16 Best Metronome Apps for Android and iOS

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Metronome Apps

Metronomes have helped countless musicians develop their sense of beat. This tool has a click sound that allows users to play music at the right tempo. That said, buying a good metronome can cost you hundreds of dollars. Alternatively, you can download the best metronome apps for smartphone.

Dozens of apps can be installed to transform your Android or iPhone into a metronome. These applications come with a wide range of features from the simple to the complex one, allowing you to find one that meets your music skills and goals.

Top 16 Best Metronome Apps for Android and iOS

With a large selections of apps available on the market, finding the best one can be time-consuming. Here, we’ve put together the best and top-rated metronome applications to help cut your job. Check them out!

1. The Metronome by Soundbrenner

The Metronome by Soundbrenner

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Launched by Soundbrenner, this metronome app has everything you need to hone your music skills. It is designed with an intuitive interface that promises a better user experience. Featuring powerful customization and precision, The Metronome is designed for every musician.

This tool highlights setting management to change time signature and beats. More than 20 sounds can be found, making it easier to pick a sound that meets your preference. You can also switch theme in a matter of seconds.

The Metronome is great for a variety of purposes, from daily practice to live performance. It also works well for any instrument you play, including piano and guitar. Or if you’re seeking the best metronome apps for drummers, this tool could be the best bet.

2. Metronome Beats

Metronome Beats

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Metronome Beats is designed for all musicians. With more than 10 million downloads on Google Play Store, this application is ideal for music practice, teaching, or live performance. Surprisingly, it can be used for other activities that require a steady tempo like dancing or running.

When it comes to features, Metronome Beats has much to offer. It includes a separate layout that supports various devices, both smaller and larger one. It also has a wide variety of tempo from 1-300 beats per minute.

On top of that, you can easily hear the metronome sound as it enables you to change the pitch. Don’t worry about losing your settings because they will be saved automatically. When you come back, you can continue where you left off.

3. Tuner & Metronome

Tuner & Metronome

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This is an interactive metronome app to help you play at appropriate tempo. Featuring a user-friendly interface, it comes packed with anything you need from a metronome. Whether you want to create a rhythm or adjust the beats, Tuner & Metronome has your covered.

The superfast and simple app is designed by musicians, for musicians. Aside from the metronome, it has a powerful tuner that allows you to choose between two modes: pitch fork mode and chromatic tuner. Get the accurate tuner and start recording your music.

4. Pro Metronome

Pro Metronome

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Pro Metronome is one of the best free metronome apps for daily practice or stage performance. It has been used by millions of musicians from all over the world, thanks to powerful and complete features brought to your table.

This app highlights unlimited customization. You can change accents, beat sounds, and choose different beat volume levels. Featuring color modes, Pro Metronome lets you see the beats and enjoy the color. You can also choose pendulum mode for a better visual.

There are 13 time-keeping styles to choose from, including a unique counting voice. It also comes packed with a timer to keep track of how long you practice. And if you want additional features like flash and vibrate, you’ll need to upgrade to the Pro version. 

5. Smart Metronome & Tuner

Smart Metronome & Tuner

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Do you need to play music with style? Start from downloading this stylish metronome app. Smart Metronome is designed with a simple and beautiful interface that adds a visual attraction. Besides stylish visual, it provides you with an accurate metronome to sync to a beat.

There are three different modes to choose from, including normal, repeat, and program. While normal mode allows you to use it like a basic metronome, repeat mode helps you repeat difficult passages. And if you wish detailed control, program mode is surely for you.

Smart Metronome app features programmable tempo and measures which allows easier operation, in addition to full voiceover compatibility and different background color variations. If you’re seeking the best metronome apps for piano or other instruments, Smart Metronome could be a nice pick.

6. Tempo


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Tempo is a mobile metronome app which supports various activities such as live performance, music learning, and fitness training. With a highlight on accuracy and stability, this app promises a better usability with a full set of features.

Not only does it provide you with an attractive interface, but it also has flashing LEDs that let you customize the beats and create complex rhythms. If you’re satisfied with the creation, save configurations as songs in your local drive and share with friends.

What’s more, Tempo includes 9 rhythms patterns, 6 of which are for simple meters while 3 of which are for compound meters. You can also customize accents for more complex rhythms. With a wide range of tempo from 10 to 400, this could be the best metronome app you could ask for.

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7. Metronomics Metronome

Metronomics Metronome

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If you’re a real musician, Metronomics is a great metronome app to download on your smartphone. There are more than 40 different samples to choose from, each of which allows you to generate patterns for a full control over each subdivision.

It also includes preset patterns like cymbal to help you with the work. Featuring a range of beats, you can easily choose the number of beats per measure and start practicing. And if you want to train yourself, it has independence mode on which you can set inaudible bars.

8. Time Guru Metronome

Time Guru Metronome

Download on Google Play Donwload on the App Store

Are you looking for the best metronome apps for guitar? Time Guru should be on your list. This useful tool hones your sense of beat, thanks to cool features like a variety of loud sound sets, tap tempo, and accurate timing.

Time Guru helps develop your sense of rhythm in several ways. It comes with the ability to mute sound bar at random or in sequenced patterns. This will allow you to find out if you are rushing or dragging. Besides, this app features drum-like patterns to create your own rhythm.

There are many other things to find in Time Guru, such as voice counting in different languages, presets for tempo, and simple layout. 

9. Metronomerous


Download on Google Play

The feature-rich metronome app is available to transform your Android into a powerful metronome. It contains everything you need to improve rhythmic skills from sound accents to various subdivisions. Not to mention this useful app is free of annoying ads.

Metronomerous allows you to set different volumes for accent and subdivision. You can also set tempo simply by sliding or tapping numeric input on your screen. With visual and vibrating feedback, it promises a better user experience.

On top of that, you’ll also like BeatList. This feature enables you to save different settings so you can quickly access it later.

10. Natural Metronome

Natural Metronome

Download on Google Play

Natural Metronome is a basic metronome app with simple functions. It is designed with a straightforward interface that makes it easy to use. Despite its simplicity, this application works well to help you keep the time.

You can do several things using this app, such as adjusting BPM, clicks per beat, and beats per bar. It also comes with visual indicators that are synced so you can easily check on it. Best of all, this app doesn’t contain ads.

11. Stage Metronome

Stage Metronome

Download on Google Play

Stage Metronome brings useful functions to your Android devices. This application is mainly designed for live performance and on-stage use. It has easy to access buttons that enable you to configure beat patterns and meters.

Large display for beat-number is another highlight of Stage Metronome, with which you can follow the beat from distance. Resetting beat is also possible thanks to built-in sync buttons coming with this tool.

Using Stage Metronome, you can do many other things like calculating BPM, adjust volume, and use landscape mode. 

12. Metronome Reloaded

Metronome Reloaded

Download on the App Store

Perfect your music performance with Metronome Reloaded. This mobile app helps musicians for playing and practicing any musical instrument thanks to electronic steady tempo it produces.

How to use Metronome Reloaded is quite simple. Slide the pendulum to the right or left and release. Only with a tap on BPM number, this virtual metronome allows you to change the tempo from 20 to 999 beats per measure. Choosing measure also comes easy by tapping time signature button.

13. Metronome Ϟ


Download on the App Store

If you want the best metronome apps for piano, Metronome Ϟ is worth the thought. Not only does it boast highly accurate visual and audio feedback, but this app is also equipped with a timer to keep track of your practice sessions.

This app features beautiful design that gives a better user experience, in addition to attractive visual indication that lets you see the beat. Featuring 8 metronome sounds, you can pick out a sound that suits your mood.

Another thing you’ll like about Metronome Ϟ is the background mode that enables you to blend with other audio. You may also be interested with additional features like preset list and beat editor from in-app purchases.

14. Metronome Tempo Lite

Metronome Tempo Lite

Download on Google Play Donwload on the App Store

Do you need a metronome app that doesn’t waste a lot of resources of your device? Metronome Tempo Lite could be the best answer. This lite version is memory-friendly and it won’t cause slowdown in your iPhone or Android.

Despite the lite version, this app’s features can’t be overlooked. You can find a variety of features like 8 time signatures, 6 different rhythm patterns, and accent customization. It also displays visual feedback from LED that allows you to see the beat.

There are four different sounds to choose from, including digital, analog, wooden, and blip. It also comes packed with mute button and volume control for easier adjustment.

15. Pulse


Donwload on the App Store

New features are added to Pulse! This free metronome app is featured with Bluetooth syncing and haptics that makes it a great app for iPhone and Watch. Using this tool you can keep a steady tempo and hone your sense of beats.

Practicing with Pulse is a brilliant way to improve your music skills. Besides the simple and intuitive interface, it comes with a wide range of beats per measures which can be easily used with a single tap. Background mode is also available to mix audio.

16. TrueMetronome Lite

TrueMetronome Lite

Donwload on the App Store

TrueMetronome Lite highlights accurate, error-free beats during your practice session. It also focuses in delivering high quality sound like a real metronome tool which explains why musicians tend to choose this mobile app.

Realistic look is another thing you’ll get from TrueMetronome Lite, as if you’re playing with a physical metronome. There are several other things to enjoy from this app, including skins, tap tempo function, and various meters.

Finding the best metronome apps is way easier with this list. There’s a wide range of options to pick out, each of which comes with different features to meet your music skills and preferences. Which one is going to be your favorite metronome app?

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