11 Best Teeth Whitening Apps for Android and iOS

by Haya Barnard

Best Teeth Whitening Apps

Yellow teeth can ruin your selfies. While getting dental treatment can be costly, teeth whitener mobile apps offer a quick and instant solution to perfect your smile. Simply download the best teeth whitening apps and show off your snow-white teeth in every picture.

Most beauty editor apps offer teeth whitening feature that helps you gain white gleaming teeth with just one tap. With the same apps you can improve your selfies like smooth skin, change hair color, and many more. Can’t wait for the options? Read on.

Best Teeth Whitening Apps for Android and iOS

The internet provides you with tons of beauty editors but only few are worth downloading. We’ve collected the best tools to help you with the job of finding teeth whitening application to give your Instagram-worthy selfies. Check them out!

1. AirBrush


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AirBrush is an incredible photo editor that promises perfection in your photos. It constantly adds new effects and features to stay relevant with today’s editing standards. With this app you can simply apply filter, tune imperfections, and get perfect skin in every photo.

One of the main highlights is teeth whitening feature that helps bring your smile to another level. Thanks to whiten function, now everyone can have a perfect smile in their selfies.

In addition to teeth whitening, AirBrush comes packed with many other features like blemish remover that helps you remove blemishes, leaving smooth and radiant skin even without makeup. You can also reshape, slim, and lengthen your selfie with a few easy steps.

What’s more, this beauty editor offers real-time editing technology with which you can edit your selfies before taking a snapshot. And if you are ready to share, AirBrush allows you to share your photos to popular social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

2. BeautyPlus


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With more than 100M+ downloads on Google Play Store alone, BeautyPlus is undoubtedly one of the most used photo editors. This versatile app is loaded with features to help you create perfect, Instagram-worthy selfies from your Android or iOS.

Teeth whitening is among key features that play a big role in improving your pics. If you aren’t confident with the color of your teeth, teeth correction feature gives you a bright, perfect smile to show the whole world.

Using this app is so simple. Pick a photo or take a picture with selfie cam found in this app. Choose teeth whitening feature and hit Enhanced to improve the visual of your teeth. Not only does it serve as a whitener, but it also corrects any imperfections in your teeth.

What’s more to find in BeautyPlus? Whether you need to smooth skin, remove pimples, or brighten eyes, this beauty editor has everything you need to improve your photo. Create great-looking selfies and garner more followers on your social media.

3. YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup

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Everyone who wants to get perfect selfies must download YouCam Makeup on their smartphone. Designed with perfection in mind, this beauty editor app is created to make over and retouch your selfies. There are so many things you can do with this app, from changing hair color to whiten teeth.

If you always dream of plump lips and gleaming white teeth just like Kylie Jenner then YouCam Makeup is made just for you. Plus, you can also get smooth skin, remove blemishes and pimples, and apply eye makeup as well as eyebrow filters.

Changing hair color made simple with YouCam. Whether you want to impress your loved one or simply try a new color before visiting the hairdresser, this beauty editor app can help you out. It has a large selection of hair colors to try.

What’s great about this app is that you can take a perfect selfie without applying makeup. Thanks to the retouch feature, you can reshape your nose and apply lipstick, foundation, and even blush.

4. Fotogenic


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Fotogenic is more than a teeth whitener app. This is a versatile photo editor that has everything you need to improve your pictures and selfies to the level of photographer. With an innovative and simple interface, you can easily use this app without getting puzzled.

Teeth whitening is among key features to find in Fotogenic. With this feature you can brighten your teeth and get rid of nasty yellow teeth in every picture. It also has a complete set of beauty editor to provide you with ultimate selfies.

Get flawless complexion and amazing makeup with just one tap. You can also achieve outstanding clarity and realistic plastic surgery effect right from this app. There are many other editing tools to try out, including artistic brush, textures, and color adjustment.

Millions of people have trusted Fotogenic as their virtual photo editor. Use this app to transform your standard selfies into amazing pictures that are worth the likes.

5. Facetune2


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Get rid of unattractive yellow teeth with Facetune2. This professional photo editor allows you to whiten your teeth in every picture and show snow-white, gleaming teeth in a matter of seconds. It’s time to showcase your wonderful and adorable look with flawless teeth.

In addition to teeth whitening, Facetune2 has tons of features to level up your selfies. Thanks to dozens of filters, retouching your photos is only a tap away. There’s also a real-time beauty editor that allows quick edit in your selfie before taking a snapshot.

Feel enough with those pimples and blemishes? This beauty editor lets you get rid of pimples, acnes, blemishes, and other skin imperfections. You can also enjoy smooth skin with a tanning effect that makes it look soft and natural.

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Best of all, it doesn’t require advanced editing skills thanks to the simple and user-friendly interface. If you are looking for a professional makeover apps and beauty editor then Facetune2 has got you covered.

6. Pixl


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Pixl is a face retouch and blemish remover that comes in handy to redefine your selfies. This powerful photo editor allows you to get your best look for social media feed, thus you can collect more likes and followers. It has dozens of key features, including teeth whitening to perfect your smile.

Using this app you can confidently show your biggest smile to the world. No need to worry about yellow teeth thanks to whitening feature that brightens your smile with a natural look. Choose a photo you want to enhance and let this app do the magic for you.

This best teeth whitening app is equipped with simple detection of your teeth to perform whitening simulation. That’s why you can get rid of yellow teeth and gain white sparkling smile.

What’s more, you can find red eye corrector and many other editing tools such as smooth skin, acne remover, blemish remover, and many more. A large selection of filters and photo effects are available to level up your selfies.

7. EasySnap


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If you want to explore a bunch of trendy makeups, powerful retouching tools, and glam photo filters then EasySnap is just for you. Get your favorite selfies or take new snapshots and edit your pictures like never before.

This photo editor app is made for everyone who needs a perfect selfie with adorable visual, including white teeth. It provides you with an option to whiten teeth and adjust its brightness as desired, allowing you to get an amazingly natural look in a few seconds.

There are many other tools to find in this best free teeth whitening apps, including face retouch that works well to smooth and brighten your skin tone. Plus, it is loaded with a rich collection of makeup looks you can explore, ranging from glossy to fresh and romance.

What’s interesting about this app is that you can have fun with celebrity twin feature. This tool matches your face with a famous celebrity, thus you can find your celebrity twin. All you need to do is upload your selfie and this app will do the rest.

8. Selfix


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This is one of recommended teeth whitening apps to find on the market. Selfix is featured with advanced technology that will help upgrade your selfies with smoother skin and whiter teeth. With this app on your smartphone, you can simplify budgets on makeup and dental treatment.

Besides teeth whitening, you can explore many other features in this app. Let’s mention object removal from background, easy photo sharing, and a complete set of photo editing tools. Whether you want to get smooth skin or even skin tone, Selfix has got you covered.

And if you want to look slimmer without exercises, this app has the right tool for you. Slim feature is added to sculpt and reshape your body and facial feature, giving you an instant plastic surgery effect in a matter of seconds.

There are so many other features to find in this app, such as exclusive filters, cool backgrounds, and a wide range of makeup looks. Plus, you can adjust perfect lighting for a smooth and natural photo result.

9. Beauty Makeup Photo Editor

Beauty Makeup Photo Editor

Download on Google Play

Teeth whitening comes standard in Beauty Makeup Photo Editor. Designed with easy to use teeth whitening tool, no more hiding your teeth when taking selfies. Feel confident to show your gorgeous smile in every photo and see how your followers will like it.

Featuring a complete set of features, this photo editor promises perfect selfies for your Instagram feed or personal collection. Besides whitening your teeth, it has the ability to change eye color, change hair color, and smooth skin. Not to mention it allows you to tune your lips.

Beauty Makeup Photo Editor is super easy to use. Select a selfie photo from your gallery or take a picture using this app’s beauty camera. Choose an effect or filter you want to try and that’s it. Do you have dozens of beautiful pictures? Use this app to make a creative photo collage.

Never tried photo editor before? This app requires zero editing skills, thus it is unlikely to find difficulties using this tool.

10. Snapix


Download on Google Play

Do you need a simple photo editor app that has dozens of features to level up your photo? Snapix could be the best bet. This is a beauty camera and photo editing app that allows you to edit photos like a pro. Whether you’re a newbie or advanced photo editor, Snapix offers lots of fun.

Teeth whitening is among key features brought to your table. This is a useful feature especially for people with yellow teeth but don’t want to spend a dime on dental treatment. Only with one tap, Snapix whiten teeth in your selfie just like magic.

There are many more excellent features to try, such as blur photo background, remove red eye, and reshape your face. And if you wish to have smooth skin then Snapix has a smooth skin feature for you.

11. Photo Editor & Perfect Selfie

Photo Editor & Perfect Selfie

Download on Google Play

Editing portraits and selfies is incredibly easy with Scoompa photo editor. This makeover tool transforms standard selfies into stunning pictures in many ways, including making your teeth whiter. You can also take advantage of other features like makeup tools, clone, and smooth skin.

This is a powerful photo editor that helps you upgrade photos like a pro. In addition to face retouch, it provides you with many other editing tools, such as filters, lighting, and even stickers. Red-eye remover is also available to get flawless pictures.

The best teeth whitening apps above can be a perfect reference to enhance your selfies. Have you decided?

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