11 Best Plank Challenge Apps for Android and iOS

by Haya Barnard

Best Plank Challenge Apps

Plank is a fat burning exercise that offers a quick way to lose weight, gain strength, and tone muscle. This workout has been popular among fitness enthusiasts both men and women. And if you are part of this group, you can try these 11 best plank challenge apps to burn fat fast at home.

Plank challenge apps are designed to help you do the exercise without a professional trainer. It provides you with different plank variations to achieve a variety of goals such as strengthening your core, lose weight, or burn belly fat. Scroll through and find your favorite apps!

Best Plank Challenge Apps for Android and iOS

When you browse for plank challenge apps on Google Play Store or App Store, dozens of applications are going to make you overwhelmed. Luckily, we have filtered the best plank challenge apps that are reliable to practice plank workout at home. Here is the list for you.

1. Plank Workout at Home

Plank Workout at Home

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

This award-winning plank challenge app can be a great choice to help you shed fat and gain strength without a personal trainer. It is loaded with a range of plank variations, mixing the static and dynamic planks to burn fat quickly and effectively. It only takes 7 minutes a day to shape your body.

Plank Workout at Home comes with 3 difficulty levels that fit all fitness levels. With a customizable training plan, this is an ideal workout app for both men and women. On top of that, it doesn’t require equipment so you can do it anywhere at any time.

There are several features to improve your workout experience such as customized workout reminders and weight loss tracker. It also has calories tracker to keep track of burned calories after the workout. Best of all, it provides detailed instructions and animation to guide you through each session.

2. Plank Workout

Plank Workout

Download on Google Play

Plank Workout is one of the best plank workout apps to achieve your goal. Whether you need to gain flat ABS or a strong core, this app helps you find your way. It has 10 different levels that increase as you progress, in addition to different plank types such as side plank, walking plank, and full plank.

Millions of people have trusted this app to improve muscle and improve posture at home. The 30-day plank challenge promises effective result with a 7-minute workout each day. Using this app, you don’t have to visit a gym or call a professional trainer to do plank workout.

How does this app help you? It provides plank exercises along with animation with different flexibility levels. Start from the lowest and tap Start Workout to get started. Follow the instructions through the workout session and burn calories.

3. Plank Timer

Plank Timer

Download on Google Play

If you are looking for the best free plank challenge app that allows quick exercise a day, Plank Timer could be it. This popular app offers a 5-minute combo to do plank workout with different positions, from full plank to elbow plank, to side plank.

Having this app downloaded on your Android smartphone enables you to enjoy the exercise without memorizing the steps. Follow the instructions and see how much time you have to complete the session. You can also share with friends to challenge or motivate them.

Plank Timer has an intuitive and simple interface, making it an easy-to-use application for anyone. Even if you are a beginner in plank workouts, this app comes with animation that helps you do the position correctly. It also features history to keep track of your plank workouts.

4. Plank Workout – 21 Day Plank Challenge

Plank Workout – 21 Day Plank Challenge

Download on Google Play

This is a great app to challenge yourself with 21-day plank workout. Designed for men and women, it helps you achieve flat ABS and strong core muscles. It provides a range of plank variations that suit all fitness levels. Whether you are a pro or beginner, you can take advantage of this tool.

It has everything you need to do plank workout. Plank counter helps you do the exercise without bothering with counting by yourself. And if you want to lose weight, exercise bar can be used to achieve your goal. There are many other features to get a better shape.

Training at home is getting easier with this best plank challenge app. It only takes 5 minute a day to do all the workouts and 21 days to see the results. Whether you need to burn fat, train muscles, or lose weight, Plank Workout is surely for you.

5. 30 Day Plank Challenge

30 Day Plank Challenge

Download on Google Play

Plank can transform your body shape. This exercise is super easy to use, not to mention it doesn’t require any equipment. And if you wish to maximize the result, downloading the 30 Day Plank Challenge can be a good start. It lets you challenge yourself and tone your muscle.

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This app keeps you focused on plank workout. It has different levels that increases as you are getting expert. The time spend for the exercise slowly increases to optimize muscle strength. After 30 days, you can finish the challenge and see the results

30 Day Plank Challenge highlights smart calendar to track your activity. Coming with easy instructions, you can follow the guide without a personal trainer. Reminder is also added to prevent you from skipping the workout sessions. Best of all, it is suitable for any ages.

6. Plank Workout – 30 Day Challenge for Weight Loss

Plank Workout – 30 Day Challenge for Weight Loss

Download on Google Play

There are so many types of exercise to lose weight but not all of them work for you. If you are not into vigorous workouts, plank could be the best option. This exercise is quite simple but effective to shed belly fat and lose weight. As a bonus, it can strengthen your core muscles and improve postures.

Plank Workout is an awesome app to challenge yourself. It is comprised of different plank techniques and instructions to help you gain flat ABS and toned limbs. And if you do it right, you can improve body shape after the challenge is finished.

This app comes packed with useful features, such as a variety of plank poses for weight loss and timer. If you are a beginner, take advantage of few-minute plank workouts to warm up before getting into the challenge. Do plank workout for 5 minutes a day and see how your body shape changes.

7. 5 Minute Plank ABS Challenge

5 Minute Plank ABS Challenge

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Coming with a complete set of features, this app allows you to improve your postures, strengthen all groups of muscles, and lose weight. With no gym equipment required, this free plank challenge app can be your best workout partner anywhere at any time.

It highlights history and charts to track your progress. The charts are designed with detailed information so you can understand your training better. Multiple programs allows beginners and veterans to use this app according to their fitness level.

While daily reminder alarm prevents you from skipping workout session each day, you can customize the sound, number of series, break time, and everything. Get more out of this workout app with a beautiful and simple interface.

8. 30 Day Plank Fitness Challenges Workout

30 Day Plank Fitness Challenges Workout

Download on the App Store

Can you accomplish 8 core exercise variations and 6 intense workouts? If you can handle it, this is an app to download on your iPhone. Challenge yourself with 30-day plank workouts to get in better shape. Coming with instructions, photos, and videos, it is suitable for women and men of any ages.

This plank app has much to offer. Not only can you find different plank variations, it also offers the best recipes to boost your fitness program. In addition, you can schedule workouts and choose the right time to get this done.

It is getting better with timer, allowing you to be honest with the exercise. And if you wish to calculate the BMI index, this app has got you covered. There are more other features such as weight tracker, reset, and push notification to keep you updated.

9. Plank – 30 Days of Challenge

Plank – 30 Days of Challenge

Download on the App Store

This is the best plank challenge app you can try at home. Designed to optimize your plank workouts, it is loaded with a myriad of features such as countdown and plank variations. This is a simple app to enjoy workouts without equipment or visiting a gym.

With a few minutes of exercise a day, you can tightens core muscles and burn calories. It also has weight tracker that lets you track weight during the program. On top of that, calendar is added to track workout log for 30 days of challenge.

If you are a newbie, no need to worry about it. The app is packed with instructional videos so you can do exactly the same position as instructed. After 30 days, you can be a plank expert and gain stronger muscles at a time.

10. 30 Day – Plank Challenge

30 Day – Plank Challenge

Download on the App Store

Available for iPhone and iPad, this is a great app to challenge yourself and exercise your core. In 30 days, you will need to do plank workouts as instructed in the app. If you need a motivation but don’t want to hire a professional trainer, this app could be your best company.

When it comes to key features, it has 30-day pre-programmed plank exercise to strengthen your core muscles. With six different levels of difficulty, it suits best for users with all fitness level. The difficulty increases as you are getting accustomed with the program.

Additionally, it reminds you to complete the challenge every day, thanks to reminder feature. It is also loaded with demo videos to help you do each movement.

11. 30 Day Plank Challenge

30 Day Plank Challenge

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Do you need a simple exercise plan for 30 days? This app provides you with 8 plank exercise variations and 6 different workouts to shed your fat and burn calories. The intensity slowly increases, making it a suitable app for users in any fitness level.

Using this app, you can track progress of plank workouts. If you want to motivate your friends, share your progress via social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Achieve your body goal with the 30 Day Plank Challenge.

With the best plank challenge app on your smartphone, you can do plank workouts from home. Don’t bother visiting the gym or buying expensive equipment because these exercise can tone your muscles free of charge.

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