11 Best Golf Handicap Apps for Android and iOS

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Golf Handicap Apps

Golf handicap measures amateur golfer’s potential based on their scores in previous round. Calculating your golf handicap can be bewildering so you may need to download the best golf handicap apps to get the job done.

You have a variety of options when it comes to golf handicap apps for iOS and Android. They offer different features, thus you can choose an app that meets your preferences. Whether you need an app that can act as a GPS tracker or simply want a handicap calculator, find your favorite app below.

Best Golf Handicap Apps for Android and iOS

Calculating golf handicap has never been this easy thanks to useful applications dedicated for amateur golfers. Following are great apps to help you calculate golf handicap and upgrade your golf experience.

1. GHIN Mobile

GHIN Mobile

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The United States Golf Association (USGA) offers a particular service referred to as the GHIN which contains comprehensive information of golf handicap. GHIN Mobile is an official mobile app offering easier access and personalized mobile experience to manage your game.

This app is specifically designed for golfers of a club that uses the GHIN services. It includes a number of key features, such as score history and golfer lookup. Score posting is also available to record your total score and hole by hole score.

Additionally, GHIN Mobile includes stat tracking feature containing driving accuracy, greens in regulation, and also number of putts. And of course, the handicap calculator is the main star you’re looking for. Calculating your golf handicap made easy with GHIN Mobile.

2. Diablo


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Diablo is a popular handicap tracker to help you establish a handicap index. Thanks to full Facebook integration, this free app comes in handy to post your scores, ratings, reviews, and also track friends. You can even recruit new members directly from the contact list.

There are so many things you can do with Diablo. Besides sharing your scores on social platform, you can obtain a Handicap Index by posting 5 scores. It also enables you to join USGA-licensed golf clubs and view your score history.

What’s more, Diablo is a great app to find nearby golf courses thanks to GPS feature. You can choose from 18,000 golf courses in its database and get comprehensive details of golf courses.

The best part is that it ditches the use of handicap card because your scores are saved on their server. Even if you lose your handicap card or leave it at home, simply access Diablo and show up your handicap scores on your smartphone.

3. TheGrint


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TheGrint is an all-in-one golf app designed for every golfer. This tool is USGA compliant and is built with abundant features from GPS rangefinder to golf stats. If you are looking for an app that can act as a virtual caddie then TheGrint is made only for you.

Upon joining, you can get access to a vast golfing community. Once you connect with your golf buddies, you can view their scores and stats with live scoring competitions, upload impressive golf pictures, and brag about your game. It has everything you need to upgrade golf experience.

What’s great about this app is that it features easier point calculation, not to mention your score card is now recorded on your phone. Whether you want to obtain a legit handicap index or analyze your game, this app has got you covered.

4. mScorecard


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mScorecard is an ultimate golf handicap calculator app that brings abundant features to improve your golf experience. It allows you to do many things like tracking scores, greens in regulation, and up-and-downs for five players. Enjoy entering details for scores and shots in a matter of seconds.

This app has the ability to calculate and track your golf handicap automatically based on rounds you’ve played. Plus, it supports a variety of handicap systems adopted in many countries.

In addition to score tracking and handicap calculation, mScorecard stores the full history of the game on your phone. You can also find advanced round statistics, unlimited number of courses, players, and also rounds of the game. Simply post them on the server for easier access on any device.

This powerful app uses your phone’s GPS to view your distance to the golf courses. It also allows you to play famous side games like Skins, Stableford, Eagles, Birdies, and more. If you’re happy with your score, share it with your friends.

5. SwingU


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Trusted by millions, SwingU is a fantastic GPS rangefinder and scorecard app for golfers of all levels. Coming with a boast of incredible accuracy and battery-efficient, this app is made with your satisfaction in mind.

Once downloaded, you can enjoy GPS rangefinder that works well on most golf courses worldwide. It also has digital scorecard which tracks your score and putts. It’s good to know that you will get free handicap after you post scores for 3 rounds.

Are you a newbie in golf? Then you can take all benefits of daily golf instruction tips included in this app. Get daily tips from top instructors and upgrade your golf skills.

What’s great about SwingU is that it is reliable and easy to use. The developer constantly improves new functionality, providing you with a highly functional app to company your games.

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6. Simple Handicap

Simple Handicap

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Are you looking for the best golf handicap apps with a simple design and user-friendly interface? Then Simple Handicap can be your favorite mobile app.

This tool utilizes the World Handicap System, allowing you to calculate your golf handicap effortlessly. It is meticulously designed for amateur golfers who need to learn and record their handicap index independently.

Simple Handicap is free to download and completely easy to use. Simply enter your favorite course, enter 18-hole score, and add round. The app will automatically calculate the golf handicap for you.

7. Golf Handicap Calculator

Golf Handicap Calculator

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This is one of the most comprehensive golf app for finding out your handicap. Thanks to advanced highlights, millions of golf amateurs have trusted their handicap calculation to this mobile app. Although it is neither licensed nor approved by USGA, it can be a good bet.

Golf Handicap Calculator allows you to calculate your handicap using new rules. It supports 9-hole score combination and provides you with thousands of courses. Not to mention you can manually input rating and slope for different courses.

Calculating handicap has never been this easy. Using this tool you can calculate handicap for a particular course and max stroke. It also enables you to keep all the handicaps over time. It’s just getting better as you are allowed to share your handicaps with friends.

What’s more, the Golf Handicap Calculator allows you to connect with friends. You can follow their handicaps and scores and receive push notification when they post new scores.



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MOGC is a simple yet powerful feature to accompany your golf experience. It has everything you need to track golf handicap at most courses worldwide, submit unlimited scorecards, and track your golf handicap progress.

Not only does it act as a handicap calculator, but it also serves as a capable score tracker. The app enables you to track scorecard from all golf courses and supports side games, as well as penalties. And if you wish to track the best achievement, this app has got you covered.

Golf statistic is another feature to find in MOGC. This functionality allows you to check on progress charts, par 3 to par 5 statistics, round statistics, and even weather statistics.

How about connecting with friends? MOGC offers a built-in sharing feature that enables you to share scorecards and statistics and view friend’s handicap. In order to make your game more challenging, create competition with friends and monitor live leaderboard as you play.

9. Golf Handicap Group & League

Golf Handicap Group & League

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This best free golf handicap app is designed to help you manage handicaps for a golf group. The app is not intended for individual golfer but it can be a perfect tool for the manager of a league. Supporting new handicap rules, it ensures your group is USGA compliant.

From the same developer as Golf Handicap Calculator app, this platform allows you to manage golf handicaps of unlimited golfers. It also helps you calculate golf handicaps that comply with the new rules. Plus, it supports thousands of courses with rating and slope.

This group handicap app keeps all of your handicaps over time. The data is saved on your phone, thus you can easily access it anywhere anytime. You can also backup and restore the scores to prevent data loss.

Designed with a simple and attractive interface, using this app will not make you puzzled. Besides, the tools are easy to use and work great enough for a free app.

10. Handicap Tracker

Handicap Tracker

Download on the App Store

Next on the list, there is Handicap Tracker that helps you track and calculate golf handicap with ease. This is a modest app coming with a simple design to promote a better user’s experience. Try this app on your iPhone and upgrade your game.

Handicap Tracker can do a lot of things for you. Handicap calculator is the main star, allowing you to easily calculate golf handicap based on USGA WHS formula. It supports most golf courses worldwide so you can break the boundaries and hone your skills.

Besides, Handicap Tracker is made to simplify your tracking job. This tool tracks your progress over time and save the data on your phone, such as course name, date, rating, slope, score, and differential. Whenever you need it, launch the app and show the information.

Handicap Tracker is available for free for iPhone. Although it isn’t affiliated with USGA, it allows you to find out approximate golf handicaps for personal use.

11. MyScoreCard


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MyScoreCard is an ultimate app built to track your golf handicap and scores online. It includes everything you need for tracking your game, from USGA compliant handicap indexes to performance report.

You’re gonna love what MyScoreCard includes. It tracks total score, hole by hole, and stroke by stroke. It also allows you to see your golf handicap and even score to shoot for the upcoming round. Plus, you can track more than 40 pro stats using this handy tool.

Try to enter your hole by hole score and MyScoreCard will automatically calculate your stats. Whenever you need to track your friends in the club, this app gets the job done. See their recent achievements and scores and compare with yours.

There are many other features to find in MyScoreCard, such as round history, thousands of course database, and easy access to your account. Best of all, this golf app is free to download.

The best golf handicap apps are built to enhance your golf experience. Get rid of the hassle of manual calculation and enjoy these apps for automatic handicaps calculation.

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