11 Best NVIDIA GeForce Now Alternatives

by Hashir Zuniga

Best GeForce Now Alternatives

The gaming world has grown in recent years. In the past, playing games had to use a capable device to enjoy a pleasant gaming experience. But it’s different now, you can play games with ordinary devices using cloud gaming. One of the popular cloud gaming platforms right now is GeForce Now, but it lacks a lot of features, then many people are looking for GeForce Now alternatives.

What is Nvidia GeForce Now?

GeForce Now is Nvidia’s cloud-based game that delivers real-time gameplay directly from the cloud to your device. Connect to your store accounts to play your favorite games or stream your library of games.

Is it legal to use GeForce Now? Of course, it’s legal. But as a customer, you only own the game’s license, not the game itself.

Unfortunately, GeForce Now is only available in a limited number of countries. However, this is no longer an issue because there are GeForce Now alternatives available.

Best GeForce Now Alternatives You Have To Try

There are several GeForce Now alternatives that you can try and enjoy your gaming experience.

1. Google Stadia

Google Stadia

Let’s begin with the first GeForce Now alternatives is Google Stadia. We already know that Google has many service features, and they are now available in the gaming department.

Google Stadia has been growing and providing improvements to its consumers since its launch in 2019.

Google Stadia, as though keeping up with the times, no longer need a console to use.

Of course, this is advantageous for users who wish to play games realistically.

In addition, Google Stadia is developing a controller to enhance the gaming experience.

Playing for free on Google Stadia costs $9.99 per month. If you desire controller capabilities, you’ll have to pay $69.

Google claims to have closed the gaming studio, but Stadia and Stadia Pro services are still available.


  • Google Stadia is designed to work on a wide range of hardware, from PCs to mobile phones.
  • No console is needed.
  • Provide Google Assistant to record while playing games.
  • Provide Controller.


  • Need fast internet.

2. Shadow


The following company is Shadow cloud gaming, a French gaming start-up.

Shadow has reduced the monthly subscription pricing for the Boost package from $25 to $11.99 due to its fierce battle with GeForce.

Shadow has introduced a new package called Ultra, which costs $24.99 per month due to the news of the Boost package price cut.

The streaming quality is up to 4K at 60 FPS or 144 FPS in full HD.

To get a pleasant experience, you can play via a PC providing for Windows 10.

Furthermore, it recommends having an internet speed of 15 Mbit/s or 4G for mobile for playing the games, including cable, DSL, fiber, and even mobile 4G LTE.


  • Cheaper than GoForce Now.
  • Can choose the highest resolution to get the best quality.
  • Get a full refund if there is technical problem


  • It can’t support iOS users.

3. PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now, the following cloud gaming service, is extremely popular among gamers.

Previously, you had to own a PlayStation set to play games, but now PlayStation Now offers a subscription-based PS3 game streaming service.

PlayStation Now is $ 19.99 per month if you wish to subscribe. It costs $99.99 each year for long-term use.

The payment procedure is also simple because a subscription can use a credit card.

Provide a minimum specification of Windows 7, 3.5 GHz Intel Core i3, 300 MB of available space, and more than 2 GB of RAM for people who want to play on a PC.

PlayStation Now can handle both 32 and 64-bit machines, which is great news for PC users.


  • Provide all devices with a variety of specifications.
  • It can play offline as long as it has been downloaded.
  • The variety of the game is quite complete.


  • Only available in 12 countries.

4. Vortex


Vortex is a multi-platform cloud gaming service that is available for free on any device.

Vortex is available on various platforms, including PCs, Macs, and even mobile phones. You were even playing and demanded a minimum of 10 Mbps internet connection.

The monthly subscription cost is $9.99 for primary users, similar to other cloud gaming providers. Vortex also has $ 19.99 for Pro users and $ 29.99 for Ultra users.

Although there is no free trial, customers can sample a one-month membership to see how comfortable playing primary at Vortex is.


  • Support with low specification devices.
  • 60FPS HD streaming quality.


  • It can’t be available for offline gaming.

5. Amazon Luna

Amazon Luna

Not to be outdone by the others, Amazon also launched cloud gaming in 2020.

With the availability of a complete game, this competition from GeForce Now offers an appealing offer.

The benefit is that Amazon Luna can use various devices, including PCs, TVs, Macs, and even cellphones. Plus, users can also access two devices at the same time.

Display games offered can also be accessed up to 1080 resolution and 60fps frame rate.

Amazon Luna’s business plan is particularly fascinating, and unlike Stadia, which requires the purchase of each game, Amazon Luna offers a subscription model that is quite reasonable.

To begin playing games on Amazon Luna, you must pay $6.

In addition, Amazon Luna has provided a controller that can connect to Wi-fi, similar to Stadia.

Reportedly, Amazon Luna will be available for iOS users in the form of a web app. This is a tactic carried out because of Apple’s policy.


  • Available access in two devices at the same time.
  • Cheaper than others.


  • Game stock is still limited because it’s just released.
  • Only available for US users

6. Loudplay


Loudplay is the next cloud gaming option available after GeForce. Loudplay’s offering can be used smoothly even if you use a smartphone.

Connecting an account from a PC is a simple way to play games on Loudplay. Loudplay will be available on your smartphone once you’ve joined.

Loudplay provides customers with comfort by ensuring the highest possible quality when playing.

As a result, your internet connection must be at least 30 Mbps to achieve the best quality for various uses.

Then, because you just have to pay every hour, this payment method from Loudplay is essentially free.

If you want to play the game, it just costs €0.2 per hour; of course, this is convenient for users who wish to manage their playing demands.

Loudplay is available on all platforms like Android smartphones and tablets, personal computers and laptops, and Mac systems.


  • The hourly subscription can adjust to your needs.


  • Only available access in Europe.

7. Xbox Cloud Gaming

Xbox Cloud Gaming

Microsoft also owns cloud gaming, which is no less thrilling, under the moniker Xbox.

The way to access the Xbox is still limited by relying on the web, but it is feasible that programs will be developed to improve the playing experience.

This Xbox’s presence is also pretty advanced and nearly identical to other cloud gaming, which is replete with controller facilities and can also be played without a console.

The resolution is likewise not to be surpassed, with Xbox offering the highest quality up to 1080p.

The pricing varies depending on the type of Xbox used. If you choose Xbox Game Pass, you will only be charged $9.99 per month, users will charge Xbox Game Pass Ultimate $14.99 each month.

The subscription system on Xbox is by default. Customers have the right to choose when to start and end the subscription period.


  • It is equipped with a controller that connects Bluetooth and USB.
  • It can play even if the internet connection is offline.


  • Only available on the web.
  • Console quality is still not perfect.

8. Parsec


Are you looking for some free cloud gaming? As an alternative to GeForce Now, Parsec can be utilized.

You can invite your pals to play with you using the free Parsec program.

There are host and client options available to make the game even more thrilling.

If you are the host, you are welcome to invite additional guests. If you’re a client, on the other hand, your role is to play freely.

Still, keep in mind that when playing, you may only invite up to four friends.

Although the Parsec app is free to download, playing the game costs $1 per hour.

Parsec will undoubtedly be worthwhile due to its inexpensive pricing and the ability to play with many buddies.


  • Able to invite friends to play.


  • Only provide quality resolution until 720p.
  • It needs an internet connection.

9. PlayKey


The next gaming cloud on the list is Playkey, which is well-known around the world.

More than 2.5 million people have used this blockchain idea cloud platform. This figure is accurate because Playkey’s development is relatively rapid, especially regarding game updates.

Playkey can now be played without a console. Users will save up to ten times their time on hardware that requires special upkeep.

The subscription fee for this Playkey is $6.5 for 5 hours of play.

In addition, users do not need to be worry because Playkey is compatible with all devices.


  • Easy to get because it is available in many countries.
  • The required capacity is relatively light.
  • Best quality streaming up to 120FPS.
  • Capability to receive high levels of SLA (Service Level Agreement) while maintaining low latency and image quality


  • Requires a fast connection, especially if the resolution is high.

10. Netboom


Netboom is a cloud gaming service that caters to folks who do not own a computer. The Android and iOS mobile apps allow you to play cloud-based games.

However, play on your PC for a monthly cost of $8.99. The service does support a few controllers connecting through Bluetooth.

You can choose games to play from the Rockstar, Steam, and Epic Games libraries. The Netboom website showcases a few of the most recent and challenging games that users can play immediately on mobile devices.

If you are a new user who has recently registered with netbook, they will give you roughly 20 minutes of free gaming time. After the first 20 minutes, you can top up and pay as you go. That is, you pay for the number of houses in which you play.


  • It is free to play in the first 20 minutes to download the application.
  • The subscription price is quite affordable.


  • Only available to play on the web.

11. Blacknut


Last but not least, Blacknut cloud gaming can be used as a substitute for GeForce Now Alternative.

Blacknut focuses on families with their product, which includes the ability to play together on one screen.

This offer is beneficial to parents who wish to keep an eye on their children while they play.

Furthermore, Blacknut can be accessed through various devices and is available in several nations.

Blacknut gives you unlimited access to high-quality games from Square Enix, Gameloft, Disney, Deep Silver, etc.

By spending €15 per month, Blacknut’s cloud gaming subscription is extremely inexpensive.


  • More than 500 video games are available.
  • Accessible on all devices.
  • Family-friendly.


  • Only available in certain areas.


After knowing tags about the GeForce Now Alternatives cloud gaming options, it is time to see which one is the best.

It depends on the preferences of each user, but Playkey is better than GeForce Now. Playkey is one of the best cloud gaming apps because the platform is available from anywhere.

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