12 Best Apps to Unblur Photos for iOS and Android

by Haya Barnard

Best Apps to Unblur Photos

Do you take blurry pictures? Well, sometimes it’s not your fault – plenty of factors and scenarios may contribute to that thing. And now you don’t need to worry because these best apps to unblur photos will help you to get rid of those blurry pictures.

The most common things that cause blurry photos are such as low light, motion objects, your hand being shaky, and many more. This is why the presence of apps that help you to stay away from blurry photos will be a huge help.

In this article, you will find a series of tools to unblur pictures online. Some of those apps don’t even require any internet connection to function. As long as you have downloaded the app, everything is under control.

Best Apps to Unblur Photos / Pictures

As mentioned earlier, there are many apps you will find both on the Play Store and App Store to get rid of blurry photos. All you need to do is to download the app and the system will take care of the rest.

Most apps on this list are compatible with both iOS and Android systems. Make sure you read the pros and cons before jumping on a specific app.

1. Lightroom


When it comes to photo editing tools, Lightroom is surely not a new player in this scene. Lots of users utilize this app for post-production editing, both for photos and videos. Also, this app is the one you need when it comes to taking care of composition and lighting adjustment.

All in all, Lightroom is an excellent app for both professionals and those who use it for fun. Since the features are rich and thorough, you will find an easy way to unblur an image in your gallery. According to users, you don’t need anything else once you have Lightroom on your phone.

More than anything, this app is a decent photo unblur app that you have to try. You can enjoy the free version but extended features are offered at USD4.999 per month. Give it a shot, though!

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2. Snapseed


You might also be familiar with Snapseed now. This app is highly versatile and offers tons of excellent features to edit your photos. Other than allowing you to touch your snaps, this app also helps you to get a picture of what you want.

Snapseed works like magic, after all. By using the free version, you have access to lots of useful tools for editing pictures. It also allows you to unblur any photo in your gallery. Well, it may take time to master all tools provided by this app but it’s worth any effort, after all.

People love this app due to its straightforward UI design. Thus, despite its attractive layout design, Snapseed won’t cause any headaches even if this is your first time using this app. The good news is that you can grab this app on the Play Store and App Store for free.

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VSCO is one of the most popular photo editing tools for smartphones, whether it’s iOS or Android. Other than allowing you to edit pictures with tons of useful yet amazing features, VSCO is also a decent unblur image app available nowadays.

The free version offers a series of useful tools to touch your pictures. However, if you are willing to sign up for the app’s paid subscription then you can enjoy its extended features – it is a worthy investment, especially if you take your Instagram Feed seriously.

Other than allowing you to unblur an image from your gallery, VSCO has launched 200 presets for the premium users – it costs USD19.99 per year. Meanwhile, free users can access 10 presets. Still, it’s enough to be creative with your pictures, of course. All in all, VSCO is a great app that you have to give a shot.

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4. Afterlight


Have you ever heard of Afterlight? This app is another popular photo editing tool that you can use on your phone. For now, this app is available for both iOS and Android systems. Thus, you have options regardless of your phone.

The free version has come with a bunch of killer features. You can do almost anything with the free Afterlight. However, if you wish to have more extended features in your pocket then you can get in-app purchases for USD0.99 per item.

This app is commonly opted for by people who want another alternative to Lightroom. Of course, you better give this app a try to know how powerful the tool is. So, when it comes to how to unblur a photo on Android, Afterlight is a solution that comes up with more than you expect.

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5. Instagram


You all may know Instagram as a social media platform. But since this app is a picture-based platform, you can use the tools available in this app to edit your photo as well. Even some users cite this app as one of the best free apps to unblur photos – as long as you know how to do it.

Again, since this app is free, you can give all tools offered by Instagram a try. However, the features might be pretty basic. Still, you may find lots of useful things to enhance your pictures, give some filters and effects, or give some touches to your photo.

To unblur a photo, you can edit your picture by using the Sharpen tool. It will be easier if you already own an Instagram account. And in case you haven’t made one, feel free to create an account and enjoy all photo editing features offered by this social media platform.

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6. Lumii


There might be many good apps to unblur photos. But if you are looking for a free one that allows you to enjoy the experience of a professional then you should give Lumii a try. This app is packed with powerful tools to enhance your pictures and customize them as you like.

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And when you use this app to unblur a picture, the output will be high in quality. Even though Lumii is free, you can enjoy all the useful features. Meanwhile, if you plan to unlock more advanced features, you can grab some through the app’s in-app purchase tab.

Despite the magnificent features, Lumii is such a powerful app that won’t let you down in any way. So, you better give this app a shot and decide whether Lumii is right for you.

Download on Google Play

7. EnhanceFox


Another way to make your photographs look perfect is by using EnhanceFox. This is an app that unblurs pictures that you’ve been looking for everywhere. Other than taking care of pictures from your gallery, you can use the editing features in live or real-time.

Just like most apps on this list, EnhanceFox utilizes AI technology that allows you to improve any picture in an HD piece of work. Generally, the main purpose of this app is to enhance and colorize pictures.

By that, you can also fix blurry images with a few taps. And if you are signing up for its paid subscription then you can enjoy more advanced features, such as removing unwanted objects. All in all, EnhanceFox is worth trying – the free version is enough to give some edits here and there, though.

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8. Remini


Do you need a deblur photo app? If so then you should consider using Remini. This app is a photo editor app that helps you to enhance pictures and videos through a few taps. Lots of users love this app because the functions are rich but won’t overwhelm you, even if this is your first time using Remini.

The main goal of this app is to ensure that any picture looks vivid and stunning, big time. On the other hand, the features go so well because the system utilizes AI generative technology. Thus, even though you are just using this free app, the output will look like it was taken by a professional.

Remini is available to download on both the Play Store and App Store. Since this app is free, why don’t you give it a try? It may contain ads but those don’t compare with the results you will get. You should try the app on your own.

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9. Focos App

Focos App

Are you looking for apps to unblur photos on iPhone and other iOS devices? If so then you should give Focos a try. This app is specifically created for iOS phones, which is highly sought by lots of iPhone users.

This free app allows you to enjoy the experience of taking pictures by using a manual tool. Thus, if you love to play with exposure and aperture then you should go for this app. According to users, Focos can overcome what Lightroom and VSCO cannot.

And even though this app focuses on the experience of using a manual camera, you can still get a simple fix for blurry images with this app. Other than being available in a free version, you can upgrade the experience by signing up for Focos’ pro subscription – it costs USD0.99 per month.

Download on the App Store

10. PicWish Photo Enhancer

PicWish Photo Enhancer

Are there apps to unblur photos? Well, there are many on the Play Store and App Store. One of those apps is PicWish Photo Enhancer. As its name implies, this app is designed to enhance any photo on your phone.

By that, you can handle various circumstances, such as blurry images, old photos, damaged pictures, and many more. PicWish utilizes AI technology that will smoothen the process without leaving any detail at bay.

All you need to do is to pick a photo and upload it to the app then the system will take care of the rest. Other than using photos with a person in it, the app can be used to edit cartoon sketches too.

It will be easier if you download the app and enjoy all features offered by PicWish on your own. You won’t be disappointed in any way, after all.

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11. Blur Photo

Blur Photo

At some point, you may have great photos but they somehow are a bit blurry. Is there any way to fix that? Well, Blur Photo might show you how to unblur photos through a few taps, for sure.

Other than allowing you to unblur photos, you can apply some effects and filters to your photos. By that, you will have photo collections that look like they were taken by professionals in the first place.

Another interesting thing about this app is that you can use a brush or eraser to create a picture that suits your needs. Since it comes with a feature to remove objects, you can use Blur Photo as an app to unblur text.

Blur Photo is a free app. However, you can upgrade the features through the in-app purchase. Still, the free version is more than enough to handle basic photo editing needs.

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12. Pixlr


Are you looking for iOS apps to unblur photos? If so then you have to try Pixlr. Also, this app is compatible with both iOS and Android systems – feel free to grab it on the app center, after all.

Other than allowing you to unblur photos, Pixlr comes up with a bunch of filters and effects to enhance your pictures. If all you need is simply a pack of powerful photo editing tools then this app will amaze you from the first time.

People love using this app because the UI design is very user-friendly. Other than that, you can enjoy wonderful filters, effects, and other editing tools for free. Of course, upgrades are available through in-app purchases. All in all, Pixlr is an excellent tool to edit your pictures.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

A lot of factors may contribute to blurry images taken by your smartphone’s camera. But now you don’t need to worry because you know all the apps to use to unblur photos, whether it’s for iOS or Android phones.

So, which best apps to unblur photos do you prefer? Make sure that the app you pick can accommodate your needs in the first place. Other than that, it will be much better if the app also comes with a pack of useful features for photo editing.

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