10 Best Twitch Alternatives For Streaming

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Twitch Alternatives

As one of the leading live-streaming platforms, Twitch has millions of active users worldwide. It primarily focuses on video game streaming, making it a good choice for avid gamers. Unluckily, many streamers find that Twitch is no longer excellent due to guideline changes. For this reason, more and more users decide to find the best Twitch alternatives and migrate to better platforms.

Recently, Twitch gets added traffic that results in downtimes. It’s pretty annoying, especially when your video streaming is on progress. Not to mention it has constant controversy and also toxic chat that makes you tired. Thankfully, reliable substitutes are available out there. Simply pick the best Twitch alternatives below that offers similar functionality as Twitch and upgrade your gaming skills.

Best Twitch Alternatives for Avid Gamers

Finding the best substitute to Twitch is not a piece of cake as it already made a name for itself. However, that does not mean impossible to do. Many developers have launched trustworthy platforms for video game streaming, allowing avid gamers to make a switch. Keep scrolling through the following platforms and find one that suits you best.

1. YouTube Gaming

Best Twitch Alternatives: YouTube Gaming

From its name, it’s not hard to identify where this platform comes from. YouTube Gaming is basically like standard YouTube but it primarily focuses on video games. Launched by Google, this service is another tough competitor to Twitch and at the same time becomes one of the best Twitch alternatives to the streaming platform. Additionally, the services are pretty similar to YouTube so you won’t find difficulties when using it.

Let’s say that YouTube Gaming is a hub for game-related videos to upgrade your gaming skills. You can easily find soundtrack complications, walkthroughs, and live reviews for new-released games. It also has Recommended Spotlight as well as Trending Sections that remind you of Twitch. Using these features, you can search for desired content easily.

Though YouTube Gaming and Twitch share some similarities, they also have differences. For instance, YouTube Gaming shares audiences from YouTube who has general preferences. Meanwhile, Twitch has a game-oriented audience that focuses on gaming.

2. Facebook Gaming

Best Twitch Alternatives: Facebook Gaming

When it comes to game streaming platforms, Facebook isn’t the first choice that comes into your mind. But it’s important to note that Facebook Gaming has proven its ability to provide game streamers with capable streaming. This makes sense as eSport leagues have agreed with Facebook to become one of the official streaming platforms. That means you can enjoy eSports events right from this social media service.

Facebook Gaming is going to please you with eSport events such as Dota 2, ESL One, and many other tournaments. All you have to do is create a Facebook account and enjoy the game video streaming. As a bonus, you can also communicate with streamers for the interactive streaming experience.

3. Periscope


Twitter joined the battlefield as it bought Periscope back in 2015. Periscope is an app that enables users to stream live video from Android and iOS smartphones. As one of the best Twitch alternatives, it has been widely used around the globe. Thanks to tons of features that come along with this live streaming service.

With Periscope, users can stream from their handheld devices. You can also push the stream to your Twitter feeds in order to get optimum viewership. Just like Twitch and other services, Periscope offers interactive activity as it enables the viewers to interact in real-time. Viewers can add comments and leave likes while streaming videos.

Additionally, this streaming platform allows users to broadcast videos in their preferred mode, either landscape or portrait. It just gets better as you can save the finished streams to enjoy later. In case you have annoying viewers, the block feature enables you to block unwanted viewers. This feature, however, is also offered by Twitch.

4. Smashcast


To begin with, you can head for Smashcast to enjoy video game streaming. This platform boasts effective integration of HTML5 and JavaScript which gives the potential to provide an interactive and easy-to-use environment. This one of the best Twitch alternatives promises improved streaming experience for gamers in a simple way, ensuring the platform is accessible by gamers with any levels of skill.

Currently, Smashcast is a merge of Hitbox and Azubu that is serving a large number of users consisting of streamers, viewers, partners, and even tournament organizers. Offering a tailored feature set, this platform provides you with everything you need in one place. More importantly, Smashcast gives more opportunities for users to stay connected.

Though it’s initially brought to the gamers as HitBox, Smashcast is able to strive and make its own place in people’s hearts. Currently, this platform offers high-quality eSport streams, even better than Twitch. If you are tired of Twitch’s controversy or are simply bored with it, Smashcast is a great alternative to bring you a different streaming experience.

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5. UStream


UStream has been long known as Twitch’s toughest competitor. The streaming platform that is based in San Francisco boasts myriad features, providing gamers with a lot of conveniences. Not only does it allow you to view eSport events but it also offers talk shows, primarily about games and eSports. This service is currently used by LinkedIn, Facebook, and even NASA.

Despite Twitch and UStream are competing with each other, they have several similarities. As with Twitch, UStream is embedded into PlayStation 4. This enables you to stream right from the console. Besides, this platform supports IRL that has been trying to afford by Twitch. That means UStream offers something that you cannot find in Twitch.

You may have seen a lot of downtimes on Twitch and it makes you irritated. Worry not, UStream offers a better streaming service with rare downtime so you can enjoy video game streaming smoothly and undisturbed. This streaming service supports almost all major platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, iOs, and PS4.

6. Mixer


Formerly known as Beam, Mixer is launched by the giant tech company, Microsoft. This streaming platform focuses on gaming, providing avid gamers with live video streaming capability. Mixer offers exclusive features that enable the viewers to interact. If you are using an SDK, you can integrate this streaming service into games. It surely gives an added value to the platform.

As Mixer is launched by Microsoft, it is fully integrated into Microsoft’s plans. It makes no surprise that the platform is much more appealing to Windows 10 gamers and Xbox users. However, the fact that Mixer is only available for Windows and Xbox One becomes a minor drawback for this streaming service.

When it comes to features, Mixer is much like Twitch as it comes with featured streamers. Besides, you are allowed to search by specific categories such as games or channels. Thanks to multiple language support that enables users from different countries to enjoy this service. And the best thing to find from this platform is that you don’t need to install third-party software before streaming.

7. Mirrativ


Mirrativ is a live video streaming platform that is primarily used for smartphones, especially Android and iOS. This service combines social interactions, screen sharing, and mobile broadcasting into a single, versatile app. Using this platform, users can share or stream their screen and let audiences from around the world watch.

Among the good things about Mirrativ is that viewers can interact with the streamers in real-time. When you are live, your viewers can submit comments or ask questions. Additionally, they can also like the videos which will appear as stars on your screen. This feature makes the streaming experience more fun and interactive.

Compared to Twitch which requires you to install third-party software for streaming on smartphones, you don’t necessarily need to install any third-party app when using Mirrativ. This platform is highly practical, providing you with mobile streaming without being connected to a computer. Not to mention it allows you to share anything on your screen.

8. DLive


DLive is another Twitch substitute you should take into consideration. Much like Twitch, this streaming platform primarily focuses on action games. It offers tons of game videos, allowing you to watch different videos each and every day. This service is also available on Android, iPhone, and iPad.

What makes DLive unique is it uses blockchain technology, you as a content creator or viewer get rewarded by streaming or watching other streamers, and DLive takes zero from users’ donations and subscriptions. Because it uses blockchain technology, DLive uses cryptocurrency as payment.

9. YouNow


Another best substitute to Twitch is YouNow. The American live streaming platform enables users to stream live video or interact with others video in real-time. Launched in 2011, the broadcasting service handles thousands of broadcasts each day. Unlike Twitch that focuses on games, YouNow is more general as users can perform music, dance, or even jokes.

The social networking app is a tough competitor to Periscope, though some people believe that both of them have a different place in people’s hearts. YouNow is more preferred by young users as the majority of its streamers are under 24. Meanwhile, Periscope has a wider range of users.

YouNow offers a number of features to give the best streaming experience to each user. It features a tag-based topic system that allows viewers to search for preferred content easily. It also has a trending stream option that helps users locate popular webcasters. Luckily, YouNow is available in 15 languages so you won’t find a language barrier when using this streaming platform.

10. Caffeine

Caffeine TV

Caffeine is another best Twitch alternatives that enable users to update the latest gameplay. Although it’s a new platform, Caffeine manages to make its own way to popularity. Thanks to the many features that allow streamers to connect with viewers as well as obtain more viewers. Additionally, it also allows the users to find various broadcasts by other streamers.

However, it’s been reported that Caffeine works best only with Chrome. If you are using other browsers such as Edge or Firefox, it may show unresponsive pages.

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