence. Parents can also use it for kids with speech delay, autism, apraxia, stuttering, and aphasia.

There are tons of exciting categories to choose from, such as tongue acrobatics family. It also contains more than 200 articulation exercises which comes in handy to boost child’s pronunciation. Things just get better as each exercise comes with funny filters to promote fun learning.

12. Articulation Station

Articulation Station

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Useful tips for teaching sound is featured on this app. Articulation Station is developed by certified SLP to help children and adults learn speech skills and clear pronunciation. Users are encouraged to learn using beautiful images which represent target words.

In addition to quick tips and beautiful images, Articulation Station features flashcard and matching activities. Group session can be your favorite as it allows you to learn with up to six students at a time. You can also save audio recordings for offline learning.

13. Autism Speech Therapy for Kids

Autism Speech Therapy for Kids

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Autism Speech Therapy for Kids is an autism speech therapy for toddlers. Featuring educational psychologists, this application is created to develop imagination and language skills through an attractive story. It also helps improve their visual perception skills.

This app comes packed with activity boards, each of which contains a background for a scene. Your child needs to press and drags the elements displayed below to create a colorful scene. On top of that, it also contains voice recording feature to encourage them to produce sounds.

This educational game is suitable for children with special needs. With regular practices toddlers can play games, improve language skills, and explore things around them. Thousands of parents have trusted this app to overcome speech disorder and now it’s your turn.

14. Speech Blubs

Speech Blubs

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This speech therapy app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android. It has been trusted by over 3M+ parents to boost their children’s speech skills. Featuring voice control, Speech Blubs is designed to help children learn sounds and words, as well as stimulating speaking skills.

More than 1500 activities are featured in this application to trigger sound production in toddlers or kids with speech delay. It is also suitable for some common conditions like autism, down syndrome, ADHD, and apraxia.

There are 25 fun sections included in Speech Blubs. Each section is designed in such a way to help them acquire new sounds and words from their environment. As your children progress, they will be able to collect stickers in their sticker book.  

Living with speech disorders or language impairments is never easy. The best speech therapy apps above are designed to help people get back their social life and confidence. For significant improvements, it’s essential to take regular practices and stay motivated.

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