14 Best Zillow Alternatives & Similar Platforms

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Best Zillow Alternatives

When compared to Zillow’s rivals, it is clear that Zillow is the most popular internet listing platform. Both in terms of the number of listings it offers the greatest volume of traffic. Nonetheless, there are Zillow alternatives that may help you gain more views, reach certain audiences, and use tools that Zillow lacks.

Thus, we were able to narrow the field of listing websites down to 14 viable Zillow alternatives.

About Zillow

About Zillow

Established in 2006, Zillow Group, Inc. has quickly become one of the most well-known online real estate marketplaces. Zillow is a house search engine that has information on over 110 million properties in the United States.

The site provides a value estimate, the Zestimate, and similar listings for each house for sale. There is widespread agreement among industry watchers that Zillow is primarily an advertising business.

Best Zillow Alternatives for Buying and Listing Properties

Here are some of Zillow alternatives or similar sites to Zillow

1. Redfin


Redfin is a major online real estate firm with ambitious plans to revolutionize the homebuying process. It competes well with Zillow and Trulia because of its many advantages. Redfin’s app, which is available for both iOS and Android, claims that it refreshes its data per five minutes.

Like its competitor Zillow, Redfin lets consumers do property searches through a map interface. Moreover, Redfin offers statistics after exploring the site using a city and ZIP code, such as the home’s valuation, appreciation, floor space, year constructed, HOA fees, building components, and sewage system characteristics. Furthermore, you can compare the units side by side when you are house hunting.

2. NeighborhoodScout


Users of NeighborhoodScout may access data on communities around the United States. Hence, users may find local business listings by utilizing the search bar and inputting a city or an address.

Moreover, NeighborhoodScout gives information about area home prices, schools, demographics, and crime rates, in response to user-entered search terms.

Users may access most of this data for free. Still, Users may get in-depth information on schools, crime, and home price appreciation for as little as $39.99 per month. NeighborhoodScout’s membership service is an alternative to Zillow since it provides customers with data that the other two sites don’t.

3. Realtor.com


News Corp. owns the real estate website realtor.com. Although the data is up-to-date, the site lacks the advanced tools provided by similar sites to Zillow.

However, it is linked to the MLS, which has the most recent listings on the market. Thus, it allows a smart location to begin your property search. There’s a messaging function for getting in touch with real estate agents. Moreover, you can find a cost estimator for figuring out how much a garage, for example, would add to the price of a property.

4. FSBO.com


For Sale By Owner (FSBO) refers to properties that are being sold directly by their owners, as opposed to via a real estate agency. FSBO.com is a website dedicated to these types of sales. Therefore, website revenue comes from real estate listings. Hence, two house listing bundles are available.

The FSBO listing package provides six months of exposure on FSBO.com, a free Redfin posting, unlimited picture and video uploads, and ability to make changes or delete the listing at any time. In addition to the bundle, yard signs and materials are also available for purchase. Their FSBO bundle is available for $99.95.

Package features include a six-month listing on FSBO.com, a six-month listing on the MLS, listing syndication to similar sites to Zillow, and more. By agreeing to this package, you will be responsible for the buyer’s broker commission, which typically ranges from 2–3% of the transaction price. Their MLS bundle is $399.95 per year.

5. Homesnap


Homesnap is a website dedicated to real estate, with tools like a handy map-based search tool and a wealth of detailed property information. It has an intuitive home-searching interface. Thus, it is another similar site to Zillow and Trulia.

Homesnap’s mobile app is what sets it distinct from the competitors. The software allows users to snap a photo of a home on the market from their mobile device in real time. Then, it instantly accesses all relevant listing information.

The smartphone app can calculate the worth of a property even if it is not presently on the market, such as a house, apartment, or condominium. Moreover, users of Android devices, iPhones, Apple Watches, and Apple TVs may download the software.

6. Foreclosure.com


The word “expository” appears in the domain name since the site will explain things to you. Foreclosure.com is a website dedicated to foreclosures that offers flexible search parameters. Furthermore, Foreclosure.com offers a national search for “affordable houses.”

Thus, it becomes a favorite for real estate investors, in addition to the usual city and price search choices. Investors who sign up for a free membership will have access to the inexpensive houses part of the website. Hence, they can see the expected profit on the estate plus dozens of other useful tools. Furthermore, you may also look for city-owned properties or rent-to-own possibilities all throughout the country on the site.

7. Trulia


Zillow acquired Trulia in 2015, which is a residential property search engine. Trulia, a Zillow competitor, is essentially the same website as its parent company down to the price. But, Trulia charges on a cost-per-lead basis, whereas Zillow bases its prices on ZIP codes. In contrast to a strategy based on region and impressions, Trulia’s price is up-front and honest, so you’ll pay a charge regardless of how many leads you get.

Like Zillow, Trulia requires agents to utilize a partner site in order to input their listings to the service. In a similar vein, agents may make changes to their listings using their agent profiles. In such cases, they should go to the listing that is feeding the feed and make the necessary changes there.

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Although Zillow is the parent company of Trulia, the two websites provide very different user experiences. Customers will get a new impression of your listings as a whole. Visitors to Trulia’s website may read about different areas and get reviews and images of the area, as well as information about nearby schools and restaurants. Your customers may be able to make better informed judgments about your listings with the aid of this data.

8. Apartments.com


Apartments.com is a rental-only website where landlords, brokers, and real estate brokers may advertise available units for rent. There is a wide selection of houses, condominiums, and duplexes available for rent. Despite the fact that they are all short-term accommodations.

When a real estate agent publishes a home on the platform, the information is sent to the top five rental platforms, including Apartments.com. Your rental homes will get even more exposure by appearing on websites like Zillow rental.

Despite the fact that it is a rental-only website, it receives 22.5 million monthly searches, which includes sales listings. If real estate agents are interested in both sales or rentals, they may increase the visibility of their listings on both markets by using the free option on Apartments.com and another Zillow alternative.

What sets Aparments.com apart from competitors like Zillow is the site’s built-in listing management tools. Listings on other sites can only be seen as they are presented by the local MLS, and altering them is not an option. However, every 20 days on Aparments.com, you must manually update listings. Landlords may post rental listings, screen applicants, and collect rent all in one place on our website.

9. Homes.com


Homes.com is a website that advertises homes for sale or rent and gets its data from multiple listing services (MLSs). Agents, much like real estate agents on Zillow, need to establish profiles in order to “claim” their properties. Homes.com is the greatest real estate website because all leads go straight to you instead of to other agencies.

Other buyer’s agents may promote their contact details on an exclusive listing on similar sites to Zillow. As a result, an agent may publish a property on Zillow and gain visibility, but you may not get any direct leads as you would on Homes.com.

The search for a real estate agent is prioritized above listings for available houses and apartments on the Homes.com menu bar. Agents don’t have to require exclusive listings to generate a lead, but having this option means that visitors are more likely to reach out to them. Moreover, agents may raise the number of people who interact with their profiles on the agent google page by making certain tweaks.

You may boost your real estate company’s visibility and sales with the tools provided by the Pro+ account, which include a Google business page with verification, a website, listing statistics, and an upgraded agent profile.

With a Pro+ account, your business and website will rank higher in Google Search as well as Maps. Furthermore, you can get detailed information about who has seen your listings. These additions are meant to broaden your reach and boost your number of potential customers.

10. RealtyTrac


RealtyTrac specializes in the foreclosed, auctioned, and bank-owned real estate markets. This site’s specialty clientele is a boon for real estate brokers and agents that specialize in marketing these kinds of homes.

The number of monthly searches may be tiny compared to Zillow, but the site’s visitors are better qualified since they are seeking a certain kind of real estate. Many people, including real estate brokers, lenders, and investors, may be in the market for a home like this.

Zillow does have listings for foreclosed and auctioned houses, but unlike RealtyTrac, it does not allow users to narrow their search to just bank-owned properties. Property hunters on RealtyTrac may narrow their search by online auction status, most recently sold price, and current occupants.

The Deal-O-Meter is a very useful filter on this site. Consumers may sort the available properties by their expected rate of return (ROI). Homes with projected incomes within that range will be prioritized in the search results. This is a great tool for investors who have portfolio targets to hit, or for sellers trying to attract the most interested purchasers to their listings.

11. HomeBay


Home Bay, which is most similar to Redfin, is a website that is, for the time being, exclusive to the Golden State of California. Guests may take use of the site’s listed resources as well as its services. They provide a flat price service whereby you may purchase or sell a house via their website without having to pay the typical real estate agent commission.

12. Homes for Heroes

Homes for Heroes

Firefighters, EMTs, police, soldiers, nurses, and educators are the primary audience for Homes for Heroes. Instead of displaying properties, it connects prospective buyers with real estate brokers and lenders who can help them get the best available prices and terms in their area.

13. Eppraisal


Eppraisal is an online resource that primarily aids homebuyers and sellers in analyzing comparable sales and appraisal estimates. Although Zillow’s valuations are sometimes wrong by a significant amount, using a site like Eppraisal may provide homeowners a more realistic idea of their home’s value while they wait for an official appraisal to arrive.

14. Xome


All the same properties that can be found on the MLS may also be found on Xome, including foreclosures and auctions of bank-owned properties. The mortgage company Mr. Cooper has teamed up with Xome to give borrowers realistic equity estimations whenever they access their loan servicing account online. Borrowers might use this estimate to justify their interest in Mr. Cooper’s cash-out refinancing services. Thus, Xome is another similar site to Zillow.

Bottom Line

If you want to attract buyers and keep happy seller customers, you need to use the right real estate site to promote your listings. Zillow may be the most popular listing website, but its rivals provide better value for money, better access to your target market, and more assistance than Zillow does.

We’ve done the research to find you the finest Zillow alternatives to publish and advertise your listings on the web by comparing their costs, features, integrations, and user ratings. You can use them to search for listing properties just like in Zillow.

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