13 Best Prank Call Apps for Android and iOS

by Emily Barrow

Best Prank Call Apps

Pranks never get old but some tricks can be boring over time. Whooping cushions might be hilarious few decades ago but it’s no longer impressive in recent days. If you’re in a mood to fool your family or friends, the best prank call apps can invite a good laugh.

Prank calling apps allow you to make a fake phone call. You can either change your voice or act as someone else like a celebrity or the police. This trick is completely easy to prepare, not to mention it always works well to convince your prey.

Best Prank Call Apps for Android and iOS

There are oodles of prank calling apps available on Google Play Store and the App Store. In fact, not all of them work well for practical jokes. If you need help finding the best one, here we’ve put together top-rated prank call apps to fool around.

1. JokesPhone


Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

JokesPhone is possibly the most used prank call app worldwide. With over 10M+ downloads, it comes packed with a large collection of pranks in different languages.

Using this app you choose a prank-call scenario and a friend. You have 2 minutes to get him/her to fall for your joke and get ready to laugh. It also has a built-in share button that enables you to share jokes via social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat.

What’s great about JokesPhone is that it offers free pranks. You will get a free prank with the download and another free prank when you log in using Facebook.

2. MagicCall


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From its name, you know what this app can do—a magic call. It lets you experience a different calling thanks to unique features brought to your table. MagicCall highlights real time voice changer that allows you to change voice during the call. You can use either female voice, kid voice, or even cartoon voice.

MagicCall doesn’t let you ruin your pranks. It has a test feature that enables you to test your voice prior to calling. Your family or friends will not know that they fall for your practical jokes.

Another good thing about this app is that you can play sound emoticons during the call. Try out sounds of kiss or claps to surprise someone over the line.

This is a new way to practice jokes on someone. With easy and quick preparation, you can practice a convincing call your friends find it’s difficult not to fall for the trick. Prepare your scenario, choose a friend and have fun! 

3. Ownage Pranks

Ownage Pranks

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Developed by Ownage Labs, this prank call app has become a favorite tool to make practical jokes. You can find a voice changer feature that enables you to make a call using a fake voice. Each call made using this app is convincing, thus nobody will realize your pranks.

How to use this hilarious prank caller app is simple. Once installed on your device, choose a prank from the library. Select a contact you want to prank call and choose to send. This app will do the magic trick for you.

Ownage Pranks highlights dozens of prank call and jokes to select. All pranks found in this app are recorded by pro voice actors so your family or friends are more unlikely to realize it. With new pranks added daily, you will never run out of tricks.

Do you want to hear the prank call again? Ownage Prank is packed with My Pranks feature that saves prank recordings you have made. Simply access this feature and hear your pranks anytime anywhere. 

4. Fake Call by GameAndro

Fake Call by GameAndro

Download on Google Play

This particular prank call app is designed to simulate an incoming call. Unlike most prank call apps that provide you with pre-loaded prank scenarios and voice changers, this tool requires your courage and prank skills to fool someone.

Fake Call is incredibly easy to use. Simply tap call now to start a call or choose schedule if you want to set a timer. You can also set a caller name, caller number, and choose a caller picture to make it more convincing.

What’s more, this best prank phone call app is added with a recorder. This feature is especially useful if you’re too shy in that it enables you to record a voice for the caller. Thus, you don’t need to speak by yourself.

With more than 50M+ downloads on Google Play Store, Fake Call is undoubtedly a cool prank call tool for practicing jokes on your family or friends.

5. Fake Call

Fake Call

Download on Google Play

Fake Call is a great app to give yourself a prank call. Whether you need to get out of an awkward situation or prank friends, this app has everything you need to get the mission done.

The free app is loaded with features, such as a scheduler that enables you to schedule the incoming call, customized incoming screen, and custom character. You can either choose mom, the police, or even pizza to prank call you.

Adding a caller picture will make your fake call more hilarious. Besides, it lets you record a caller voice that will be played automatically once the call is lifted. Plus, this app supports multiple language to help you eliminate language barriers. 

Overall, Fake Call offers a new way to make a perfect joke. Imagine your family’s or friends’ face when you get the fake call from public figure. There are endless ideas to try out. 

6. Fake Call Police

Fake Call Police

Download on Google Play

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Fake Call Police is another cool prank call app you shouldn’t skip. See how your family or friends react when you receive a fake call from the police. With the ability to set caller number and caller name, it’s difficult not to fall for the trick.

This app is basically a simulation tool that provides you with a simulated incoming call. Show others that you receive a call from the police and enjoy a good laugh eventually. This prank never gets old and it always works well to get a gut-wrenching feeling.

As one of the best prank call apps, Fake Call Police has a lot of features to level up your pranks. In order to set up a fake incoming call, you can set a schedule, select a real voice, and customize the character from your gallery.

But don’t worry. This app is completely safe and trouble-free in that it doesn’t have the ability to make a real call.

7. BTS Call

BTS Call

Download on Google Play

BTS is taking over the whole world. If your friends are avid Army (name for BTS fans), BTS Call could be the perfect app to fool them. This is a fake video call prank app that allows you to simulate a video call from BTS members.

See your friends’ face when you get a call from RM, J-Hope, Suga, or V. Featuring exclusive pictures, you can capture the screenshot, share with your friends, and make them jealous. This cool app takes prank to a new level.

What’s great about BTS Call is that it allows you to choose a BTS member to call. Featuring a user-friendly interface, you can use this app effortlessly.

Do you wish to enjoy a better experience when using this app? Get connected to a stable internet connection or Wi-Fi and enjoy seamless fake video call.

8. Prank Caller

Prank Caller

Download on the App Store

Featuring a large selection of scenarios, Prank Caller can be your powerful weapon to prank call your loved ones. Simply choose a scripted prank, enter a target’s number, and make a fake call. Your friends will not know it is unreal and you can listen to the call.

Using this app you can experience hilarious results with different friends. With tons of scenarios available, it makes sense to choose a scenario that will work best for the target. It’s just getting better as you can save the reactions.

Thanks to built-in recorder, you can record the result while listening live. Share the results with your friends and laugh out loud.

9. PrankDial


Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

PrankDial has been trusted by million pranksters worldwide. This prank call app has sent lots of laughs globally thanks to different scenarios it offers. Tons of prank call scenarios are included into the app’s library, allowing you to pick one that fits the target.

New features have been added to Prank Dial, such as new prank scenarios and improved user interface. Save your prank calls to call history and share with your friends. You can also add comment on your favorite calls.

What’s great about PrankDial is that you can customize names, places, and other specific information. Your friends will not know it is a fake prank call they fall for.

Just as with most prank call apps, PrankDial is completely easy to use. Choose a scenario, select a friend, and make the prank call. Listen live and record to share with your friends.

10. Pranky


Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

How will your friend react when someone calls him due to sex noises he always makes every night? Or will you friend get shocked when he receives a confirmation call from a five star hotel he never booked? You’ll never know the reaction before you try this app.

Yup, Pranky is a prank call numbers app to make jokes on someone. It has a vast collection of prank call scenarios your friends never expect. All you have to do is choose a scenario, select a recipient, and send prank call.

Plus, Pranky enables you to share the hilarious results with your loved ones. Save and share reactions using WhatsApp or social platforms.

11. Call Voice Changer

Call Voice Changer

Download on the App Store

Call Voice Changer is a hilarious app to create funny sound effects during a call. This tool has been used widely to fool someone during prank calls and now it may be your turn.

Having fun with your loved ones over phone calls has never been this easy. Using this app you can change voice in real time or add wacky sound effects. You can make your voice deep, creepy, or high only with a touch of a button.

12. Prank Call App

Prank Call App

Download on the App Store

Designed for iPhone and iPad, Prank Call App is a fantastic tool to invite non-stop laughter. It allows you to simulate an incoming call from anyone including celebrities and even the president.

If you want a more realistic call, simply add recordings of distinct scenarios. Lift the call in front of your friends or family and see how they react.

Using this app, you can easily set the caller’s name, add photo, and choose phone type. It also comes with a countdown timer to make your prank call more convincing.

13. FunCall


Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Are you in the mood for a good laugh? Say no more. Download FunCall and make fun with your friends. This prank call app lets you change your voice over the line, from funny and high to deep and scary.

Using FunCall is so much easy. Enter the recipient’s number and choose a country. Pick a sound you desire and change your voice after the call is answered.

This app won’t let you miss the hilarious moments as you can record the calls and replay it whenever you want. You can even share and download it with your friends.

Long has gone the days of sticking notes or exploding pepper shaker. Pranks are going digital and the best prank call apps define your way to make practical jokes on someone. Which prank call app do you like the most?

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