12 Best Notification Apps for Android and iOS

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Best Notification Apps

Have you considered using the best notification apps for your smartphone? Well, your phone comes with an in-built notification system already. However, everything is limited and there is no option to customize your notification.

This article will show you a series of apps that help you to customize and personalize your phone notification. Many of those notification apps are free but offer generous features in the first place.

Best Notification Apps for iOS and Android

The choice surely depends on your preference. All you need to do is to find out whether or not the app supports your needs in the first place. More than anything, using a third-party app is a good decision, especially if you like personalized notifications in the first place.

1. Floatify


When it comes to the best push notification app for Android devices, you might find quite a lot of options on the market. One of those names might be Floatify. This app is quite popular and has been downloaded by millions of users out there. Other than showing your notifications, this app allows you to customize the look of your notification in the first place.

Floatify makes it effortless to decide whether or not an app comes up with bubbles. Other than showing notifications through your screen, you can access all those things through the app. Thus, you won’t miss any crucial information throughout the day.

Another interesting thing about this app is that you can choose the icons, blacklist specific apps, and many more. More than anything, Floatify is such a perfect notification organizer that you need the most – it combines visuals and functions perfectly.

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2. Material Notifications Shade

Material Notifications Shade

Do you know that you can choose a background and theme for your notification? Well, it is not something that you can set directly from the phone’s system. You need a third-party app to make things work.

One of the best third-party apps to manage your notification is Material Notification Shade. This app allows you to choose colors, fonts, themes, and any visual aspect for the notification bar. Compared to most apps on this list, there is nothing forte about this app. Instead of providing a space to access all the notifications, Material Notification Shade is more about modifying the appearance of the notification bar in the first place.

Still, if you are all about visuals then this app will fit your expectations. Of course, you can pick which apps that show notifications and decide those that deserve to be enabled. Other than that, you can turn on the flash feature so that you know when a notification comes to your phone.

The UI design is neat and easy to navigate. More than anything, Material Notification Shade is a perfect choice for those who prefer something that is visually appealing for their phone notification.

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3. Heads-up Notifications

Heads-up Notifications

Another notification app download that you should consider is Heads-up. As the app’s name suggests, this tool will always keep your head up and get you through the day without missing any task. All the notifications will pop up on your phone screen. By that, you won’t miss any important thing that comes to your phone.

Instead of being a default notification, Heads-up allows its users to customize the notification that appears on the phone screen. You can adjust the font type, size, color, and position. Other than that, the app comes with various themes of notifications. It really provides an experience of a visually appealing notification design.

Heads-up is a personalized app. It means that you can decide which app to integrate with this app. All you need to do is to give this notification app a try and decide whether or not this app is for you.

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4. Notification History

Notification History

This app is surely one of the best notification apps that you should consider using. Notification History is quite a popular name in the industry. Other than providing the best notification services for Android users, this app also comes with a video tutorial. Thus, you can learn from scratch on how to operate this app.

The UI design might not be as sophisticated as other apps on this list. However, the features and functions offered are highly useful. You can add multiple apps in the system and all the notifications will appear in the app automatically. Thus, you can access the entire thing from one place effortlessly.

The Notification History app is also a lightweight app which won’t take much of your phone memory in the first place. Since this app has been downloaded by tons of users out there, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the services in the first place. This app is free but you will deal with ads, however.

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5. Flash Notification

Flash Notification

Flash Notification might not be the most ideal notification reader app. However, this app allows you to know every time something is coming through the flash. If you have to mute your phone but you still need to know what is happening then Flash Notification will come to the rescue.

Once you install and activate the app, Flash Notification will link to your phone’s flashlight. Thus, every time any notification comes to your phone, you will know through the flash. This feature is very useful, especially if you cannot turn on the sound throughout the day.

Other than notifications in general, the app will do similar things when you get incoming calls. However, the function won’t work if your phone’s battery is low. More than anything, Flash Notification is an intuitive app to work with.

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6. DynamicNotifications


Even though the presence of the Notification History Android app is quite huge enough, you can still find other options on the market. One of those options is DynamicNotifications. As the app’s name suggests, you will get updates about any notification that appears on your screen. Thus, even though your phone is off, the system will do its work.

When your phone is on, the app won’t light up your screen unless your phone faces up. Similar to most apps on this list, DynamicNotifications allows users to choose which apps to disable as well as apply more customizations and adjustments.

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More than anything, this app is what you need when it comes to personalizing your phone notification. While everything is available for free, this app is only compatible with Android smartphones.

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7. Notific


Notific can be touted as the best free notification app for Android phones. Other than being a notification app, this app is generally a lockscreen notification. If you are looking for an app that will show the notification thoroughly and in detail, this app will do you a favor.

By that, you have options to manage and organize the notification through the lock screen – there is no need to unlock the app if you don’t want to. More than anything, Notific features a neat and simple interface but with a bunch of useful features.

In case you miss a notification and put it on snooze, the system will remind you later. Notific is more than just a notification app, actually. Other than that, the privacy is excellent – which makes things easier and more accessible for the phone’s owner. It has a privacy mode feature that will ensure your notification is safe.

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8. Glimpse


The name of this app has reflected the function of this app in the first place. Glimpse might not be an ideal choice for those who look for the best notification apps for iPhone devices. However, Android users would get lots of useful features from this app.

As its name suggests, the app will collect all the notifications on your phone and store it in one place where you can access everything effortlessly. Similar to most apps on this list, Glimpse offers a personalized app for your notifications. Thus, you can determine how the notification will appear, the visual, the apps that will show up on your screen, and many more.

Even if the features are sophisticated and fun to play with, the UI design is effortless to understand. By using this app, you can disable those annoying notifications from specific apps. Other than that, you won’t get distracted because you can mute all the notifications in a specific time frame.

All in all, Glimpse is an excellent app you can work with, especially if you are looking for a robust app to personalize your notification. Besides, all the features are free – with no ads.

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9. HelpMeFocus


Do you use many social media apps and the notifications keep you occupied? If so then you need something like HelpMeFocus to handle those notifications. This app might not be the most ideal option when it comes to the top led notification apps for Android phones. However, it is quite effortless to manage, organize, and handle those notifications from this app.

Using this app allows you to mute notifications from specific social media in a specific timeframe. Once you download the app, you can decide which apps you want to organize the notifications.

After the time has passed, your notifications will show up normally on your screen. HelpMeFocus is a free app, after all. Thus, it won’t hurt if you give this app a try, especially if you want to stay productive without deleting your social media in the first place.

Download on Google Play

10. Shouter Pro

Shouter Pro

Shouter Pro is one of the best free notification apps you can find on the Play Store. Even though it comes with “pro” in its name, this app is free to download and use – there are a bunch of features to enjoy.

Instead of just showing the notification on your screen, this app will shout the name of a caller when you get an incoming call. Other than that, you can ask the app to read any text message out loud. Thus, if you are driving or doing other things, Shouter Pro will keep you updated because it will shout everything that appears on your screen.

You can also decide which apps to mute or disable the feature for unknown numbers. More than anything, Shouter Pro is a unique app, especially compared with screen notification app names available on the market.

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11. Notin


If you are looking for the best pop up notification app for Android phones then Notin is surely what you need to consider. This notification app is loaded with useful features to keep your head up. It comes with a note tool so that you can get through your daily life without missing any single thing.

For instance, you can write your grocery schedule and when the time is coming, the app will send you a notification. There is no need to open the app because the notification will show up on your screen. Users love Notin because it is free – you don’t need to deal with annoying ads.

Download on Google Play

12. Notisave


Another custom notification app Android that you should consider is called Notisave. Other than being a customized notification app, this app also allows you to save other notifications. Everything could happen virtually, right? And Notisave will provide that kind of experience for you.

Installing this app allows you to see and read all notifications effortlessly. In case you don’t have time to open your phone during the day, you can access all of them later in one place. On the other hand, the UI design is neat and simple without looking boring in the first place. According to the developer, Notisave protects your personal information so that you don’t need to worry about any confidential data.

To make sure that your data and notification is safe, you can activate the fingerprint lock – PIN passcode option is available too. So, why don’t you give Notisave a try and find out whether or not this is for you?

Download on Google Play

Your phone may already have a built-in program for notification. However, you won’t be able to make it as personalized as you like in the first place. On the other hand, using a third-party app makes it possible to adjust the notification as you want in the first place.

All the apps mentioned above are mostly for Android phones – there is no need to download any notification apk file in the first place. But you can always find options for iOS devices if you check them on the App Store. And that’s a wrap – this is everything you need to know about the best notification apps.

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