7 Best FileZilla Alternatives for More Security

by Emily Barrow

Best FileZilla Alternatives

There are mixed opinions when it comes to the usage of FTP, especially FileZilla. The service has been put under fire for several reasons, and the public has lost its trust. Due to that cause, people on the internet have been actively seeking for FileZilla alternatives.

If you are reading this article, it is most likely that you are looking for FileZilla’s substitute too. Rest assured, because you will find the answer below.

All You Need to Know About FileZilla and Its FTP Fiasco

All You Need to Know About FileZilla and Its FTP Fiasco

When it comes to the FTP market, FileZilla is nowhere near new. In fact, FileZilla has been consistently giving free and open-source FTP services since 2001, and it has gathered quite many users until today.

Due to the maturity factor, it is no wonder that FileZilla has a list of helpful features. For starters, it is compatible with most OS, such as Windows, MacOS, Linux, and even *BSD. Moreover, FileZilla also has a high transfer capacity, compatibility with IPv6, and filename filtering.

FileZilla is very beginner-friendly, and it is easy to use. To complete the service, FileZilla also offers a Pro feature, in which you can integrate the service to various cloud storage facilities, such as Amazon S3, Dropbox, and OneDrive. In other words, it becomes very popular for a valid reason.

Despite all the praise, FileZilla cannot maintain its good reputation. The software has faced several controversies, which led people to seek other options that are better than FileZilla.

In 2013, FileZilla was caught using SourceForge as its hosting, the site well known for putting bloatware in multiple applications, including FileZilla’s bundling offer. Complaints pop up to the surface, claiming that viruses and malware have infected the users’ computers.

To add fuel to the fire, FTP has slowly become an outdated protocol over the years. Many people shift to other protocols like SFTP and FTPS because they better fit today’s security standards. Even though FileZilla also has those protocols, the public’s trust has gone down significantly, making FileZilla lose its market greatly.

Best FileZilla Alternatives that You Can Try

Due to the reasons above, people are looking for FileZilla’s replacement, which is justifiable. Therefore, the list below provides lists of products to replace FileZilla, which varies between an FTP service, STFP, FTPS, or maybe another file-transfer service. So, without further ado, check out the list below.

1. SolarWinds Serv-U File Transfer Server

SolarWinds Serv-U File Transfer Server

Whether it is for the quality of products or their cyber-attack controversy, SolarWinds is famous. There is a reason why the company is still up and running since 1999, and it is because of its willingness to learn and grow.

One of their product is SolarWinds Serv-U. An FTP server helps you gain file access from anywhere and share your own. Aside from FTP, SolarWinds also provide HTTP/S, FTPS, and SFTP, and it works fine in IPv4 and IPv6 networks.

In terms of connectivity, SolarWinds basically get a good score, especially if you are looking for FileZilla alternative for Android. The server can connect you to various kinds of OS, including Windows, Linus, iOS, and Android. That feature is not available on FileZilla.

Additionally, SolarWinds also gives you a lot of customization features. For example, you can add a password to the file, set up an expired download date, and set up a notification when the file is already received.

Moreover, you will also be able to add custom text, logos, and even CSS templates to your own web interface, ensuring a good name for your business’ branding.

SolarWinds enables you to do a large file sharing, and you can also set it up for file-sharing automation in its centralized management console. You can try SolarWinds for free in its 14-day trial and purchase more servers for one-time-only payment.


2. Cyberduck


Regarding the FTP, Cyberduck is considered one of the strongest contenders for FileZilla. Basically, Cyberduck’s main feature is its cloud storage browser. But it also supports FTP, SFTP, and connectivity to various kinds of cloud platforms such as Backblaze and Microsoft Azure.

Cyberduck offers you a variety of superior features, such as top-notch speed, high reliability, and an intuitive interface. It also supports large files with a 5 TB limit and can be a Filezilla alternative for macOS and Windows alike.

When it comes to security, Cyberduck does its job very seriously. The server carries an integration to Cryptomator, a tool that uses high-grade AES-SIV encryption. It ensures all your activities on the server are highly secure, maintaining your privacy and authentication with ease.

How about the basic features? Cyberduck enables you to access files safely and share them using a URL, making it easier for the recipient to access. It offers a bookmarking tool as a quick-access tool and tracking the actions regarding the file.

Moreover, it also supports integration to file editing tools and allows you to take a snippet of the file without downloading it. What makes it more interesting, though, is the fact that all the features are supported in more than 30 languages.

Despite all the great features, Cyberduck luckily costs nothing, and it is open-source too. You can try Cyberduck by downloading the client app on its website.


3. ExpanDrive


To say that ExpanDrive is solely an FTP server provider may not be accurate. In fact, it is actually an inter-cloud management service that enables you to access and transfer files between clouds easily. So, if what you do revolves around clouds, then you might better get ExpanDrive.

ExpanDrive allows you to access all the clouds you use as a virtual driver. There are no ‘loads’, just ‘clicks’. It means that you can securely access all your files as fast as you would in your real drive, as it also supports FTP and SFTP.

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Feature-wise, ExpanDrive has several helpful ones. For example, there is an automatic synchronization and transfer, and you can even do it offline. Moreover, it also supports file-versioning,multi-user file locking, and integration to more than 20 cloud platforms.

ExpanDrives serves an excellent service as FileZilla alternative for Linux, Windows, and macOS. It is also available as a Windows Explorer extension to provide easier access.

You can enjoy ExpanDrive for free, although just for the 20-minute limit for each session. For unlimited use, you can choose a once-in-a-lifetime subscription or a yearly use for a cheaper fee.


4. Core FTP

Core FTP

When you look at Core FTP’s website, you may feel dazzled by its interface’s simplicity. The fact is, you will most likely feel the same way when you are using the service.

Core FTP is a free service that provides an FTP server to easily access and exchange files. It also provides SFTP, FTPS, SSL, and TLS for maximum use. Sadly, though, the service is just available for Windows service.

Aside from being beginner-friendly, Core FTP also indulges you with small details that are often overlooked in other FTP servers. Some of them are the automatic compression system, which they call Mode Z technology and the built-in file editor.

Core FTP can do remote file-searching and keep the server alive so you can keep your work out of distractions. Lastly, it also has a resume download feature in case you lose the internet connection during your download.

One of the most important privileges that Core FTP confidently offers to you though is HIPAA compliance. With this recognition, you will be able to ensure your right to privacy and security in case of a breach.

Core FTP is available to download and use without forcing you to pay a dime. However, there is also a Pro package that allows its License and uses as you will.


5. WinSCP


WinSCP began around 2000 when Martin Prikryl launched the tool as a college-side project. Starting from there, this Windows-only FTP tool starts circulating on the internet as an open-source FileZilla alternative, and you can get WinSCP for free on its website.

WinSCP provides a way to implement FTP, SFTP, and SCP protocols for file-transferring activities. The tool has been gaining popularity now as it grabs multiple awards and scores more than 191 million downloads.

WinSCP offers two kinds of interface. The first is the Windows-like interface, which is great for most users as it offers a sense of familiarity. And the other is a commander-style interface, which provides quick access to various advanced tools, making it great for frequent users. Both are similarly simple.

Moreover, it has an automation feature that will greatly help you synchronize your files and timestamps. It also has an in-app text editor and can manage the files simply by dragging and dropping them.

As an open-source tool, WinSCP is completely free. However, it is better to know that Prikryl is the only man behind the development of WinSCP. So, donating to the cause is certainly very appreciated.


6. CrossFTP


The need for high-end computational ability increases, which all OS providers try to fulfill. If you are looking for a FileZilla alternative for Windows 11, then CrossFTP can be your choice.

CrossFTP provides a free FTP service that supports SFTP, FTPS, WebDac, and FXP. It is accessible through various kinds of OS, such as Linux, MacOS, and Windows. And additionally, you can also integrate it into cloud platforms, some examples being Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure.

There are various tiers of CrossFTP. You can enjoy the tool without emptying your pocket, but a Pro version also provides helpful features you might not find in other FTP servers. Let’s do a simple breakdown of each tier’s feature.

In the free tier, you can get the basic file-transferring feature. You can compress, browse, download, and send your files easily and in a very secure manner too. You can peek at the content before downloading the file and quickly search on the server.

Meanwhile, the Pro tier gives you more abilities, such as 40-fold speed, automatic synchronization that you can schedule at will, remote file search, and FXP Transfers. For more information, simply go to CrossFTP’s website.


7. Midnight Commander

Midnight Commander

If you are an Ubuntu user, you must be aware of how challenging finding software compatible with the OS can be. However, if you are looking for a FileZilla alternative for Ubuntu, you have come to the right place.

Saying that Midnight Commander is an FTP service might not be right. It is because Midnight Commander is a file manager with an FTP as one of its features. Though it may miss the purpose of this article, by getting Midnight Commander, just know that you will have the best of both worlds.

Midnight Commander has been around since 1994, and the Slant community supports it. It allows you to manage files efficiently while being user-friendly, even if you are a beginner.

One aspect that makes Midnight Commander get all the praise is that it does not waste even a speck of your display. The command tools are arranged neatly into four parts. That way, you will be able to navigate your way as well as observe the system.

Then, how about the FTP feature? The system has a built-in FTP server that allows you to control all the files remotely. It also supports SMB and SSH protocols, and it also supports FTP proxy.

Midnight Commander works in multiple languages and supports activities between different platforms. You can get Midnight Commander for free on its website.


Being one of the pioneers in the FTP market, FileZilla has been contributing greatly to file-transfer activities. That is why the act of seeking for FileZilla alternative is totally reasonable.

However, you may consider changing the protocols altogether and shifting to more secure options. After all, with increasing data privacy and security awareness, you may not want to risk your own.

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