11 Best Trucker Apps for Android and iOS

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Trucker Apps for Android and iOS

Living on the road can be tough for truckers. Luckily, there are trucker apps that are designed to support your career as professional truck drivers. But with a long list of apps out there, it can be overwhelming to point out the best trucker apps that are useful.

While most truckers don’t have enough time to scroll through pages, we offered a little help by providing a list of the best apps for truck drivers. Simply take a closer look at the following list and you will have enough references to make a good decision. Check this out!

Best Trucker Apps for Android and iOS

Trucker apps don’t have to be serious. While some apps are designed for navigation, others are developed to relieve your stress. Truckers may also need a weather forecast app to plan their journey.  Find the best truck driver apps and pick one that meets your needs.

1. Next Trucking

Best Trucker Apps: Next Trucking

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Next is an app that simplifies your life. With its claim to make freight painless, it helps drivers find and book load with ease. The truck-centric app works like a freight marketplace that allows professional drivers to increase their earnings and streamline their work.

This app is loaded with features, such as trip bundling technology that significantly reduce empty miles. It also has Available Loads option that makes it easier to view different loads types, thus you can pick one that suits your preferences.

Next is one of few trucker apps that have chat features. Simply access the help center right from the app and get answers to your issues. For your convenience, this tool supports three different languages. Set the app either in Spanish, Chinese, and English as preferred.

2. TransParking


Download on Google Play

TransParking is one of the best free trucker apps for showing nearest parking lots for trucks. It shows vacant space of truck parking on the route and allows user to report the occupancy thus other drivers can get into it. You will also receive facilities available in the locations like toilet, shower, and Wi-Fi.

This best trucker app has a large community that helps update the database of the app on an ongoing basis. More than 60 thousand active users can share information about new car parks, comment on existing lots, and rate them.

On top of that, TransParking has other features like finding parking space based on your needs. Whether you are looking for a truck park with petrol station you need or favorite restaurants, this app has you covered. Join the massive community of truck drivers and share with others.

3. TruckChat


Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

You might want to message other truck drivers without revealing your identity. TruckChat could possibly be the best app to install on your device. It lets you anonymously post and view messages on the journey so you can communicate about any matters like parking availability or freight.

Using this trucker app is very simple. No need to sign up with emails or log in, you will be connected to other users once it is installed on your phone. You can start posting, viewing messages, or responding to other drivers. The best part is that it is completely free of charge.

Why should be anonymous? Because the app allows you to focus on the communication rather than who are using this app. Besides, going anonymous lets you feel free when posting or responding to other’s question. As a bonus, TruckChat is super easy to use with a user-friendly interface.

4. Highway Weather

Highway Weather

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

If there is a thing that can disrupt your trip, it is possibly weather. Highway Weather is one of the best trucker apps that inform you about weather forecasts you need so you can make a better preparation before leaving. Once you know the forecasts, it will be easier to plan a long journey.

All the information will be displayed in an understandable display. Thanks to simplified interface that promises easy access. Highway Weather is loaded with many features, all are available for free. Among them, there is unlimited trip length you can plan with this app.

It also allows you to add rest stops along the trips, sends bad weather alerts along the route, and global weather forecasts. No matter your destinations, this app can provide you with weather forecasts. And if you cannot decide when to depart, it will offer recommendations.

5. GPS For Truckers

GPS Truck Navigation

Download on Google Play

Finding a route for trucks can be frustrating, especially if you are new in the area. But don’t worry, this app is specially designed for truck drivers to provide easy truck routing. It enables you to travel safely even with heavy loads at the back of the vehicle.

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This best free trucker apps is designed with efficiency and safety in mind. Featuring GPS navigation system, this app helps you avoid low bridge or roads that are illegal for trucks. Not to mention it will also calculate the distance and offer a route to save fuel and time.

Before traveling with this app, choose a profile configuration based on your truck. It should include truck length, height, width and weight. You should also give clear information about goods you are carrying. Thus, GPS For Truckers can provide the best route based on your truck profile.

6. Trucker’s Digest

Trucker’s Digest

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Trucker’s Digest is a free app dedicated for truck drivers. From Trucker’s Digest magazine, this app provides all the information related to trucker’s life on the road. You will find interviews with thousands of truckers who share their stories to keep the country moving.

Besides, this best trucker app shares information updates from the trucking industry, allowing drivers to stay up to date. And if you are looking for recruiter contacts and hiring information to boost your career, Trucker’s Digest has what you need.

Intuitive design and user-friendly interface makes this digital magazine easy to use. Whether you are on idle time or simply need to read the latest updates from the industry, this app has you covered. This is a source of knowledge you need to be a professional truck driver.

7. Trucker Path ELD Pro

Trucker Path ELD Pro

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Keeping track of your hours of service can be daunting especially if you are working with paper. Switch to digital logbook and upgrade your HoS tracking with Trucker Path ELD Pro. This convenient app is specifically designed to streamline your work and simplify tracking of service hours.

The electronic logbook is very simple and easy to use. It is also reliable to keep you compliant to DOT and FMCSA. Thanks to a number of features loaded in this app, such as electronic document delivery, post-DOT inspection report, and DVIR.

Trucker Path ELD Pro also comes with several key features like GPS tracking, violation alert, fuel tracker, and even vehicle diagnostics. Plus, it comes packed with fleet management system, roadside inspection, and of course, hours of service.

8. Trucker Tools

Best Trucker Apps: Trucker Tools

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Professional truckers should have this tool as their trip partner. This is a useful app that enables you to find and book premium load as well as plan your route. It allows you to find cost-efficient fuel pricing and truck stops on the route with efficiency in mind.

Trucker Tools app is equipped with Loads icon that lets you book loads directly from your smartphone. Don’t let other drivers keep your truck from moving, thanks to Book-It-Now feature that promises 24/7 loads booking. But before booking a load, always check the rate the broker wants to pay.

There are many other key features to enjoy from Trucker Tools, such as Truck Washes that provide you information about nearby truck wash; Truck Stop Guide that informs you about available truck stops on the route; Rest Areas, Medical Care, and even Walmart finder.

9. Drivewyze


Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

How about saving your time by bypassing weigh stations? Drivewyze is a versatile app specially designed for Android and iOS devices. It works well to detect weigh stations nearby and send alerts to the drivers when they are 2 miles away. This is how you can save time and money.

Not only does the best trucker app alert drivers for weigh stations, it also notifies when there are mobile inspection sites on the route. When your truck is one mile away, the app will notify you to bypass or pull in. Don’t worry, this app has been approved by more than 35 state law enforcement agencies.

Drivewyze provides a 30-day free trial. Join the hassle free registration and see how it changes your driving experience. If you find this app useful for saving time and money, subscribe to continue. If not, the trial will not auto renew.

10. Trucker Path

Best Trucker Apps: Trucker Path

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

If you want to install a trucker app with millions of users, Trucker Path GPS and Maps could be a good name to mention. This is one of the most popular apps for truck drivers, thanks to versatile key features that bring amazing life on the road.

The app not only has a GPS that navigates your trip but also other features like truck stops, parking availability, and weigh stations. You can also take benefit from  It wraps up everything you need for an efficient truck drive.

11. Truckers Delight

Truckers Delight

Download on the App Store

How about playing a fun game during your idle? Truckers Delight is a great app for truck drivers. The game is about a lone truck driver that took a journey through America. Enjoy an adrenaline rush from a pursuit of a blonde bombshell see how it relieves your stress

Coming with old-school visual, it makes you feel like playing a game from decades ago. Enjoy not only awesome soundtrack but also bonuses! Whenever you feel tense, play this game and have fun.

The best trucker apps should be able to improve your truck driving experience. Install these apps and get a better life on the road.

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