11 Best Face Slimming Apps for Android and iOS

by Emily Barrow

Best Face Slimming Apps

Taking pictures is kind of addictive for lots of people. However, sometimes you want to look skinnier than you already are. Instead of waiting for your diet to work out, you can use these best face slimming apps available on both iOS and Android platforms.

For some people, using makeup can cover blemishes or create an impression of a slimmer face. However, you can always get a quick fix that doesn’t require you to do the entire thing. In this article, you will find out a series of apps that make face slimmer to use on your smartphone.

Best Face Slimming Apps That Turn Your Pictures Lit

The best part is that today you are living in a world where everything is possible. And the list below will prove to you that a quick fix for everything is practically always available.

And if you are looking for a way to enhance your photo for social media or to find out how you would look if you got slimmer, then these apps below will help you.

Several apps on this list also come with a series of powerful photo editor tools. By that, you can enhance the look of your body in general. Also, since most of the apps to make you look skinnier are free, why don’t you give each of them a try? Enjoy!

1. Body Shape Editor

Body Shape Editor

Are you looking for a decent face slimming app for android? Well, we have the Body Shape Editor app on top of the list. As its name suggests, you can reshape your body with this app. Other than that, you can use the features to slim down your waist, increase height, get an ideal body shape, and many more.

Other than using a tool with complicated steps and layers, the Body Shape Editor app will give you the best experience when it comes to using a photo editing app. And if you are looking for a tool to enhance your social media photos then this one is worth trying.

Besides editing your body shape, this app also features basic photo editing tools. Thus, you can achieve whatever the look you are looking for or want to post on your social media.

Download on Google Play

2. Retouch Me

Retouch Me

Retouch Me is considered the best app to slim face editing tools. Of course, this is not the one you will see on this list but this app deserves a try in many ways. Other than allowing you to make your face appear slimmer, you can give a few tweaks to your body shape as well.

All features are functional and powerful. By that, you can achieve the look that you’ve been dreaming of. This app only requires you to pick a picture from your gallery and then you can tap the features you want to apply. Retouch Me features several things, such as:

  • A wide collection of tattoos.
  • Makeup tools to enhance your selfie.
  • Ability to put abs and other muscly looks.
  • Retouching faces that come with slider parameters.
  • Tons of body enhancer tools.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

3. Fotogenic


Generally, everyone can be photogenic. However, only a few people can show that photogenic side effortlessly. Thus, if you are looking for a tool to turn any photo in your gallery photogenic then you should consider trying this app.

Fotogenic can be touted as the best face thinning app available for both iOS and Android platforms. Editing your photos will never be this easy if not with this app. Other than correcting your selfies, this app also allows you to put other items, like tattoos, bubbles, flares, and many more. 

Even if you are not built yet, Fotogenic will help you to have a six-pack ab through a few taps. All in all, Fotogenic is an all-in-one everybody needs right now. Just give it a try.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

4. Body Editor

Body Editor

As its name suggests, this app comes up with a series of tools that help you to edit your body. This face slimming app android will help you to achieve the body shape and the face look that suits your expectation.

Of course, that kind of thing is achievable through diet and a healthier lifestyle. However, if you are looking for an instant solution then the Body Editor app is a perfect answer for you.

Other than coming with basic photo editing features, you can use plenty of this app’s body editing tools. By that, you can reshape your waist and other body parts, enhance your fitness look, apply tattoos, and many more.

Thus, if you are looking for a way to DIY-ing your look then the Body Editor app will suit your needs. Don’t worry because this app also comes with a tool that makes your body appear taller. Do you want to try it? Grab this app on the Play Store – for Android only.

Download on Google Play

5. Facetune2


If you are looking for a decent face slimming photo editor then Facetune2 is worth your consideration in many ways. You can grab this app on the Play Store and App Store for free while the features offered are quite rich.

Other than providing the freedom to retouch your selfie, reshape the facial structure, and correct spots on your face, this app also comes with the basic functions of photo editing apps. The UI design is attractive while the tools are easy to operate.

Thus, if you are looking for a powerful app that allows you to get the look that you’ve been dreaming of then Facetune2 is a perfect thing to try. Facetune2 is free with in-app purchase options. There is no reason to not try this app after all.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store 

6. Perfect Me

Perfect Me

The presence of the make me thin app has gained more popularity in the past few years. It is because people want to get a perfect look even though it’s only in a photo. While gym rats and other health influencers will do the work for months, you can get that perfect look just by using the Perfect Me app.

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As its name suggests, you will achieve your perfect look by using this app. Keep in mind that perfection doesn’t exist, since everybody has skin textures, different body shapes, and many more. However, if you want to get a perfect look just like your expectations. This app has tools to offer.

By using Perfect Me, you can do these things:

  • Retouching your body shape.
  • Put muscles on your body parts – six-pack abs won’t be an issue.
  • Get a better skin texture and correct skin tone.
  • Editing your selfies with basic photo editing tools.

It sounds perfect, right? So, go ahead and download Perfect Me on the Play Store. For now, it’s only available for Android devices.

Download on Google Play

7. PrettyUp


Another face slimmer app that you have to consider is PrettyUp. This app allows you to retouch your photos and videos effortlessly. Despite the wonderful yet advanced features, this app is quite easy to operate.

Even if this is your first time using this app, you won’t get any issues operating it in the first place. For the enhancer features, PrettyUp has similar features to other apps mentioned on this list. Yet, you can use this magnificent tool for videos as well.

Generally, PrettyUp offers several options, such as:

  • Video filter editor
  • Reshaping your body
  • Beautify tools
  • Skin enhancer features
  • Face retouch functions

It is also easy to get a glammed-up look without using makeup if you already have this app. Thus, there is no need to worry when it comes to posting your pictures on social media – PrettyUp got you covered!

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

8. Hotune


So, which app can make you thin? Well, you have found several names on this list. Yet, if you still need another option then you can consider Hotune as well. As a free app, Hotune can do a lot for you.

This app is considered an enhancer tool for your body in general. All you need to do is to upload a picture on this app and use its powerful tools to create the look that you’ve been wanting.

Other than making your face appear slimmer, you can also reshape your body and create muscles on other parts. The best part is that you don’t need to deal with complicated steps to get the result.

So, if you are looking for a body and face enhancer app that comes with a pack of powerful tools for Android phones then Hotune is the ultimate answer.

Download on Google Play

9. Pixl


Pixl can be touted as the best free face slimming app for iPhone available out there. Improving your face shape has never been this easy. This app is packed with powerful tools that will help you to achieve the perfect look you always want.

Other than reshaping your facial structure, you can remove blemishes, acne, dark circles, and red eyes. And even if all you need is a tool to improve the lighting, Pixl can provide a great function.

Having this app on your phone is like bringing a personal makeup artist anywhere with you. You can get a perfect look just like what you want. A few powerful things about Pixl include:

Spot remover – it can be pimples, acne, blemishes, and many more.

  • Create perfect teeth and smile.
  • Adjust the shade in your photo.
  • Correcting red eyes.
  • Editing your facial and body structures effortlessly.

All in all, Pixl is a perfect tool you can use to take care of your photo appearance. You just need to give this app a try, that’s all.

Download on the App Store

10. Slim Face Editor

Slim Face Editor

As the app’s name suggests, you will get the help you need to retouch your selfies with the Slim Face Editor app. This app provides all-in-one tools that allow you to be creative with your face in a picture.

Other than that, there is a magic tap tool where you can adjust the entire thing automatically through a tap. Other than correcting your makeup and removing blemishes, this photo editor comes with a feature that removes unwanted objects in the background.

Generally, you get almost everything you need from a photo editing app with Slim Face Editor. And just like most apps on this list, you can get a refined skin texture, nice abs, reshaped body look, and many more.

However, Slim Face Editor is currently available for Android phones only. If you are using android devices then you should give this app a try.

Download on Google Play

11. Peachy


Are you looking for a face slimming app iPhone? If so then you should check out Peachy. This app will show you how to achieve your level of perfection.

Of course, there is no such thing as perfection. However, you can edit your photo until it looks like a new you. This app comes with a series of powerful tools so that the results will appear only after a few taps.

So, what does this app have to offer? Other than all basic photo editing tools, you can remove wrinkles, get rid of blemishes, get perfect teeth, apply makeup, and many more. Thus, you can get a perfect look even though you don’t wear any makeup.

Peachy also has a feature that allows you to reshape your facial structure – it can be applied to the entire body as well. Other than that, in case you want to have a tattoo but don’t have the courage yet then you can get one from this app too.

All in all, Peachy is a rich-in-feature app that enhances your photo in many ways. It’s easy to use but for now, is only available on the App Store.

Download on the App Store

So, how can I make my face look thinner in pictures? Well, the apps mentioned on the list above will help you to achieve the goal. However, it is always better if you adopt a healthier lifestyle so that you can get the ideal share in the long run.

In the meantime, you can utilize the best face slimming apps that are available on the Play Store and App Store for everyone. The presence of those apps surely helps you to achieve the look that you want, especially if you need a quick fix – for the sake of your social media feeds.

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