12 Best Locanto Alternatives and Similar Sites

by Deniz

Best Locanto Alternatives

Promoting products/services in online media is a must to make them widely known and the best way to reach out to prospective buyers. One of the popular sites for that purpose is Locanto which has more than 2 million visitors monthly. However, if you want to reach out more potential buyers, you must use these 14 best Locanto alternatives.

Best Locanto Alternative Websites

Currently, there are many sites that offer classified ads for their products and services. Here are some of the best sites like Locanto that you can choose from.

1. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is arguably the largest classifieds platform today and it is available in almost all countries in the world. You can post various products on Facebook Marketplace with various categories available, such as vehicles, homes, beauty products, and others.

The most interesting thing about Facebook Marketplace is that you can use Facebook Ads to reach more potential buyers of your products. Just so you know, Facebook ads are one of the most famous online advertising platforms in the world apart from Google Ads.

Facebook Marketplace is also very pampering potential buyers of your products with various features provided, such as buyers can choose products based on city and radius distance.

2. Craigslist


In the world of advertising, Craigslist became the world’s first online shopping platform. Apart from being the oldest website, Craigslist is also one of the best websites like Locanto to sell your products.

As the world’s leading classifieds site, it has millions of active customers worldwide. Since its establishment in 1995, this site has members with different products and services, ranging from electronics, housing, vehicles, etc.

The interesting of this platform is that it brings together buyers and sellers through online media. They can interact with each other to ask questions or offer products they sell/buy. With a structured and well-located system, Craigslist ensures potential buyers can easily find the product/service they need.

If you have a product you want to market, Craigslist could be the best Locanto alternative for you. Craigslist is also a free Locanto Alternative that offers users various conveniences to market their products and services.

3. Bedpage


Another Locanto similar site as the most popular online classifieds site in the world is Bedpage. Its name is similar to Backpage, a free advertising platform that closed some time ago.

Many people say bedpage is a clone of Backpage because the two websites are very similar both in terms of design, menu, and facilities offered.

Bedpage also offers various conveniences to users. You can get any product or service that you want to sell or buy on this classifieds platform.

This online classifieds website based in the United States is currently quite popular among free ad users. Some users in fact gave testimonials about the security guarantees provided by this platform.

No wonder many users are interested in using the Bedpage service because of the certainty of security for placing ads.

This classifieds service site also gives you the opportunity to post various types of ads simultaneously. Whatever type of product/service you can advertise in this online media for free.

4. Bunz


Bunz is a classifieds platform that you can use to promote your goods and services. The unique thing about this site is you can promote your ideas.

This app is currently popular in the US and Canada with millions of members. It indicates that this online classifieds service is recognized as an effective means of buying and selling their products.

The website, which was founded in 2013, has a growing number of customers since it not only accepts physical money but also digital currency. By becoming a Bunz member, you can transact using digital currency.

5. OLX


Who does not know OLX, the very popular online buying and selling site. Founded in 2006, one of the best Locanto site alternatives has millions of active members spread over 60 countries, and it is the best Locanto alternative for outside of the United States

This online classifieds app attracts users because it offers various conveniences for buying and selling goods. Whatever your goods can be marketed here. OLX also provides an opportunity for users who want to rent something.

This website is a gathering place for buyers and sellers. They can communicate with each other, for example, buyers can use private message to send messages to sellers.

As a trusted site, OLX only accepts verified products and services to ensure that all products/services sold on this website truly comply with quality standards. For sellers/buyers, there is no need to hesitate with this platform because quality assurance is real.

6. Oodle


Compared to similar sites, Oodle experiencing very fast development. Not only being fast, but many people also are interested in Oodle’s service since it makes it easy for users to post classified ads.

Several product/service categories that Ooodle offers such as real estate, tickets, vehicles, etc. No less than 1 million active users use this platform every month. They are spread all over the world, from Australia, England, to the United States.

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The benefits of this online advertising platform are simply by registering and signing up for free. This site is very friendly for beginners because the interface and menus available are designed in a simple and easy to use.

For sellers, this is an opportunity to introduce their products/services to potential customers spread all over the world. As for buyers, they can easily find the product or service they need. With Oodle, all your products/services can be handled properly.

7. Gumtree


This advertising site has a strong commitment to users to make their product reach out to potential buyers. This free website is also designed with ease to ensure the users don’t have any trouble when posting their ads.

It targets users of this platform to come from all ages. Thus the advertised products/services come from all sectors.

This site has a way to entice shoppers to come to your product showcase, select a product, and then click the ‘buy’ menu in the toolbar. Unfortunately, this site is only available in the U.K and Australia.

8. 5miles.com


For those who like something simple, 5miles.com can be the first Loconto alternative to post your classifieds. Since founded in 2014, this online buying and selling platform has penetrated to various users.

They are attracted to this site because it is easy to use. You can use this online classifieds platform through the app on your mobile device. 5miles.com not only has a simple design for beginners but it is free to download.

With this platform, every user can communicate with each other. They can use the feature to chat or send messages to each other. There is also a blog that allows each user to read each other’s suggestions or share product information.

9. Quikr


Operating since 2008, this classifieds website has become very popular. In fact, since its inception, Quikr has been one of the well-known Locanto alternatives with millions of active users.

No wonder this platform is on par with OLX, even now it is one of OLX’s main competitors. What Quikr achieved is not separable from their hard work in maintaining the quality of service to users.

For those of you who want to advertise used furniture, this site is perfect for you to use. Likewise, buyers will easily find the product by visiting this free web.

Quikr is designed simply to make it easy for users to operate. Whatever your used furniture item, use this site because it has been proven to attract many buyers, as well as testimonials from several users. Unfortunately, this website is only available in India.

10. eBay


Founded in 1995, eBay is one of the largest Locanto alternatives with millions of active users worldwide. For more than 25 years, this online platform for placing classified ads has helped business people to market their products to potential buyers.

Likewise, prospective buyers will easily find the product or service they are looking for. You can find more than 190 brands on this site.

This online platform also offers various products at competitive prices. But don’t be a priori with the competitive prices because eBay is quite selective about products. That is, even though the product is competitive, it still prioritizes quality.

To attract customers, eBay continues to improve services and appearance according to customer needs. It includes new opportunities for users to grow their business more efficiently.

No less important, the economic opportunities created by eBay’s presence have had a tremendous impact on the world economy. eBay is a giant classifieds platform with an important role in building an online buying and selling business on the internet.

11. VerageSale.com


For Android and iOS users, there is an easier way to place classified ads on your Google and App Store devices. For all your online buying and selling advertising needs, trust the VersageSale.com platform.

Through this app, you can sell various products/services to potential buyers around the world. This site has a high-security system that ensures safety and security for users.

You don’t have to worry about hackers stealing your data. To ensure the goods or services you advertise are safe from hacker attacks, the admin monitors every product/service that is posted.

VerageSale.com also requires each user to clearly display their name and profile picture to anticipate anonymous users. This method makes it easier for admins to find unfair measures in buying and selling activities in this app.

12. Freeadstime.org


Freeadstime.org is another site like Locanto that many users use to advertise their products and services. This free classifieds website offers various categories of products/services for you to promote.

You can use this site to market your products/services safely and comfortably. You also don’t need to worry about the presence of hackers who like to interfere with application data.

To provide user satisfaction, the admin also provides a special blog for users as a medium for exchanging product/service information between users. Some users gave their opinion about this app which is quite effective in promoting their products/services.

Those are the best Locanto alternatives that you can use to post your classified ads. Of course, you have to choose the best Locanto alternative to get the best results as well.

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