Spotify vs Joox: Head to Head Comparison

by Hashir Zuniga

Spotify vs Joox

When it comes to music preferences, everybody has different answers that may surprise you. Myriad music streaming platforms are available today, providing you with more than adequate choices to jam out to your favorite music. Spotify and Joox are among the popular platforms with millions of users around the globe. That becomes the question, which one is better?

It may be a little harder to pick one over another. Joox which is more popular in Asia is considered better among Asians. Meanwhile, Spotify is more preferred in America and Europe so people living in those countries think that Spotify is better. Spotify vs Joox head to head comparison is going to reveal a clear answer to this. So, you’d need to check this out!

What Are Spotify and Joox?


Before proceeding further, let’s get to know more about each streaming platform. Spotify is a digital service that allows you to access digital music, video, and podcast. It provides millions of songs and contents from artists worldwide. Spotify offers basic functions that can be accessed for free, but it also lets you upgrade to Spotify Premium for more features and services.

The music streaming platform developed by the Swedish company has more than 40 million songs with over 200 million active users. No less than 87 million subscribers are also recorded by this music platform. Spotify is popular among users in America, Australia, Europe, and New Zealand.


Meanwhile, Joox is a new music streaming service launched in January. It offers free music that can be downloaded automatically when you enable Auto Download. Joox also provides Joox VIP that lets you enjoy the ad-free application and unlimited skips. This streaming service is more popular in Asia, such as Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Spotify vs Joox Comparison

Now that you know more about each streaming platform, it’s time to make a side by side comparison. The comparison will be made on several aspects, including music quality, music discovery feature, interface and many more. If you cannot decide which digital service to download, you should pay attention to this.

1. Music quality

Music quality should be your priority when searching for a music streaming platform. The quality determines how you can enjoy the music while jamming out. Spotify offers two different music qualities. It runs at up to 160Kbps for free users and 96Kbps when you are using a desktop. At the same time, premium users can enjoy the music at 320Kbps.

Joox offers various music quality to meet the needs of its users. It offers standard music quality at 64Kbps which can be chosen by free users. This quality is low and delivers noisy sound, but it helps save a lot of data especially for users in rural areas. The platform also offers medium music quality at 128Kbps which can be accessed by free users. Meanwhile, VIP users can enjoy music at 320 Kbps.

2. Music discovery feature

Music discovery feature allows you to find favorite music fast and easily. It becomes another important aspect to consider for the best music streaming experience. Spotify comes with excellent music discovery features that include daily as well as weekly playlist. In addition, this giant platform can analyze your data and recommend songs that will meet your taste.

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Joox also has great features for music discovery. It provides you with music recommendation features such as Radio, Featured Artists, New Release, and Editor’s Picks. Its professional editors generate playlists by considering the trends on social media among local users.

3. Music collection

Music collection

If you want to listen to different songs each and every day, Spotify can be a great music platform. It has more than 40 million song catalogs from artists all over the world. In addition, this digital service also gives over 20,000 new songs every day. Let’s say that Spotify has limitless music to jam out, in the assumption that you can accept all kinds of music.

Joox, on the other hand, has significantly fewer music libraries. Its music collection is half of Spotify, about 20 million songs. But, this platform has a strong point that it can provide you with the best and trending local songs. For instance, Indonesian users can easily find Indonesian singers, either male singers, female singers, or group bands. This explains why Joox is more preferred by most Asians.

4. Price

Spotify and Joox offer free service that enables you to access music for free. Using this service, your streaming will be interrupted by ads and it can be irritating. If you want to get a better experience when jamming out, you will need to upgrade the service to a paid version.

Spotify Pricing

Spotify Premium costs $9.99 per month for a single user. If you want to subscribe to a family license, the platform costs you $19.99 per month. This service is available for up to 6 users. Some benefits that you’ll get from Spotify Premium includes high-quality streaming, offline playing, unlimited skips, and no ad interruption.

Joox Pricing in Malaysia

Meanwhile, Joox costs much lower than Spotify. Joox VIP costs around RM12.90 per month, which is equal to $2.95. There are some benefits to enjoy, such as unlimited skips, ad-free, offline listening, high-quality streaming, and play on demand.

5. Interface

Spotify and Joox provide different user interfaces for free and premium users. If you are using the premium version, you will find a user-friendly interface from both apps. You can enjoy a clean and clear interface without ads.

Spotify Interface

Spotify Interface

Joox Interface

Joox Interface

But it will be a different story for free users. Spotify has interrupting audio ads that come from time to time, giving you an annoying experience while streaming. Joox does not have such audio ads, instead, it has banner apps that give less disturbance.


Spotify and Joox are digital services that offer engaging music streaming experience. Each platform comes with pros and cons so you can opt for the best one to jam out. From music quality and features, Spotify is more prominent. It delivers higher bitrate for better music quality as well as excellent music discovery features. Not to mention it offers myriad music catalogs.

However, Spotify should admit that Joox gives a better user interface without audio ads. It lets you listen to the songs without interruption. Besides, Joox’s premium subscription is also lower than Spotify. The ability to access hits and trending songs from local artists is another plus point for Joox.

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