9 Best OBS Alternatives for Windows and Mac

by Hashir Zuniga

Best OBS Alternatives

OBS is well-known as an open-source software suite for live streaming and recording. With the functionality to record screen and audio at the same time, you can ditch the expensive internal capture card. However, OBS is not a sole player as you can find a bunch of OBS alternatives.

As many developers are competing to develop similar software, the market is now flooded with video recording and live streaming tools. Before being overwhelmed by tons of choices out there, check out the following OBS alternatives!

Top 9 OBS Alternatives for Windows and Mac

We have gathered the top 9 best OBS alternatives that will help enhance your live streaming and video recording experience. Despite the software offering similar functionalities, some of them promise better features than OBS studio. Here’s a closer look at the alternatives for Windows and Mac and find one that suits you best.

1. Elgato

Best OBS Alternatives: Elgato

Elgato is actually a hardware brand but it comes with useful software to record audio and video. This name has been popular worldwide, especially among gamers. This useful software suite comes with an attractive interface that boosts your mood. It also offers a wide array of features to improve your live streaming experience.

One of the best features is the flashback recording that enables you to record any missed part. In addition to features, Elgato allows users to add a commentary voice in live streaming. Not to mention you can customize video effects and control voice part. What’s the best part? This software promises high reliability and performance for multi-purposes.

Elgato boasts reliable video recording at 1080p quality with 60 frames per second. It makes no surprise that Elgato hardware and software are chosen by YouTuber and professional users. The software is available on Windows and Mac.

2. Xsplit Broadcaster & Gamecaster

Xsplit Broadcaster & Gamecaster

There are two different pieces of software released by Xsplit: Broadcaster and Gamecaster. The first mentioned has similar functions to OBS as it enables you to customize the screen. You can also input audio while recording the video. Gamecaster, on the other hand, offers a simple interface that lets you stream to Twitch.

This software is notably popular among hardcore gamers as it offers a smooth and quick setup. If you want to enjoy live streaming or video recording with high definition quality, Xsplit Broadcaster & Gamecaster can be a perfect choice. Not to mention it supports various platforms including Facebook and YouTube. Meeting your social media followers is getting easier with this software.

Xsplit’s software is basically free with limited features. Using a free version, you will miss the transition and video editing tool, limited scenes, and no simultaneous broadcasting. If you want to enjoy more features, simply upgrade to the premium version with a monthly subscription. Some users say that Xsplit is better than OBS as it uses less CPU. Moreover, it provides 24/7 support to help answer your questions.

3. Lightstream


If you don’t mind using a browser-based streaming platform, Lightstream can be a perfect choice to do audio recording and live streaming. This tool claims itself to offer powerful features and use less power. This claim, in fact, can attract many users as other software tends to consume a lot of resources on PC and graphic cards.

Another good thing that comes with Lightstream is that it works well as a good starter for broadcasters or gamers. Additionally, this software is webcam friendly so you can throw video shows only with a webcam though it may have several limitations for this option. Multi-person streaming is another highlight to enjoy from this software.

Wherever you would like to stream, either YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook, Lightstream can be a great live streaming partner. Amazingly, this software is completely free so you can enjoy all the features without subscribing. If you are looking for a video recording and live streaming software for low specs PC, Lightstream can be a good bet.

4. Streamlabs OBS

Streamlabs OBS

Next on the list, there is Streamlabs OBS (SLOBS) as one of the best OBS alternatives. Streamlabs was formerly known as a streaming tool but now it offers more functionalities as a video recorder and live streaming software. This transformation brings Streamlabs OBS to the top of popularity, especially among gamers and broadcasters.

SLOBS is open-source software that gives a similar feeling to OBS Studio with a user-friendly design. It comes with a dashboard that has everything you need, aside from OBS features that are made as standard. You can take advantage of its social widgets, free overlays, chatbox, audio filter, video editor, and many more. It makes no surprise that many users consider SLOBS better than OBS.

Streamlabs can be a great choice for hardcore gamers as it is basically gamer-oriented. Especially for gamers who want to do live streaming, this software can be a great partner. And you should not forget how this free software offers lower CPU usage for your convenience. Overall, Streamlabs OBS is an ideal piece of software to go live on YouTube, Facebook or Twitch.

5. Wirecast


Wirecast is developed by Telestream and becomes the most recommended alternative to OBS. The paid software comes in two versions, Studio and Pro. Being priced at professional level, it offers tons of features to improve your live streaming experience. You can enjoy hosting guests, unlimited capture, animated 3D graphics and titles as well as video sources encoding.

Professional streamers can opt to use Pro version that offers more features with 3D virtual sets and live scoreboards. It also comes with high-res ISO recording for a high-quality live streaming. For better experience, Wirecast presents a well-designed interface. The interface, however, may look a bit complicated for streamers with low experience.

If you are interested to try this live streaming app, Wirecast offers a 30-day free trial. During the trial, you can enjoy all the features though Wirecast watermark will be visible on your recording and live streaming. Once you decide to subscribe, Wirecast Studio costs you around $486.50 while Wirecast Pro costs $696.50.

6. vMix


If you don’t mind spending pretty pennies for the best live streaming and video recording experience, vMix can be a great solution. This top-tier live streaming app is specifically designed for professionals, so it has an array of advanced features such as live video effects, animated overlays, virtual sets, instant reply, and many more.

In addition to features, vMix supports an extensive range of inputs such as sound cards, NDI, DVDs, webcams, PTZ cameras, and NDI. Not to mention it works amazingly for 4K encoding. As it is designed for professional use, the interface looks professional and new users may find it is overwhelming. This live streaming solution is available for Windows only.

vMix comes in six packages, including Pro, 4K, HD, SD, Basic HD, and Basic. Each package comes with different features and prices. The basic version is available at $60 and it comes with 1080p support. The highest tier is the Pro version that comes with all advanced features. The Pro version, however, is rather expensive at $1,200. Good news, the company offers a 60-day free trial without watermark.

7. Nvidia Shadowplay

Nvidia Shadowplay

Another app to enhance your live streaming experience is Nvidia Shadowplay. This software is bundled with Nvidia GeForce graphic cards, so you might need to consider purchasing the card to enjoy the tool. The combination between hardware and software allows you to do engaging live streaming without consuming a lot of CPU power.

Basically, Shadowplay can stream gameplay screen only. Despite it being a fast and excellent encoder, the stream quality is not impeccable. Some users report blur especially on heavy games. Compared to other live-streaming apps, it lacks features such as overlays for multiple sources or plugins. This tool, however, is considered a good video recorder especially for gameplay.

Nvidia Shadowplay is free, provided you have Nvidia graphics cards. If you need a video recording and streaming tool that does not consume a lot of CPU power, this software can be a good bet. Only with a keyboard shortcut, you can record a few minutes of gameplay. It is no surprise that Shadowplay has become an avid gamers’ favorite.

8. Twitch Studio

Twitch Studio

Twitch Studio has been around for a while and it has become a simple solution for live streaming. Working on Windows 7 and newer, this software allows you to go live a lot easier. Dedicated to streamers, this free software enables you to create creative contents and share with your community. With a simple setup and stream management, it helps make your dream come true.

Despite it being a free software, Twitch Studio has useful features. Let’s mention a simple setup for your webcam, monitor resolution green screen and even bitrate. The only purpose is to make your stream look and sound amazing. It also has customizable templates with overlays and layouts to personalize your stream.

This software is integrated with Twitch, so avid Twitch users must use this software. As it does not require extra plugins, everything you need to share creativity is at fingertips. For your convenience, this software comes with built-in activity feed, alerts and chat. Since Twitch Studio is completely free, hobbyists can choose it over OBS.

9. FFSplit


Last but not least, there is FFSplit as one of OBS alternatives. Being a freeware, this streaming software is completely free. It is currently not in active development but you can download the latest version on FFSplit official website. It offers basic elements of streaming software, allowing you to import graphics, adjust audio and switch between video sources.

The highlight is that it has built-in Virtual Cam support, which is commonly found on paid software. It makes FFSplit the only free streaming software that comes with this feature. Besides, the tool is highly optimized to deliver the best performance for improved live streaming experience.

With a simplified interface, it is suitable for beginners and users with all skill levels. The software is also ideal for hobbyists. Unfortunately, this tool is prone to bugs and unable to stream to certain sources due to the unfinished product.

There are many OBS alternatives that you can find on the market. Not only can you find free software, but also paid streaming software that offers advanced features such as vMix and Wirecast. Whether you are a hobbyist or professional user, pick one of alternatives above and be an excellent streamer.

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