10 Best SoundCloud Alternatives

by Emily Barrow

Best SoundCloud Alternatives

There is no question that Soundcloud is among the most widely used services in the world of music streaming platforms.  With its ease of use and availability in almost any smart device, it has established a solid foothold in the market over the years. Although its popularity, there are some drawbacks to SoundCloud such as music loading takes a little longer than similar platforms, therefore many people are looking for the best SoundCloud alternatives.

On the other hand, in addition to having the latest library of far more than 40 million music that is constantly growing. The platform also offers a broad array of amazing features, including individualized playlists depending on user preferences, artist-based radio stations, and podcasts. 

This makes the platform an extremely attractive option for users who want nearly everything without exerting much effort.

However, some users are more drawn to apps similar to Soundcloud that may be less well-known but better meet their requirements due to the restrictions of its free version.

The rising number of apps like Soundcloud is ready to compete with the original by providing better features and pricing. 

To determine whether or not you should make the switch, we suggest that you look somewhere at a list of popular apps like Soundcloud available online.

Best SoundCloud Alternatives You Should Try

1. Jamendo


Website Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Jamendo is a free app similar to Soundcloud and it’s one the best SoundCloud alternatives that let you to download and play music on your smartphone legally. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. 

In addition to having users in 150 countries, Jamendo is now one of the most popular online streaming applications globally.

It contains more than 600,000 songs and far more than 25,000 albums, all of which you may play to and save for free without worrying about violating any intellectual property rights. 

The program also includes several radio stations that play music from various genres, including jazz, symphony, rock, hip hop, and electro. 

Not only can you play music by your favorite artists, but you can also help them further their careers by donating them via PayPal.

2. Spotify


Website Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Spotify is well-known for having a large and diverse collection of music and audio. Counting both music and podcasts, we’re talking about over 200 million individual files. 

This is mainly because it is the favored music streaming site for new independent musicians, particularly those unlikely to be found by Soundcloud. 

The primary drawback of Spotify is that you need to pay for a premium version to skip songs.

It also functions as a type of music social media platform, allowing you to share, love, and discuss entries, highlights sections of songs, builds your playlists and broadcasts, as well as follow the artists that interest you. 

All of this implies that, when compared to Soundcloud, you will be able to discover a fantastic range of material. 

Spotify offers a free app like Soundcloud that includes advertisements, but you can upgrade to a premium membership for as low as $5 monthly if you choose.

3. YouTube Music

Youtube Music

Website Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Although it is an app similar to Soundcloud, YouTube Music has a significant advantage over Soundcloud. In addition to having an extensive music catalog, it also has enormous amounts of videos and uses the exceedingly powerful and intelligent YouTube search query. 

This implies that you only have to write or say a word that helps identify a piece of music or part of the song, and you will almost certainly be able to find what you are looking for.

You will discover various playlists that you may listen to depending on your emotion on its main page. Its design is quite comfortable and straightforward to go through.

If you need extra energy, need to concentrate, need to unwind, or brighten up, you may utilize them instead of searching for particular genres or songs to help you achieve your goals.

As a bonus, you can also have Youtube clips playing in the background while using other apps but without audio being interrupted until you decide. You may purchase YouTube Music Premium for as little as $10.

4. Funkwhale


Website Download on Google Play

Soundcloud alternatives such as Funkwhale are among the most popular choices when looking for self-hosted and open source options to the popular music streaming service.

You may maintain complete control over your music collection without having to worry about it ever being removed off the platform due to a technical failure. 

For example, unlike Soundcloud, Funkwhale comprises several separate sites or “pods,” each of which allows you to upload your collection to be played to portable devices or shared with the world. 

Funkwhale is a free app similar to Soundcloud, and it provides users with an environment that is free of monitoring and advertisements.

5. Tidal

Tidal App

Website Download on Google Play Download on the App Store 

Because it offers usual sound choices and HiFi quality for a USD 19 monthly fee, Tidal is a fantastic alternative to Soundcloud if audio quality is what you are most concerned about. 

Furthermore, a significant portion of its library has compatibility for official videos. 

You can also choose your playlists from those other platforms and move them to Tidal, which would be a huge benefit when you switch from your current online streaming app and test Tidal without losing any of your existing music. 

On the other side, you will get access to special gatherings with artists and will be able to purchase tickets for their concerts before they are made available to consumers on many occasions.

6. Deezer


Website Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

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Deezer is a fantastic app similar to Soundcloud that provides access to 50 million songs that many can listen to without paying a cent. 

Although the service is designed to be used on a smartphone, you may access it via a web browser, but you will only hear fragments of songs.

The French business provides an excellent music streaming platform that, although not innovative, combines live radio, conventional streaming music, exclusive material, and podcasts to make Deezer a worthwhile consideration. 

As with Soundcloud, you may install Deezer on any device and join up or establish an account from scratch, or you can use your Google or Facebook account to sign up.

The restricted skips, the lack of an offline option, and the lack of lossless audio are just a few of the drawbacks of Deezer’s free edition. Furthermore, the MP3 downloads are compressed, and on non-mobile devices, you can only hear 30-second samples of songs.

However, while Soundcloud provides lyrics, Deezer provides partial lyrics, allowing you to at the very least sing along during your favorite songs on Deezer.

The free Deezer edition is ad-supported. However, you can subscribe to the Premium package at any time to get access to extra song jumps, unlimited streaming on all platforms, complete lyrics, and downloadable listening. 

The Premium plan also includes complete lyrics and asynchronous listening.

7. Amazon Music

Amazon Music

Website Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Amazon has attempted to provide a wide variety of services, including movies, television, and high-end shopping experiences, with varying degrees of success. 

In addition to its other services, Amazon Music has a vast number of songs, podcasts, and unique content only available via Amazon Music.

There will be a few advertisements here and there; however, Amazon provides unlimited skip with a free shuffle and a high-quality audio experience overall. 

Newly updated podcasts are added to the service daily as they expand their collection to allow you to listen to more material for free.

Even though Amazon is free, if you are a Paid Subscriber, you will also receive Amazon Music Prime free, expanding your collection and allowing for higher-quality music. 

Prime Ebooks, Prime Games with Twitch live stream, and a slew of other features are included in the subscription.

However, to download songs on Amazon and enjoy thousands of popular mixes and stations, you must first create a free Amazon account. You are not required to register or provide your payment card information to view the material.

8. Jango


Website Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

If you want to listen to a playlist streaming, Jango is in it to assist you. The software offers access to a huge library of well-curated playlists, each of which is organized by category. 

Simply do a query for any musician or genre to begin your trip down a rabbit hole as deep as you dare.

Choosing from over 800 crafted individual genre tracks, which, unlike Soundcloud, may be skipped with ease, is revealed while browsing playlists. 

Even though you might not have been able to bypass a particular song on the mix, you may build your channel based on your musical heroes and then share it with others.

Jango is accessible worldwide, from an apple version to an Android app, and their webpage also makes their music system available in a wide variety of configurations.

Jango is a similar app to Soundcloud, except for fewer advertisements and a more excellent range of music material. In addition, you may listen to dozens of genre channels or build your channels with the material you like to hear the most.

9. Mixcloud


Website Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Playback streaming on Mixcloud is entirely free, and you may watch a show as many times as you like every two weeks up to three times. 

The starter edition is funded by advertisements and lets you to view tracklists while you listen, and you can simply move ahead in the tracklist.

Thousands of radio programs, DJ mixes, and podcasting are available for free on this audible network. There is something to suit every taste and interest upon the audio-streaming service.

Additionally, you can download Mixcloud on your Apple or Android smartphone to keep records of your favorite tunes, listen to them across multiple platforms, and create playlists.

Moreover, you may post an infinite number of audio programs, create your feeds, and discover and develop a fanbase with the free version. By adhering to the different channels of the artists and musicians whose work you like, you can also actively fund them.

You may listen to radio programs, listen to long-form audio, listen to music mixes, and build your playlists free. 

You shouldn’t have to pay to use or download this free similar app to Soundcloud, and while there isn’t a single song or album to listen to as you would on Soundcloud, you still have access to a database of over 3 million playlists to choose from.

10. Pandora


Website Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Pandora is another famous streaming platform that used to be a market leader but has recently struggled.

The free version of Pandora makes it a viable alternative to SoundCloud for streaming music based on certain artists or tunes you enjoy.

Pandora also offers interesting characteristics like Spotify, which plays music based on past favorites.

Pandora, like SoundCloud, has placed advertisements and requirements to watch ads to change tracks, search for music, and play particular songs.

However, unlike SoundCloud, Pandora has three sound quality choices. You may listen to music at 64Kbps AAC+, 32Kbps, or 192Kbps for MP3 songs if you have a premium membership.

The site limits free and paid users to 250 stations, but premium members may build so many more playlists however they like.

Pandora offers fewer music than SoundCloud (120 million) and other streaming services, and it is exclusively available on iOS and Android.

The service has one of the biggest user bases due to its free edition, and its Audio Genome Project evaluates songs based on many characteristics.

Your favorite songs will be available in either of these 10 Soundcloud alternatives. You may also enjoy the music genres and have a fantastic audio experience.

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