14 Best Contraction Timer Apps for Android and iOS

by Haya Barnard

Best Contraction Timer Apps

Going into labor could be dramatic. After contractions begin, you must know when to head to the hospital so you aren’t either sent home or catching up the baby in the car. Monitoring contractions with the best contraction timer apps gives you idea how it’s progressing.

These useful apps keep track of the frequency of contractions and intervals between them. With the app installed on your smartphone, you can skip manual monitoring and focus on your partner. Some apps even notify you when it’s time to go to the hospital.

Top 14 Best Contraction Timer Apps for Android and iOS

Are you interested to download contraction timer apps for your Android or iPhone? We’ve put together the best applications to help you out. These apps are packed with useful features to ease your labor.

1. 9M Contraction Timer & Counter

9M Contraction Timer & Counter

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

9M Contraction Timer is the world’s most popular contraction tracker with powerful features. The app comes in handy to track your contractions and give you cues when to head to the maternity hospital. Or if you plan for a home birth, it tells you the progress of the labor.

Designed with a subtle layout, this application is completely easy to use. Simply tap the big button when each contraction starts and stops. It will help analyze the frequency, duration, and interval between contractions and notifies when it’s the time to head to the hospital.

This best free contraction timer app has helped thousands of women in their labor. You can download this app as a secondary tool to monitor contractions. Please note that it’s not a medical device and it’s not recommended to rely solely on this application. Always consult your obstetrician.

2. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

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Designed to track pregnancy, Ovia can be a useful app for expectant mothers. It’s loaded with abundant features, including baby’s growth tracker, kick counter, and contraction timer. You can also track overall health by logging your symptoms.

Ovia will help you enjoy your pregnancy. While waiting for the due date, you can swipe through thousands of beautiful names for the baby. It also has realistic illustrations to show you how the baby looks like in the womb week by week.

To keep you updated, Ovia features daily articles with new content each day. These articles allow you to learn more about pregnancy, nursing, breastfeeding, and much more. It also gives you instant access to the community so you can ask and answer questions.

3. Sprout Pregnancy

Sprout Pregnancy

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

With 1M+ downloads on Google Play Store alone, Sprout Pregnancy is a great tool for expecting parents. It has everything you need to get to know about childbirth and labor. Plus, it keeps you educated about what’s happening in your body and your baby.

This application includes easy to use tools, such as kick counter and weight tracker. It also has contraction timer that helps track your contraction when you get into labor. Using this app you will be able to monitor the duration and frequency so it’s much easier to decide when to seek help.

What’s more, Sprout Pregnancy features a checklist of newborn essentials. It becomes necessary to prepare newborn stuff before the due date so you can get more prepared. With the checklist feature included in this app, you can make sure that nothing is forgotten.

4. Contraction Timer

Contraction Timer

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

This is a simple contraction counter app for tracking how frequent and how long each contraction goes. When a contraction starts and stops, you’ll have to press the button. It will display the duration of each contraction and intervals between each one.

Contraction Timer app is super easy to use. Once downloaded, simply launch this app and press the start/stop button as your contraction begins. View and analyze the data so you can decide the right time to go to the hospital.

Going into labor can be so hectic and you might not have time for daunting math. This contraction app helps you skip manual contraction tracking and instead provides you with a better way to monitor the frequency and duration.

5. Pregnancy Due Date Tracker with Contraction Timer

Pregnancy Due Date Tracker with Contraction Timer

Download on Google Play

Pregnancy Due Date Tracker could be your best personal pregnancy assistant. Not only does it track your due date, it also helps monitor your contractions. It lets you know when the labor is close so you can get prepared and head to the hospital.

This tool has everything you want in a pregnancy app. You can watch the baby’s growth week by week and find out symptoms to expect. Tracking your overall health is brilliantly easy, simply log your blood pressure, weight, and heart rate.

Your personal assistant will help you with prenatal and postnatal preparation. It has lists to track newborn and maternity essentials. As a bonus, it comes with a safety guide that tells you what foods and exercise to avoid after labor. Best of all, this contraction tracker app is completely free!

6. MomDiary


Download on Google Play

Pregnancy changes a lot of things in your life. MomDiary helps you track every change especially in your body and the little fetus in your womb. It includes a detailed description of the baby’s development and expected changes for yourself. Everything is presented in a beautiful layout.

Besides tracking physical changes, it helps monitor your health by logging your physical activities, weight, sleep, blood pressure, and mood. Featuring personal notes, you can write anything that comes to your mind. Add bump photos to make your diary more meaningful.

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Additionally, it comes with useful features, including kick tracker, prenatal music, and prenatal checklist. It also highlights contraction timer that allows you to log of contractions when you get into labor. This time lets you track how long and how frequent the contractions go.

7. Contraction Timer by HappyTree

Contraction Timer by HappyTree

Download on Google Play

Launched by HappyTree, this is the best contraction timer app to company the last stage of your pregnancy. This mobile app is designed to measure contraction period and intervals so you know how the labor is progressing. All the contraction records will be shown in an easy-to-read graph.

 If you’re not sure when to head to the hospital, this app’s contraction period alert will help you out. An alarm will pop up so you can prepare prenatal essentials and go to the hospital soon. Since the process could be intense, this app features classical music to help you relax.

Using this contraction timer is quite easy. When the contraction begins and stops, press the button. This app will measure your contraction and show the records in a graph. In case of false contractions, you can press the reset button to initialize the measurements.

8. Easy Contraction Timer

Easy Contraction Timer

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

This is one of the best contraction apps you could ask for. Not only does it help you time contractions, but it also gives all the information you need during the last stage of pregnancy. Using this app you will find out how long the contraction lasts and the intervals between each one.

New feature is added to this app. Besides tracking your contraction period, it helps monitor the intensity of each contraction. All the information is provided in an informative chart so you can show it to your obstetrician for a further inspection.

If everyone in the family is expecting your baby, they will be happy to know the progress of your labor. Share the summary of your contractions to the loved ones and get their support.

9. Contraction Timer by DoubleRouble

Contraction Timer by DoubleRouble

Download on Google Play

Designed for tracking contraction, this is a great app you should have in your Android. It accurately records your contraction so you can avoid going to the hospital either too early or too late. With new feature added, it enables your obstetrician or family to monitor your contraction from the internet.

This application is equipped with start and stop button that you can press when contraction begins and ends. While other apps only come with contraction button, this tool has amniotic fluid button. You can press this button when amniotic fluid comes out so the doctor can tell you what to do.

10. My Contractions Tracker

My Contractions Tracker

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

My Contractions Tracker lets moms-to-be record and track their contractions. This is actually a simple app with straightforward design, allowing you to use the tool without extra effort. Thanks to a striking start and stop button to record and display contractions.

On this application you can easily figure out the length and frequency of each contraction. Just in case you need to use other app during a contraction, closing this application doesn’t stop the timer. The best part is that you can send contraction information via email.

11. Storky


Download on the App Store

Designed for iOS devices, this free contraction timer is created to help expectant moms and birth assistant keep track of contraction. This timer is easy to use, not to mention it doesn’t include ads so you can fully monitor the labor progress without interruption.

The smart contraction timer comes with a button that you can tap when contraction starts and stops. It provides you with information about contraction such as how it works, how to measure it, and when to head to the hospital.

The overview of contraction periods and interval lengths are displayed in one place. This will help you or your obstetrician see the progress.

12. Pregnancy Tracker

Pregnancy Tracker

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Millions of expecting parents have trusted Pregnancy Tracker to monitor baby development. Besides guiding you to the due date, it provides you with all the information that you need about pregnancy. This makes Pregnancy Tracker your virtual personal assistant.

There are so many features to find in this app, such as ovulation calculator and calendar, baby due date calculator, baby kick counter, and baby registry checklist. And for the last stage of your pregnancy, you’ll need to use contraction timer tool to record and monitor contractions.

 And if you love to perpetuate the moment, photo diary allows you to capture baby bump weekly and turn the pics into beautiful time lapse video.

13. Pregnancy and Due Date Tracker

Pregnancy and Due Date Tracker

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

This pregnancy app is designed to help you get through pregnancy in a better way. It keeps you informed about the processes in your body from the baby development to expected changes that may happen. Whenever you feel puzzled, this app helps you find the answer.

Besides monitoring baby development, you can find healthy diet for pregnancy and useful tips for each phase. And when it comes to the last trimester, use prenatal checklist to prepare for the labor. It also highlights smart contraction timer that tells you when it’s time to go to the hospital.

14. Full Term – Contraction TimerFull Term – Contraction Timer

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Launched for iOS and Android users, this is one of the most used contraction timers. Full Term offers a convenient way to track your labor progress and monitor contractions. Only with tap of a button, it will record each contractions and tell you the duration as well as intervals.

Besides contraction timer, you can find other useful tools like kick counter and weight tracker. While the kick counter lets you count baby’s kicks every day, weight tracker keeps tracking your weight gain during pregnancy. Interestingly, you can add notes to each tool.

Are you expecting a baby in the near future? Downloading the best contraction timer apps on your smartphone is a great way to track contraction and tell you when to go to the birth center. With a variety of apps out there, you can choose one that fits you best.

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