16 Best Apps to Learn Arabic for Android and iOS

by Haya Barnard

Best Apps to Learn Arabic

Arabic might be one of the most difficult languages to learn. It has completely different letters which can give you a headache on the first try. Thankfully, digital tools provide an easy way to achieve this goal. There’s a list of the best apps to learn Arabic that will help you speak the language quickly.

While some apps are specifically designed for Arabic, others give you an option to learn many other languages. These mobile apps come with a variety of features so you can find one that fits you the most. Keep scrolling!

Top 16 Best Apps to Learn Arabic

When it comes to language learning, Duolingo and Memrise could be the most downloaded apps. In fact, there are many other tools you can try out. We’ve put together the best applications to master a new language, especially Arabic.

1. Duolingo


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Duolingo is the world’s most used education app for learning a new language. Coming with a boast of free and fun learning, this platform gives you access to over 35 languages including Arabic.

Duolingo helps you improve basic language skills by practicing speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Designed by language experts, it prepares you for real conversations.

What’s more, this platform comes with interactive and beautiful designs. Not surprisingly, it is ideal for everyone who needs to learn a new language such as students, travelers, or business person.

2. Speaky


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Speaky is a quite different language learning app. While other platforms provide you with tailored materials, Speaky helps you meet language partners and practice directly from native speakers. This is absolutely an amazing method to learn language.

The digital tool gives you instant access to a vast language exchange community. Discover your partner and start practicing hundreds of new languages, including Arabic.

Speaky highlights text chat to help you build your basic language skills. It also features text correction so you can find out the right spellings and grammar. Many people have trusted this app to learn language and now it’s your turn.

3. HelloTalk


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Pretty similar to Speaky, HelloTalk comes in handy to help improve your foreign language skills. This is a platform to connect with native speakers of many other languages, such as Japanese, Korean, Arabic, and hundreds of other languages.

Featuring a large community of language exchange, you can find more than 30 million users from over 150 countries. Find a language partner that match your preference and start practicing. The most fun part is that you can ask questions and share culture with native speakers.

Practice makes perfect. This application features audio and video call to practice your speaking skills with native speakers. It is also packed with a grammar correction tool to improve your grammar.

4. Memrise


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Memrise offers an easy way to learn Arabic. This language learning tool is designed to help you master a new language like the locals. It emphasizes on vocabularies, listening, and speaking so you’re prepared for real-life situations.

This app includes courses built by experts containing language that is commonly used by native speakers. You can find bite-size lessons which are easy to follow. Plus, there are thousands of audio and video featuring native speakers for better comprehension.

Memrise is ideal for everyone who needs to learn a new language either for study, work, or travel. Download this app for free on your Android or iPhone and get started.

5. Bravolol


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If you want to learn Arabic words and phrases, Bravolol is a useful app to try out. This tool is loaded with daily phrases and words like thank you, nice to meet you, how are you, and more. You’ll find it useful for learning daily conversation.

How to use Bravolol is pretty simple. Tap a phrase and the app will speak it out loud. No more feeling puzzled how to pronounce words or phrase. If you want to listen to it slowly, simply tap the snail icon and listen carefully.

There are many features to find in Bravolol, such as quick search by keywords, customizable font size, and offline mode. The audio features native Arabic speaker to perfect your pronunciation.

6. AlifBee


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Mastering Arabic is easy with AlifBee. This free Arabic learning app provides a cutting-edge learning platform built to make learning brilliantly simple.

AlifBee includes 10 difficulty levels with over 200 lessons. As you progress, you can get a deeper understanding about Arabic language and culture. Which makes language learning more fun is a challenging journey through quizzes and interactive activities.

What’s more, this platform encourages you to keep practicing so you never forget a word. Regularly review your vocabularies and phrases so you can master the Arabic language faster.

7. Learn Arabic

Learn Arabic

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Next on the list, there’s Learn Arabic that offers fun Arabic lessons for all levels. Whether you’re travelers, business professionals, or learners, exploring a variety of language exercises for four basic skills is made simple.

Thousands of useful phrases for real-life situations come standard in this app. There’s also speech recognition that allows you to practice speaking and pronunciation correctly. Plus, you can find high quality audio by native speakers that will improve your listening skills.

And if you wish to be an Arabic expert without taking a formal course, Learn Arabic can act as your personal tutor. You’ll learn with Mondly, a virtual tutor that will make language learning more attractive.

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8. Learn Arabic by FunEasyLearn

Learn Arabic by FunEasyLearn

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FunEasyLearn is an amazing platform to learn new languages and Arabic is no exception. In this app, you’ll find useful words and phrases commonly spoken by the locals. No less than 6,000 common Arabic words are featured, including adjectives, nouns, and verbs. All the words are divided into 10 levels.

It’s also loaded with thousands of common phrases for daily conversation, making it a great app for traveling. Whether you’re beginner, intermediate, or advanced learners, FunEasyLearning simplifies your learning time.

This tool features hand-drawn illustrations to help you memorize new vocabularies. You can also find audio recording by native speakers to improve your pronunciation.

9. Learn Arabic Free

Learn Arabic Free

Download on Google Play

Launched by InnovationApps, this is one of the best apps to learn Arabic. It comes packed with more than 9,000 common words and phrases, alongside high quality audio by native speakers. Different categories are available to upgrade your learning experience.

This platform highlights quiz game to test and review your language skills. While quick search can be beneficial to cut your time, efficient management system allows you to manage favorite items.

And if you’re not always connected to the internet, you’ll find this learning app useful. Thanks to offline mode support that lets you access the app without internet connection.

10. Learn Arabic for Beginners

Learn Arabic for Beginners

Download on Google Play

From its name, you know this platform is designed specifically for beginners. The educational app promotes a quick Arabic learning for 4 basic skills, including listening, speaking, reading, and writing. 

Even though you don’t have basic knowledge of Arabic, this tool helps you learn from scratch through interactive lessons and fun games. It also has a built-in translator that makes it perfect for students or travelers.

On top of that, Learn Arabic for Beginners is completely easy to use thanks to a simple and straightforward interface. With over 10,000 Arabic vocabulary, this is a powerful tool to master Arabic.

11. Speak Arabic

Speak Arabic

Download on Google Play

Coming with a boast of 5,000 useful phrases for daily conversation, Speak Arabic is one of the best free apps to learn Arabic. It provides you with unique games to level up your language learning experience.

There’s also a built-in search feature that allows quick search for phrases. Even if you aren’t connected to the internet, this educational app works well on your Android device.

12. Learning Arabic Phrasebook

Learning Arabic Phrasebook

Download on Google Play

If you’re interested to learn Arabic from the basic, this phrasebook app could be the best bet. With clear audio spoken by native speakers, you’ll learn how to pronounce each phrase like the locals.

There are many things you can do with this educational tool. Besides finding common phrases and listening to audio, searching phrases comes easy with a built-in search feature. You can also save frequently used phrases and never forget it.

13. Arabigo


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Arabigo can be a beneficial app for non-Arabic speakers. Combining expertise and technology, this platform is suitable for learners at all levels, even if you don’t have basic knowledge of Arabic.

Arabigo highlights role-playing games to deliver optimized lessons that prepare learners for real-life situations. It also features images which are associated with each word in order to promote better comprehension.

What’s more, Arabigo comes packed with oral practices for improving your pronunciation. Optical character recognition technology is also featured to help you write in Arabic alphabets. Overall, this is a powerful and useful learning platform to master Arabic.

14. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone

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Designed for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Android, Rosetta Stone is a versatile language learning platform for everyone. This app is not specifically designed for Arabic but it can act as a great Arabic tutor. You’ll be able to learn speaking, reading, and writing with confidence.

Millions of people have trusted Rosetta Stone to learn new languages. From the first day, you can focus on well-tailored language learning and gain insight from the basic. It features immersive method to help you learn intuitively.

Rosetta Stone is packed with instant feedback to perfect your pronunciation. There’s also different kinds of exercises to improve your understanding about Arabic. And if you have problem with internet connection, simply download lessons and enjoy offline mode.

15. Arabic Unlocked

Arabic Unlocked

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Arabic Unlocked is one of the best platforms to learn Arabic from your iPhone. Once you join this app, you can access a large Arabic Unlocked Community to master the language. It is loaded with bite-size lessons which are quick and easy to learn.

Arabic Unlocked is designed to be fun and addictive. Learning language has never been this enjoyable thanks to attractive games and challenges. Tracking and monitoring your progress is made brilliantly simple thanks to the Progress Tracker feature. 

As with other language learning apps, Arabic Unlocked provides you with clear, high quality audio to improve your pronunciation. Spoken by native speakers, words are clear and well-pronounced so you can speak like the locals. Get this app and see how far you can master Arabic.

16. Learn Arabic Travel Phrasebook

Learn Arabic Travel Phrasebook

Download on the App Store

Before traveling to Saudi Arabia or Egypt, be sure to download this app and learn Arabic without spending a dime. Designed for learners at all levels, it comes with clear audio by native speakers. You can listen to authentic pronunciation while perfecting your skills.

This language learning tool has hundreds of phrases in total, most of which are commonly used in real-life situations. Important words are highlighted so you can easily find it. Learning how to pronounce each phrase becomes easier because you have an option to slow audio playback.

What’s more, it comes with favorite feature that enables you to save frequently used phrases. Searching phrases is completely easy with quick search feature brought to your table. Best of all, this app doesn’t include ads so you won’t be interrupted by annoying popups.

Finding the best language learning platform is a great way to master Arabic. With many choices available out there, you can get an app that meets your needs. Have you decided the best app to learn Arabic?

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