9 Best Gumroad Alternatives and Similar Sites

by Haya Barnard

Best Gumroad Alternatives

While selling your products digitally is a good idea to make money nowadays, you still need a platform to accommodate your needs. While Gumroad is quite popular, some Gumroad alternatives may also interest you.

About Gumroad

About Gumroad

Well, Gumroad is an easy-to-use platform used by lots of sellers around the world. If all you need is to make money online by selling products, this app might be suitable.

Until today, many artists, designers, bloggers, and other creators have been using this app. However, you may want to check out some Gumroad alternative app options, considering this app is not the best you may find out there.

Gumroad, indeed, is an affordable option for professionals. You can also design the landing page and use various payment terms. However, besides all benefits, some drawbacks also arise. Some users reported some issues, such as:

  • There is no live support. Any complaint is delivered through email.
  • The panels are sluggish, which takes about 20 seconds to fully load the admin tab.
  • Other than that, the date format is inconsistent while the app is lacking in the A/B split test.
  • If you upload a video on your page, many users will find the sound didn’t work.
  • Limited options for tracking and reports.
  • There is no free trial.
  • All features of the seller panel are only available on the desktop version.

After reading several points above, you should try some Gumroad better alternative options. The good news is that there are tons of options out there. You can even find some Gumroad alternatives free too.

The Best Gumroad Alternatives

As mentioned earlier, there are tons of options you can try out there. Some of them come with a free trial plan, no transaction fees, and many other things, but some other features may also require you to reconsider.

For what it’s worth, always weigh the pros and cons before deciding on a certain platform. And here are the best alternatives of Gumroad.

1. SendOwl


According to Gumroad alternatives on Reddit, SendOwl is worth considering on many levels. This is what you need to sell your products digitally hassle-free. So, how does SendOwl work?

One of the best things that make this program better than Gumroad is its free trial options. Other than that, it comes with a shipping cart, one-click upsells, and services selling. When your customers check out the chart, the pages will use their native language.

Another feature that would make you love SendOwl more is the cart abandonment. Sellers have the chance to remarket their products to those who didn’t make it to check out their carts.

Selling products on every social media platform, as well as email, blogs, and websites is possible. Those emails are customizable at your convenience level.

SendOwl offers three different plans, depending on the subscription and number of products. The plan starts from USD 15. Even though the pricing might be a bit higher than Gumroad, SendOwl comes with a free trial plan and doesn’t require transaction fees at all


  • No transaction fees.
  • Affordable pricing depends on the seller’s needs.
  • Bump upsells and offers.


  • No A/B split testing.
  • Live chat support is not available.

So, is SendOwl safe? Of course, it is safe. As long as you follow the terms of use, your shop will be fine. This app is an excellent alternative for those who look for a substitution for Gumroad.

2. Sellfy


If you are looking for an e-commerce platform as one of the best alternatives to Gumroad, Sellfy is worth taking a look at.

Since this one is an e-commerce platform, you don’t need to make a website to sell your products. Even if you already have one, you can embed your Sellfy cart.

One of the best things about this app is its language support. It comes in multiple languages depending on the location of your customers. Other than that, it has a built-in email marketing feature that you can manage effortlessly.

However, the newsletter feature is only available for business and premium plans. Sellfy offers three different plans, starting from USD 29 per month. Even though it has no transactional fees, sellers need to pay the processing fee.


  • Everything is customizable.
  • Transaction fees are free.
  • Thorough reports.
  • Sellers can customize the domain and branding.


  • If your sales are exceeded, you need to pay an extra charge.
  • Limited payment options.

3. PayKickStart


If you are looking for a powerful checkout platform, PayKickStart is a good choice as well. It comes with affiliate management so that your products, services, and memberships can sell as quickly as possible.

This platform also provides one-click upsells, order bumps, and coupon codes to maximize your conversion rates. Other than that, its auto-complete feature will help your consumers to fill the address with no hassle.

PayKickStart has a free trial plan for 14 days. Later, you can extend the plan starting from USD 29 per month. Of course, some limitations may apply and you are welcome to check out its official page. Also, all plans don’t require any transaction fee.


  • PayKickStart has free and paid trial plans.
  • No transaction fee is required.
  • Sellers can sell as many products as possible.
  • API integration and webhooks are available.


  • Lack of A/B testing.
  • Doesn’t support crypto payment.
  • The UI is very basic.

4. Podia


The next name on the list of the best Gumroad alternatives is Podia. This online platform allows users to sell online courses, products, and memberships effortlessly.

Just like any other checkout platform, you can put your pages on Podia to your website. Meanwhile, Podia allows users to make bundles and upsells to earn more.

Another interesting feature of Podia is its video hosting for those who sell online courses. It comes with unlimited hosting and bandwidth which is more than exciting to utilize.

Meanwhile, if you are a blogger and want to reach a wider audience, this platform allows you to customize landing pages and blog posts too. Everything is customizable in many ways.

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If you are not sure whether or not to use this platform, there is a 14-days free trial plan to use. Later, you can upgrade the plan into Mover Plan (USD 38) or Shaker Plan (USD 79). Of course, you must use the paid plan to enjoy all marketing features provided by Podia.

Even though there is no transaction fee charged to you, the payment processor may require you to pay an extra fee.


  • A free trial plan is available.
  • Doesn’t charge you any transaction fee.
  • Various marketing features.
  • Robust built-in marketing.


  • No CSS customized.
  • The email system is extremely basic.

5. SamCart


It comes with various features, which have been through A/B testing in the first place. However, this one is a cloud-based platform.

Compared to other checkout platforms, SamCart offers lots of better features about marketing automation. Another interesting feature is that you can integrate and connect your SamCart page with other automation tools, such as Hubspot, Ontraport, Infusionsoft, and Active Campaign.

This platform also comes with cart abandonment and excellent affiliate marketing. It comes with a 14-days free trial and the paid plan starts from USD 49 per month. However, you must go with the highest plan to enjoy all the useful features from SamCart.


  • Comes with a free trial plan.
  • No transaction fees.
  • You can utilize webhook integration with a specific plan.


  • Coming with only PayPal and Stripe integrations.
  • You have to count your tax manually.

6. ThriveCart


Meanwhile, if you are an entrepreneur who looks for a site like Gumroad, ThriveCart has lots to offer. Some features offered by this platform, such as A/B testing, coupons, webhooks, and many more, will increase your conversion rate and make more money.

You can sell products, memberships, and services, while its marketing features will promote what you sell. This platform comes with seamless integrations with various providers of email marketing, payment choices, and funnel builders.

Meanwhile, you can utilize ThriveCart’s built-in sales tax calculator to ease your work. You can enjoy all the features by paying a subscription starting from USD 95 a month.


  • Lots of integration options.
  • Thorough report analysis with useful filters.
  • User-friendly UI that comes with a fun design.
  • You won’t be charged a transaction fee.
  • The A/B split testing comes as an advanced.
  • A built-in tax calculator is available.


  • Limited options for customization.
  • Templates are limited too.
  • The plan is higher than other checkout platforms.

7. CartFlows


So, what are other alternatives to Gumroad that support higher conversion and profits? Well, CartFlows is the name you must check out then.

To create the checkout page, you just need to utilize your WordPress hosting and WooCommerce. Meanwhile, you can utilize and customize the funnel templates to increase the conversion. Before making finalization, the A/B split test is available to try.

To boost your sales, upsells and downsells are available in unlimited numbers. At some point, you need to analyze and track your business progress. The menu is available within the dashboard. This feature is very useful, especially to check the strongest and weakest sides of your shop.

You can try its free plan but the features are limited. However, if you are up for paying an annual subscription of USD 299, you can enjoy everything in it.


  • If you are using a page builder, CartFlows is compatible with it.
  • No limitation in the number of upsells and downsells.
  • Cart abandonment feature.
  • Global check-out is available.


  • No A/B split testing.
  • You won’t get any benefits by using the free plan.

8. Selz


Selz is also one of Gumroad competitors. As an e-commerce platform, users can start a business and grow it through their online presence. Many users refer to this site when it comes to substitution for Gumroad.

Besides creating your online store, you can also use your existing website or blog as well as sell directly from other social media platforms. Other than selling digital products, Selz allows users to sell physical products and also services.

To use this platform, you need to pay a subscription fee and extra charges for credit card payment. However, as your level gets up and up, the fee might be lower.


  • Selz is one of the e-commerce platforms that provide a simple yet user-friendly UI.
  • It supports multi-channel platforms so that you can add the “buy now” button to your website or social media.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and hosting for digital sellers.


  • You need to pay extra charges for credit card payments.
  • Even the paid plan is not the best compared to other platforms on this list.

9. PayHip


When it comes to the best free alternatives to Gumroad, PayHip might not be the best choice. However, you will find some features useful for your business.

This platform markets itself as “an e-commerce solution”. You can integrate this site into your website so that you can maximize selling both digital and physical items.

You can set up your product pages according to your style and brand. Other than that, the app is lightweight even though some features are missing, compared to other names on this list.


  • Starting is free.
  • The commission rate is low.
  • User-friendly and interesting UX.
  • The site provides copyright protection for any pictures you’ve uploaded.
  • The affiliate system is good.


  • However, customer support is not the best. You will most likely wait for them to return your call.
  • Not many features.

Bottom Line

So, how popular is Gumroad? Well, this site is highly popular among sellers and entrepreneurs who plan to sell their items globally, even though this one is not the best.

Deciding on which one to pick might be a bit complicated, but the explanation above is quite helpful, after all. When it comes to the most affordable option, SendOwl is undoubtedly the one you can pick.

However, if you need more advanced features about marketing, ThriveCart is the best one. Yet, Podia is a good pick if ThriveCart is not affordable for you.

And this is anything you need to know about Gumroad alternatives. Be sure to pick the one that serves your purpose in the first place!

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