12 Best Stretching Apps for Android and iOS

by Haya Barnard

Best Stretching Apps

Stretching plays a major role in relieving pain and improving flexibility. While some people may overlook this exercise, others realize its importance and start seeking the best stretching apps. However, finding apps that focus on stretching and flexibility exercise could be a bit challenging.

A good stretching app should include different stretches, contain easy to follow description and videos, and has a tracker to track your progress. For a better user experience, the stretching app should have an in-app timer.

12 Top Stretching Apps for Android and iOS

We have collected 12 top stretching applications to ease your tension and promote flexibility. The following apps come with different features, some are better than the others. Choose an app that suits your needs!

1. StretchIt


Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

StretchIt is among the best apps for promoting flexibility and reaching your goal. On this app you can find world-class instruction, easy to follow videos with voice cues, and flexibility challenges. There are many other features to find such as personalized training recommendation and progress tracking.

This app includes thousands of flexibility exercises that combine pilates, yoga, gymnastics, and other stretching workouts. With more than 40 hours of content, it is brilliantly easy to find classes that meets your needs. Whether you are a beginner or pro, StretchIt has the right flexibility workout to follow.

Additionally, this tool is supported by an experienced instructor who will guide you. The instructor combines passion, knowledge, and extensive expertise to provide you with the best flexibility training method. And don’t forget this app has flexibility challenges to help achieve your goal.

2. Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga

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Brought to you by Daily Yoga Team, this fitness app has everything you need for stretching. It may not be specifically designed to stretch your muscle but most yoga movements can promote your flexibility and mobility. That’s why Daily Yoga has been trusted by millions of users worldwide.

This app includes yoga challenges for all levels. If you are a beginner, it provides guided classes that makes it easier to learn yoga from the basic. As you progress, advanced classes guided by world-class teachers are available to hone your skills, balance, and flexibility.

Using Daily Yoga gives access to a vast yoga community who will be happy to share their advice and experience. You can also choose between 40 coaches with different specializations, such as weight loss, flexibility, sleep and relaxing, and much more. Plus, it has a tracker to help track your exercises.

3. Stretching Exercises at Home

Stretching Exercises at Home

Download on Google Play

This is one of the useful apps developed by Leap Fitness Group, a popular health and fitness app developer. The name indicates that you’ll find stretching exercises for different purposes such as pain relief and morning warm up. It is also a great stretching app for runners that offers pre-run warm up.

Not only does it help increase flexibility, but it also works effectively to avoid injury and reduce muscle soreness. Stretching exercise can also relieve pain, decrease stress, and improve blood circulation. To reach the goal, it’s necessary to follow the instruction and practice stretching as instructed.

In addition to stretching exercises with voice coach and video demonstrations, it features calorie tracker to track your progress. It also includes a workout reminder to make sure you don’t miss a session. Plus, there is a beautiful chat that helps track your weight trends, which is important for weight loss program.

4. Flexibility Training & Stretching Exercise at Home

Flexibility Training & Stretching Exercise at Home

Download on Google Play

Next on the list, Fitify Apps released a cool stretching and flexibility app to practice at home. Practicing these stretching exercises helps increase your flexibility, muscle control, and mobility. With 4 unique workouts, this best free stretching app easily meets your stretching preferences.

Choose between full body stretching, lower body stretching, upper body stretching, or back stretching that you need the most. With HD video and voice cues, it acts as a personal trainer who helps you with the exercises. No equipment is needed so you can easily do it at home.

Do you want to build your own exercise? It comes packed with a custom workouts feature that enables you to customize exercises, duration, and intervals. What’s more, it offers offline version that allows you to practice without internet connection. This fantastic app works well for men and women of all ages.

5. Flexibility & Stretching App by Fitness Coach

Flexibility & Stretching App

Download on Google Play

While some people spend a lot for hiring a personal coach, this application helps simplify your budget. It features 30-day plan challenges with more than 100 video exercises to improve your flexibility. Whether you are beginner or advanced, it has six different difficulty levels to meet your preferences.

Installing this app on your device is like having a personal trainer on the go. Built by expert fitness trainers, it provides you with easy to follow exercises that don’t need equipment. All workout programs are designed to meet your needs, just make sure to choose a training session that suits you.

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Just in case you need to customize the workout, this best stretching app has got you covered. You can easily build a custom workout by choosing your favorite movement. There is also calorie tracker and Google Fit integration to enjoy a better user experience.

6. Healthy Spine & Straight Posture

Healthy Spine & Straight Posture

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Neck pain and back pain is often caused by bad posture and tension. Now you can say farewell to this pain and gain straight posture as well as a healthy spine. Thanks to Healthy Spine & Straight Posture app that includes workout programs to improve spine strength and relieve back and neck pain.

Using this app, you can do exercise for a few minutes each day from stretching hips to lumbar spine muscles and shoulders. All the workouts are clinically proven to promote healthier spine and better posture, not to mention it is suitable for users of all ages and skill levels.

No equipment is needed to stretch using this app. Simply choose a workout plan from easy, normal, to hard plan. Once you decided, follow the instruction videos and see how it helps align your bones and increase muscle flexibility.

7. Pilates Workout Routine

Pilates Workout Routine

Download on Google Play

This Pilates workout program could be the best flexibility app you could ask for. Developed by mEL Studio, it allows you to practice Pilates and flexibility exercises at home. There are 3 different plans to choose from, including Beginner, Maintain Shape, and also Body Strength.

Installing this app is like having a personal coach in your pocket. Whenever you need to stretch, simply choose a difficulty level and follow the instructions on the phone screen. If you are a beginner, six different programs are available to strengthen your muscle and improve flexibility.

More features to find in this app include detailed video and description, virtual instructor to help you accomplish the program, and custom workout. There is also a statistics system that records your progress and achievement. Just try this app and see how it changes your life.

8. Stretching Exercise by mEL Studio

Stretching Exercise by mEL Studio

Download on Google Play

From the same developer as Pilates Workout Routine, Stretching Exercise is a great training app for flexibility. With a set of workout programs, you can get a better body flexibility within 30 days. Once this program accomplished, it also corrects your posture and makes you energetic.

Stretching Exercise offers 3-month plan consisting of different workout plans, including basic stretch, morning exercise, and super flexibility. Each session takes a few minutes so you don’t have to spend much time on this flexibility training.

Like its flexibility app counterparts, it contains easy to follow instructions, audio, and videos. Follow your virtual coach for everyday stretch workout and gain the benefits. Join millions of people worldwide and trust your flexibility workouts to Stretching Exercise app.

9. Warm Up & Cool Down

Warm Up & Cool Down

Download on Google Play

Preparing your muscles before doing vigorous workout is needed for the best performance. Warm Up & Cool Down is an interesting app by Fitify that helps you warm up, cool down, and stretch. Featuring HD videos and voice cue, doing workouts at home is like guided by professional trainers.

If you need to stay healthy but don’t have time to visit a gym or simply need to save budget, this app has got you covered. Thanks to 65 exercises included in this app, allowing you to perform different workouts each day from warm up to cool down. No equipment is needed!

Besides workout programs, this app is featured with calorie tracking using your personal data. It also enables you to customize workouts from the library so you can focus on certain body parts. And don’t forget it has in-app timer to help you time each movement.

10. Start Stretching

Start Stretching

Download on the App Store

Start Stretching could be your best virtual stretching coach to improve flexibility. Designed for beginners, it becomes an entry point to the flexibility training. It comes packed with a routine for beginner level to promote health and flexibility in 10 minutes each day.

On this app you can find easy to follow basic stretches with video and description. It also enables you to adjust difficulty by configuring stretch duration. Statistics tracking and automatic cycling are also available to improve user experience.

11. Stretch & Flexibility at Home

Stretch & Flexibility at Home

Download on the App Store

Designed for iPhone, this stretch app allows you to perform flexibility exercises at home. With 4.9 ratings on the App Store, it has been trusted by millions of users to improve body flexibility, relieve pain, and ease muscle tension. With regular stretch 2-3 times a week, you will also gain a better body posture.

There are different stretching workouts brought to your table, including stretching for pre-run warm up, post-run cool down, and neck & shoulder stretch. And if you have a problem with back pain, lower back stretch could be an ideal exercise to try.

12. Pilates Workout Routines by Fitivity

Pilates Workout Routines by Fitivity

Download on the App Store

This is a beginner to advanced workouts program to develop your strength. It focuses on hips, abdomen, and the back to strengthen these muscle groups and improve flexibility. Featuring multiple training programs, you can easily switch between programs as desired.

The free version is equipped with offline and online workouts, audio guidance, and customized workouts. You will also find HD videos that helps you follow each workout without a real personal trainer.

13. Stretching & Flexibility Plans

Stretching & Flexibility Plans

Download on the App Store

Whenever you have time and wherever you are, this app helps enhance your body flexibility with stretching workouts. This program contains more than 100 customizable exercises that can be performed almost anywhere, such as at the office or at home.

It also has more than 50 healthy menus for maintaining your overall health. With progress tracking, you can easily monitor the difference each day.

The best stretching apps are all you need to relieve pain and promote body flexibility. Find a stretching program that suits your preferences and start stretching.

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