12 Best Yard / Garage Sale Apps for Android and iOS

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Yard / Garage Sale Apps

Garage sale apps are unarguably useful tools that help you buy and sell secondhand items. These mobile apps are often equipped with ease-of-use features like GPS that allows you to find the nearest garage sale, search tool, filter, and more.

Whether you’re buyers or sellers, these apps come in handy to make your business run. They provide all the information about local garage sale, product listings, precise location, and more. Scroll through!

12 Garage Sale Apps for Android and iOS

Finding the best garage sale application doesn’t come easy. While most applications look the same, there are significant differences in features, interface, usability, and so forth. We’ve gathered top-rated apps with the best features, so check them out!

1. VarageSale


Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

This is a great way to enjoy virtual garage sale. Although it’s a digital app, it requires everyone to go through a manual review before selling or buying. With everyone in the app confirmed, it offers a healthy atmosphere to sell or buy preloved items.

Using this app, users can check other’s ratings and response time. Get to know people before joining a sale, message members for more information, and schedule meetups for a reliable transaction.

There are many other features to enjoy, such as an easy search tool, filter to get items you’re interested in, and a lot of product categories from furniture to baby gear. If you are a seller, this app enables you to take a snapshot of the products, list it, and earn cash.

2. 5miles


Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

5miles is another top-rated app to buy and sell used items locally. Shopping makes it easy, fun, and completely safe, thanks to email and phone verification. Buyers and sellers are rated and reviewed to ensure secure transactions for both sides.

What makes it different? Aside from phone number and email verification, this virtual yard sale app features Safe Area Exchange Locator for a secure meetup spot. It also has Boost functionality that moves your product listings to the top to earn extra cash.

Overall, this is a fun buy and sell app that offers social media experience. Not only can you search to find favorite items, it allows you to like stuff and follow sellers. You can also chat sellers for product details, photos, and meetup spots.

3. Listia


Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

With more than 1 million downloads on Google Play Store alone, Listia is a great garage sale app to buy or sell second hand stuff. Enjoy buying, selling, and trading stuff you don’t need for items you really want, from electronics, clothing, books, and even jewelry.

How Listia works is quite simple. Find things you don’t use, like mobile phone or DVD, and send them to product listings. When other member buys your listings, you’ll earn credit. Collect points as many as possible and get your favorite stuff from Listia Rewards Store or other members.

The app won’t let you miss good items as it will show you what local users are trading. Once you bid on stuff, you’ll be notified when you’re outbid or the item is ending. Buying, selling, and trading at a garage sale is hassle free with Listia!

4. Yard Sale Treasure Map

Yard Sale Treasure Map

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

This is a quite different app when it comes to garage sale tools. Yard Sale Treasure Map focuses on giving access to the nearest yard sale without effort. It comes with a list of local yard sales in a map along with their sale details, photos, and direction.

Yard Sale Treasure Map highlights easy search by location, day, distance, and keyword. Featuring Street View, you can see sale site and take benefits from optimized route to save gas and time. On top of that, it lets you sync sale route across different mobile devices and share sale route with friends.

And the app allows you to create a garage sale listings so your sale appears on this app. Post your stuff and other members will find you right away.

5. Wallapop


Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

If you’re looking for a virtual flea market for Android and iOS, Wallapop could be it. This app is great for buying and selling preloved stuff in your local area. Simply find things you don’t use, take a picture, list on Wallapop, and earn money. Or, browse the listings for items you need and buy it.

Be fast! Other users may want the same thing as you do. It all depends on how fast you can go. Once you find fancy stuff, chat with sellers and arrange a meetup schedule. Whatever you want to buy or sell, from electronics to furniture, to collectibles, Wallapop makes shopping easier.

Take benefits from ease-of-use features, such as easier transaction and larger categories. The best of all, it you don’t need to deal with returns, delivery charges, or wait time since the transaction happens directly.

6. YardHopping


Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Enjoy yard sale at your fingertips with YardHopping. This app is created to help anyone hosts yard sale without spending extra time and effort. Get connected to potential buyers with advertisement feature and optimize your range to reach more customers.

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Not only is it useful for buyers, this virtual garage sale app comes in handy to help buyers find garage sale. Browse popular categories like electronics, home appliances, furniture, vehicles, and more. With a precise locator, you can find available sales nearby.

No need to worry, it provides you with a map and directions to reach the sale site so you’ll never get lost. Before visiting the site, be sure to view the sale so you know what it offers. Overall, this is a great app to turn unused stuff into extra cash!

7. Carousell


Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

As an Editors’ Choice on Google Play Store, Carousell has everything you need for shopping. The community marketplace which has been used in many countries in Southeast Asia provides you with vast collections from various categories like gadgets, books, furniture, vehicles, and more.

Both sellers and buyers can take benefits from this app. While sellers can offer preloved items and free up space, buyers can get second hand goods with affordable price. Thanks to Carousell Protection that ensures safe and secure transactions for both sides.

This app is no joke! There’s Carousell Property that helps you sell or buy property without real estate agents. With more than 1000 properties available, buying or renting property has never been this easy. Filter by price and location to find your dream property.

8. Vintage


Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Vintage could be one of the best online local marketplaces to buy and sell used items. Most members join the app to find vintage clothing and furniture, from home appliances to secondhand electronics. Discover unique stuff with awesome bargains in your neighborhood.

The free app has messaging feature that comes standard, allowing you to chat with seller and confirm the purchase. Simple and intuitive interface makes it user friendly and easy to use. Go to listings, find a thing and buy in seconds.

Vintage is completely free for both buyers and sellers. It charges neither listing nor transaction fees, making it a great app for anyone. Make your community larger by sharing through social media platforms like WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

9. Garage Sale Map

Garage Sale Map

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Garage sale shopping has never been this easy. Thanks to Garage Sale Map that helps you find not only garage sales but also yard sales and even estate sales. All is available on your map!

This garage sale app collects all the sales data from other sites and wrap them into convenient listings for you. With around 70,000 sales listed each week, this could be a perfect app to find what you need. Whatever you want to buy, from gadgets to furniture, it has got you covered.

Using this app, you can browse sales by photos, on map, or on a list. Once you find a sale site to make a deal, get driving directions so you won’t get lost. Not to mention it provides you with a filter that helps easier search for specific keywords.

10. TallySheet


Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Managing payment transactions is getting easier with TallySheet. This app is created for greater garage sales that involve several sellers, allowing you to run reports without extra effort. Plenty of features are ready to increase accuracy of your event, such as checkout customers and printable signs.

It also highlights credit card processing for simple and faster checkouts. Featuring label colors and codes, tracking transactions from each seller is hassle-free. Moreover, it generates real time reports for each seller.

TallySheet is a versatile tool for successful garage sales. The ability to handle transaction reports and more, it helps reduce human error. Good news for you, this app is available for free with in-app purchases.

11. Yard Hound

Yard Hound

Download on the App Store

Enjoy an easier yard sale with Yard Hound. This simple app is designed for posting yard sale without hassle, not to mention it lets you manage one or more sales on iOS device. Without the need for creating an account or registration, it’s completely free to use.

No subscription needed to enjoy the app at its most. You can easily turn on the sale and turn it off as desired, everything is under your control. Despite it’s free, the app is reliable.

Attract more customers by displaying nice images. Yard Hound allows you to edit the image for each entry, so it looks more attractive for prospective buyers. The best of all, it also features a locator that helps customers find your sale site.

12. Thrift2U


Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Thrifting is fun, especially if you know where to go. Thrift2U is a great garage sale app that enables you to buy anything for one dollar! It has a wide variety of products, from clothing to jewelry, to gadgets. You can enjoy exclusive offers and get the best items with the best price.

What’s more, there are popular brands available in this app, such as Nike, Lilly Pulitzer, Champion, and Michael Kors. Thrift2U is a free app for iOS and Android devices, but it offers in-app purchases for more features. It may include post notifications, live chat, and special offers.

A lot of garage sale apps are available to help you with virtual buy and sell. Pick one of the reliable apps above and enjoy secure transactions!

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