13 Best Sites / Apps Like Depop for Android and iOS

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Sites and Apps Like Depop

Depop has been a renowned marketplace for discovering and selling unique fashion. With a boast of vast listings from 18M users worldwide, finding your favorite sneakers or streetwear won’t be a big deal. Despite all the good things it has, you may need to give a try some other sites and apps like Depop.

As alternatives to Depop, these sites and apps allow you to buy and sell things from preloved stuff to vintage fashion. They have similar functionality to Depop so you will be able to compare prices between sites and apps and get the best deal. Check this out for more!

13 Sites and Apps Like Depop for Android and iOS

The following trading apps are sifted through hundreds of choices available on the market. They have good ratings and offer easy-to-use features to help you discover favorite stuff from smartphone. Best of all, they are free to download.

1. Wallapop


Website / Download For Android / Download for iOS

Wallapop is a virtual flea market to buy and sell items in your local area. If you have unused electronics, clothes, sport equipment, or even furniture, simply take a picture then list in on your Wallapop. Buyers in your neighborhood can easily find it so you can make money from it.

Using this app, you don’t necessarily need to pay for delivery charges or wait time. It also has vast listings from various categories that allow you to find great stuff. Additionally, it has a built-in filter that enables you to find any stuff in a matter of second.

This one of free apps like Depop has got more than 10 million installs on Google Play Store alone. If you wish to boost your business, Wallapop Pro is available to download.

2. Etsy


Website / Download For Android / Download for iOS

Go for Etsy and get unique, handmade goods of your favorite. The shopping app gives you access to a creative marketplace that offers millions of custom items. Whether you need to buy a gift for a friend or family, Etsy always has a surprise for you.

With this app, it is incredibly easy to discover unique items like handcrafted jewelry, customized furniture, or vintage goods. You can save your favorite items and discover more goods later. On top of that, Etsy lets you know when your favorite shop has new items.

Buying stuff on Etsy is completely secure. Featuring a range of payment options, you can easily choose a payment method you would like to use. It also supports order tracking to let you know when your order is on the way.

3. Carousell


Website / Download For Android / Download for iOS

Carousell is another app similar to Depop with millions of users. The community marketplace in Southeast Asia lets anyone buy and sell everything from electronics, beauty products, fashion, to luxury goods. If you have nice preloved items to sell, Carousell helps find a new home for your stuff.

The free app has abundant features to improve your buying and selling experience. As a buyer, you can chat with sellers and get any information you need about the stuff. And if you are a seller, Carousell offers a quick and seamless setup from a mobile phone.

Is it safe to make a purchase in Carousell? Yes, thanks to Carousell Protection that promotes safer transactions.

4. VarageSale


Website / Download For Android / Download for iOS

Bring garage sale to your smartphone with Varage Sale. It offers a great way to buy and sell used items, thanks to real identify and manual review process before you buy or sell. You can quickly find ratings and response time of sellers and easily decide where you should go.

On top of that, it has filter that allows you to browse listings and find items in a few seconds. VarageSale could be the best place to find a wide range of stuff like household items, jewelry, electronics, fashion, and even baby gear.

Do you have preloved items to sell? Making money with VarageSale is completely easy and simple. Take a photo of your items, list it, and wait for buyers to find it. With this application on your smartphone, you can skip yard sales and sell things easily.

5. Shpock


Website / Download For Android / Download for iOS

Shpock is one of sites and apps like Depop for selling and discovering secondhand items. This marketplace is where millions of buyers and sellers meet and make transactions. Even if you are not interested in preloved items, Shpock has new items to purchase.

There are so many things to do on Shpock. If you have attractive stuff to sell, you can start a shop and get customers. It allows you to list items in seconds and share ads on social media to boost your sales. Or if you are a buyer, this app has a wide array of things to find from streetwear to furniture.

This application features Shpock Wallet that allows secure in-app payment. It also provides extra protection for buyer and seller, thanks to Buyer Protection and Payment Guarantees that give some peace of mind when using the app.

6. StockX


Website / Download For Android / Download for iOS

If you are looking for authentic sneakers, streetwear, or collectibles, StockX has got you covered. This app offers the fastest and safest way to discover a range of authentic items from handbags to watches and electronics. Featuring expert authenticator, every product is 100% legit.

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StockX works a bit differently from Depop but it is still a great app to find stuff. It functions like a stock market where you can place asks so buyers can place bids. When both of them meet, sale is executed. Items will be sent to StockX for verification by the expert team.

StockX allows you to buy with no doubt. Featuring real-time market pricing, you can easily set your budget for every product. Best of all, it enables you to set the price you want to pay.

7. Melltoo


Website / Download For Android / Download for iOS

When you declutter your closet, you may find nice yet unused items. Don’t throw it away! Download Meltoo and earn some money by finding a new home for your stuff. This is a cool app to buy and sell preloved items that offer similar functions to Depop.

In this marketplace, you can skip scams and untrusted sellers because they collect and deliver items safely. It offers a win-win solution for sellers and buyers, as well as becoming a great place for preloved stuff from electronics to fashion and auto accessories.

Whether you want to be a seller or buyer, Melltoo is one of the best sites like Depop to give a try. It maintains a secure environment for both parties to make transactions, find things, and earn money.

8. Popsy


Website / Download For Android / Download for iOS

For a fast, safe, and free online shopping app, Popsy is a name to mention. This application offers access to buy and sell an extensive range of used items like electronics, clothes, and home furniture. With this app you will find amazing deals or make money without hassle.

Forget tedious yard sale and move to Popsy. Selling preloved items becomes completely easy. Simply take a picture of your items and it’s done. Your unused stuff will be on sale instantly. Best of all, it is 100% free because Popsy doesn’t charge transaction fees.

And if you are a buyer, this app offers money back guarantee if your item isn’t as described. Find great prices with up to 70% off for your favorite products and get incredible deals ever! You can also enjoy easier search with Navigation and Quick Search feature.

9. Vestiaire


Website / Download For Android / Download for iOS

Vestiaire could be the best place to buy and sell preloved designer fashion. This is home to carefully curated watches, shoes, sneakers, and other designer products from world’s best brands like Celine, Gucci, Dior, Rolex, and Louis Vuitton.

The application offers direct access to a large collection of unique pre-owned clothing and accessories. Every product must pass quality check from expert team to make sure you get the best item with the best deal. Plus, it features search tools to help you find items quickly.

Vestiaire is also a convenient marketplace for seller to earn money from products they no longer wear. All you need to do is submitting an item for sale and let buyers find it. When a buyer purchase it, the stuff will be checked and sent to the buyer and your payment will be transferred to your bank account.

10. Swapit


Download For Android / Download for iOS

Swapit is another app like Depop to trade secondhand items. With a simple and friendly interface this application allows you to sell or buy products instantly. Whether you want to be a buyer or seller, Swapit has a complete set of features to redefine your shopping experience.

If you are a seller, snap and post your products so buyers nearby can find it. Listing an item is as easy as posting on your Instagram since it only needs 30 seconds. There is also a seamless chat feature that allows you to connect to buyers.

And if you are a buyer, Swapit enables you to track the location of the item. You can also negotiate prices for the best deal. Don’t forget to view buyer’s profile so you can avoid untrusted sellers.

11. OFFERit


Website / Download For Android / Download for iOS

Earning money from preloved items is brilliantly simple with OFFERit. This app allows you to enjoy selling or buying used items in your neighborhood. Best of all, you can find favorite products from home furniture to kid’s stuff with the best deal.

How it works is pretty simple. Buyers snap items and post them. Prospective buyers find it and discuss the price with the seller. Once they meet the best deal, transaction happens and everyone wins.

There are so many features to find in this app. It highlights Reputation that works like ratings so you can check if the buyer is trusted. There is also a chat feature that helps users make the best deals.

12. thredUP


Website / Download For Android / Download for iOS

thredUP is popular among iOS users for it offers a great way to thrift. This app focuses on women’s and kid’s fashion, giving you access to more than 35,000 top brands from Zara to Gucci.

You don’t necessarily need to break your savings for clothes. thredUP offers up to 90% off on high quality accessories, kids’ clothes, and womenswear. Or if you have preloved items, this app allows you to sell and earn some money.

13. Poshmark


Website / Download For Android / Download for iOS

Finding good things during spring cleaning? Make extra money by listing them on Poshmark. This virtual marketplace is a great place to buy and sell secondhand stuff like clothing, home furniture, and more.

Poshmark offers incredible prices for whatever you are looking for. With more than 200M new and preloved items for sale, you can easily find amazing deals from your smartphone.

There are so many sites and apps like Depop to trade secondhand items. Whether you need to make extra cash or get rid of preloved goods, these sites and apps help achieve your goals.

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