11 Best WOD / CrossFit Apps for Android and iOS

by Emily Barrow

Best WOD / CrossFit Apps

CrossFit has been a popular workout regimen in recent years. The high-intensity exercise is considered effective to achieve greater gains since it combines elements from several sports. And if you are interested to start CrossFit, you will need the best CrossFit apps below installed on your device.

The right apps enable you to track your progress and monitor time intervals. Some apps are also packed with features that help you connect with other CrossFit athletes. Push yourself to the limit and pursue greater gains with the following apps!

Top CrossFit Apps for Android and iOS

We have wrapped up 11 most recommended apps to help you with CrossFit regimen. These apps offer different features so they can be used accordingly. Whether you are Android or iOS users, here are CrossFit apps to download.

1. Beyond the Whiteboard

Best WOD / CrossFit Apps: Beyond the Whiteboard

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

This is a world’s premier app to bring workout to the next level. BTWB has been trusted by millions of users worldwide, creating the largest fitness community to share. Simplified design and intuitive interface gives an added value to this best free CrossFit app.

Using this app, you can get daily programming with varied workouts. Four different versions can be opted according to your moods, either Without Equipment, Dumbell Only, Fitness, or Performance. BTWB will notify the result and you can post it for bragging.

Other key features include worldwide leaderboards that let you know your rating among other athletes, location tagging, and interaction with community. Plus, you can track grocery items, restaurant items and foods that support your program

2. SugarWOD

Best WOD / CrossFit Apps: SugarWOD

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Whether you are athletes or CrossFit box owner, SugarWOD is a versatile app to streamline your workout program. With thousands of users from all over the globe, this app not only track your workouts but also connect with friends.

For box owners, the best CrossFit app simplifies program management with its easy programming tool. It also supports the community inside and outside the gym, allowing athletes to connect with others. Coaches can also monitor performance of their members.

Athletes can use SugarWOD to prepare the workout of the day, record your workout results, and track your progress. Support your friends with fist bumps and motivational comments so they can achieve their goals.

3. WOD Roulette

WOD Roulette

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

If you are a newcomer, not knowing where to start is quite normal. But don’t worry. WOD Roulette is here to offer a little help. This useful app provides you with a random workout of the day so it becomes easier to start your fitness regimen.

Since CrossFit puts together several elements of workouts and fitness types, WOD Roulette is a great option to start. All you have to do is quite simple—click the roulette or shake your phone and see WODs it offers. There is a large collection of WODs in the library, from classic workouts to the new ones.

Among the vast library of workout types, there are max lifts, bodyweight movement, ladder style workout, team workouts, and much more. You can also try endurance regimen like running and biking for variation.



Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Personalize your workout with the best CrossFit app. With a claim to test and improve your mobility, this workout app is specifically designed for fitness athletes worldwide. Currently it has more than 600 thousand people from different countries.

GOWOD has mobility protocols that are adapted to your needs. With a mobility test feature, it allows you to discover your mobility score and strength. Plus, it will discover your weakness so you can address it with the right fitness type.

If you don’t have enough time, GOWOD comes with a flexibility to adapt to your available time. No more reasons to avoid your fitness regimen! This app is completely free for athletes. But if you wish to get more features, take benefits from a 14-day free trial with GOWOD premium.

5. SmartWOD Timer

SmartWOD Timer

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

SmartWOD Timer is a useful app to monitor your CrossFit training. With a simplified interface, using this app for cross training workouts comes easy. Choose either As many rounds as possible, Every minute on a minute, or Tabata HIIT interval training that meets your preference.

This app has much to offer. In addition to simplified interface and various timer options, it comes with simple navigation. It also helps keep yourself motivated, thanks to motivational sound support that burns your spirit to endure. As a bonus, it features a workout log to keep track of your workouts.

SmartWOD Timer is ideal for various fitness regimens, including CrossFit. If you are working with other workout programs like weightlifting or functional fitness, this is a versatile timer app to download on your device.

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6. WOD Book

WOD Book

Download on Google Play

Available for Android devices, WOD Book is a great way to upgrade your CrossFit regimen. This application enables you to keep track of daily workouts, thanks to logging feature that is designed intuitively to create a beautiful experience.

With WOD Book, you will have access to your Box directly from the smartphone. You will also get WOD feeds to upgrade your knowledge about the workouts. If you wish to share your activity with other members and see the result, this best CrossFit app is integrated to Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

When it comes to highlighted features, WOD Book has many others to mention. It has a complete collection of timers that cover distinct workout types, personal record management, and 1 Rep Max calculations that come with 7 different formulas.

7. CrossFit News

CrossFit News

Download on Google Play

All the information you need to know about CrossFit and sports in general is here. CrossFit News is a perfect way to keep yourself updated not only with the latest information but also rumors and gossips. You will also find tips, advice, and nutrition to achieve your goal with the workout program.

CrossFit News is like a digital magazine that puts everything about workouts at your fingertips. With a clean and easy to use interface, this application lets you enjoy news feed every morning. Its news sources include Crossfit.com, Breaking Muscle, Barbell Shrugged, and other trustworthy sites.

When it comes to features, CrossFit News has a lot to offer. In addition to the latest updates about workouts, it notifies you when new information has arrived. You can also get multiple WODs, workout tips, nutritional information, and more.

8. 30 Day Fitness Challenge

30 Day Fitness Challenge

Download on Google Play

30 Day Fitness Challenge is not specifically designed for CrossFit but it works well to help you with this regimen. With more than 10 million installs on Google Play Store, it is scientifically proven to help enhance health and fitness. Thanks to workout programs that are designed by professional coaches.

As one of the best CrossFit apps, 30 Day Fitness Challenge is suitable for everyone. It is packed with 3 challenges, each challenge has different difficulty levels. Even if you are a newbie, it helps increase the intensity of exercise step by step.

You will also like detailed video guides that make you feel like having workout with a personal trainer. Plus, it has a reminder that reminds you do workout every day. Let your social media friends know your progress through sharing feature.

9. CrossFit Games

Best WOD / CrossFit Apps: CrossFit Games

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Whether you want to be the part of CrossFit competition or simply want to get the latest update, CrossFit Games is surely for you. Developed by CrossFit, Inc., it gives you access to the largest fitness competition.

With this app, you will be notified with new workouts are released. The update comes along with movement standards and workout details so you can join the competition. Submit your scores, compare with other athletes on the leaderboard, and track your workout progress.

If you don’t want to join the competition, simply view the games and track your favorite athletes. The leaderboards will constantly update where the athletes stack up locally and internationally. With three games available, CrossFit Games is a great way to stay in the loop about workouts.

10. WODster


Download on Google Play

WODster is among the best CrossFit apps for helping you start CrossFit. There are hundreds of WOD benchmarks to choose from, allowing you to push yourself to the limit. Get greater gains with various but not random WODs every day.

You can also personalize the workouts and write your own WODs. Add photo of a whiteboard and results so you can easily keep track of the workouts. To help you monitor workout time, WODster is packed with custom timers that vary from TABATA to stopwatch, to countdown.

If you are a newcomer in the fitness regimen, chances are that you don’t know how to start. Don’t worry, this versatile app will give you random workouts. Increase the intensity of your exercise step by step and achieve your goal.

11. 30 Day Fitness at Home

30 Day Fitness at Home

Download on the App Store

If you want to workout without leaving home, this app could be your personal trainer. 30 Day Fitness at Home is designed with fitness and health in mind, providing you with effective workout program to give you results in 30 days. Professional fitness coaches are behind this amazing fitness application

It has plenty of features to improve your health. 30 Day Fitness at Home records your training progress, allowing you to keep track of workout improvement. If you have busy days, this app sends you reminder to workout every day for greater gains.

Without the need for hiring a personal trainer, this app is packed with video guides. Simply follow the video and you will be able to do the workouts correctly.

With the best CrossFit apps above, improving your health and fitness is getting simpler. Get your favorite app and start a healthy life from now.

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