13 Best Lux / Light Meter Apps for Android and iOS

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Lux / Light Meter Apps

Light meter is essential for measuring light for different purposes, such as capturing photos, growing plants, and more. While purchasing a stand-alone light meter device can cost a huge amount of money, it is possible to transform your smartphone into a light meter by downloading the best lux / light meter app.

If you are a photographer, having light meter apps on your smartphone helps create properly lighted images. And if you are seeking reliable tools to read the amount of light, you’ve been on the right page. We have gathered the best apps to download on your mobile device.

13 Best Lux / Light Meter Apps for Beginners and Pro

Whether you are a photographer or plant hobbyist who needs to know light intensity in a specific place, there is a list of light meter apps to give a try. The following apps are loaded with features to measure light intensity accurately. Check this out!

1. Light Meter Free

Light Meter Free

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

As one of the best free light meter apps for Android and iOS, Light Meter Free by WBPhoto makes a suitable choice for photography. This tool uses spot metering from your device’s camera and light sensor for measuring light intensity. As a result, it provides you with accurate light measurement.

Any type of camera that you use, Light Meter Free app could be an ideal option. It helps you produce high quality captures for different purposes including cinematography and pinhole. As with its light meter app counterparts, this tool is quite simple to use and lightweight.

When it comes to features, this app includes reciprocity calculator and exposure convert. You can also take advantages from its color temperature meter for easier color adjustment and depth of field calculator. Don’t forget that Light Meter also has a reliable EXIF reader.

2. Lux Light Meter Free

Lux Light Meter Free

Download on Google Play

Developed by Doggo Apps, this free tool comes packed with abundant features for light measurement. It delivers a simple and beautiful design to ensure users with any level of skills can use it without putting extra effort.

This app includes lux & foot-candle units that can be adjusted as preferred. Easily measure proper brightness level according to the situation, be it minimum, average, or maximum. Adjusted measurement can also be stored in memory to recall later.

Lux Light Meter is suitable for any purpose. Whether you are a photographer who needs to adjust light intensity before capturing photos, a flower hobbyist who wants to set up appropriate lighting level for plants, or a worker who plans to install solar panels, this app has got you covered.

3. Lux Meter

Lux Meter

Download on Google Play

Lux Meter is a simple light meter that would be enough to help measure light intensity. It comes with standard features for measuring light both foot candle and lux by using the sensor embedded in your Android device. Once installed, you will be able to find out light intensity of any places.

This modest light meter app allows you to calibrate the device with the multiplier. Besides, it also shows different light intensity values from minimum, maximum, and average. This is how you can easily measure the intensity of light accurately.

This tool has a nice design with dark background and easy-to-read graphics. Built-in Settings button allows you to adjust settings to meet your preferences. Best of all, this app is free to download and completely lightweight so it doesn’t consume a lot of resources.

4. Smart Luxmeter

Smart Luxmeter

Download on Google Play

Transforming your mobile device into a lux meter is simple with Smart Luxmeter. It helps save a lot of money on physical tool as it is loaded with capable features to measure light accurately. How to use this app is super simple—point your smartphone to the light source and wait for a while.

It comes packed with a number of features like calibration and different values from minimum to maximum and average. It also has a chart that tracks light intensity from the source. And, it includes pause, play, and refresh button so controlling this app comes very easy.

This top-rated app on Google Play Store has been trusted by thousands of users worldwide. Whether you are a photographer, construction worker, or plant hobbyist, having this app on your device helps measure the value of light.

5. Light Meter by David Quiles

Light Meter by David Quiles

Download on Google Play

Old school photographers with analog camera must have this light-meter app. Since most analog cameras are not equipped with built-in light meter, it comes in handy to support your activities and produce high quality captures.

A number of features make it suitable for amateur and advanced photographers. Not only does it support a wide range of ISO from 3 to 6400, this app features reflected light metering with camera as well as incident light metering with light sensor.

Whenever you take a picture in a low light area, Light Meter app will send you alert. It also supports calibration, vibration on hold/measure, and alternative ISO selector. But if you are looking for a free app, this one might not be a good choice for you.

6. Photometer


Download on Google Play

Photometer is a free application loaded with professional tools to measure light intensity. Once installed, point your device into the light source and it will measure the incoming illumination in the surrounding area. It’s super easy and simple to use.

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In addition to easy to use features, Photometer is designed with a modest interface for a better user experience. And if you need to improve the app with new features, Pro version is available to purchase. It has extra functionalities such as no ads and multiple language supports.

Featuring lux and foot-candle units, this best light meter app offers high accuracy measurement. Calibration and full light sensor information also plays a role in improving this app’s usability. Overall, Photometer Pro is a great tool for photographer to support their works.

7. Light Meter by WonderTech Studio

Light Meter by WonderTech Studio

Download on Google Play

With high ratings on Google Play Store, this light meter app is a great tool to help you with light measurement. User-friendly design and modern interface make it one of the best applications for Android devices. Not only does it measure light intensity, it can also show light value in real time.

Using the phone’s light sensor, it delivers accurate and precise measurement. However, it depends on the quality of the light sensor in your smartphone. Whether you are a photographer or engineer who needs to check if the light is good, Light Meter is worth the thought.

If you have never used similar app previously, WonderTech Studio makes it easier for you. Thanks to brief and clear instructions that help you understand how to use this app. Best of all, this app is completely free and lightweight.

8. Illuminance Lux Meter

Illuminance Lux Meter

Download on Google Play

Illuminance Lux Meter comes in handy to measure the intensity of light. This app utilizes the light sensor of your device to determine the illumination value and shows it in readable information. The lux meter can be used for various purposes, including photographers who need to test light condition.

While some light meter apps don’t measure accurately, Illuminance Lux Meter provides accurate measurements. On this tool you can find several features: full sensor calibration, photovoltaic module, and various brightness values. It also supports lux and foot-candle units.

If you want to share measurement result, Illuminance Lux Meter has a built-in share feature that allows you to share and export measurement. Whether you need to measure indoor or outdoor or simply test flashlights, this app is surely for you.

9. Lux & Kelvin

Lux & Kelvin

Download on Google Play

Lux & Kelvin is a professional light meter application with the ability to measure the intensity of illumination in lux. Featuring easy reading in foot candles and lux, it allows easy light measurement and color temperature in degrees.

This app uses your device’s sensor to function. The measurement accuracy heavily depends on the quality of your phone’s sensor so you’ll need to make sure the device is equipped with a high quality light sensor.

10. Pocket Light Meter

Pocket Light Meter

Download on the App Store

Are you seeking a light meter that is always available in your pocket? Pocket Light Meter could be the best bet. This application easily transforms your iOS device into a portable tool to measure the intensity of light wherever you go.

How to use this app is pretty simple. Point your camera to a specific place where you want to measure the illumination. It will show information about the image including date and time, exposure, and ISO. That’s how you can easily find out the light intensity.

On top of that, this best lux meter app enables you to add notes to logged images. You can also save it to the phone gallery or upload to Dropbox.

11. Lux by Avicora

Lux by Avicora

Download on the App Store

Do you need a professional light meter without spending a dime? Lux by Avicora is a free app to turn your iOS devices into a portable light meter for photography. This app utilizes the phone’s camera so you are able to measure incoming light.

Lux highlights live preview featuring tap-to-focus that enables you to match the image as shown on your iPhone or iPad screen. Not only does it offer accurate measurement, it is also fast to meter data from camera sensor.

There are many other features to find on this app, including on-screen controls and different stop options such as half stops, full stops, and third stops. It also delivers a simple design that offers a better experience.

12. Lux Light Meter Pro

Lux Light Meter Pro

Download on the App Store

With 4.1 ratings on the App Store, Lux Light Meter Pro is a great app for measuring, adjusting, and comparing lighting levels in any environment, either indoor or outdoor. This app uses multiple sensor in your device and gathers the data at a few clicks.

This app is super convenient for photographers who need to adjust their camera for properly captured images. With this app installed on your device, you don’t have to purchase expensive equipment. Lux Light Meter is also suitable for plant hobbyist, engineers, and much more.

13. Lumu Light Meter

Lumu Light Meter

Download on the App Store

As with its light meter counterparts, Lumu allows you to measure the intensity of light.  It also has the ability to measure flash and color temperature when combined with Lumu Power hardware. When you are a photographer, this app is all you need to capture images with perfect lighting.

This app is easy to use, thanks to digital incident color that works seamlessly. Whenever you need a light meter, Lumu comes in handy to help you meter illumination and deliver. It is suitable not only for photographers but also researchers, teachers, students, and much more. But, if you want to use all features from this app, you need to buy its Lumu Light Meter device.

Finding the best lux / light meter apps could be tricky but the list above makes everything easier for you. These apps enable you to measure the intensity of light without putting extra effort. Whether you need to grow plants or capture the best photos, you know which apps to use.

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