10 Best Free WinRAR Alternatives

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Free WinRAR Alternatives

WinRAR is among the most useful software ever developed. This program supports compress and decompression, allowing you to easily share files with a smaller size. Although it provides a trial version, WinRAR is basically a paid program. If you need software with compress-decompress capability but find that WinRAR doesn’t meet your preferences, the best free WinRAR alternatives are worth the thought.

A number of developers out there have released different programs to help compress and decompress files without paying a penny. Unfortunately, choosing the best one can be overwhelming as they look just fine and offer great features. If you’re not picky enough, you may end up downloading scams that don’t work properly as you imagined. Don’t wait until it happens to you and check out these WinRAR alternatives!

Best Free WinRAR Alternatives – Best Picks

You don’t have to be a computer geek to find the best alternatives to WinRAR. Below, you are about to find the top 10 free WinRAR alternatives that work well on your PC. These tools are free, so you can easily download and use them. Keep scrolling through the following list and make your choice!

1. 7-Zip


7-Zip is a cross-platform software that brings the convenience of compressing and decompressing files. This open-source program is free to download, providing you with much flexibility when using the software. As with WinRAR, the tool is designed to create and open archives so you can rely on this program to handle any archives. Interestingly, 7-Zip is claimed to give 10% better compression than other software.

When you compress a folder to 7z format using this program, you will obtain up to 70 percent of compression. The 7z is the proprietary system format of the program which supports easier compression. Thankfully, this format is now supported by other platforms and software. What else can the software do? Well, it can unzip compressed folders that come in a variety of formats.

7-Zip is an excellent alternative that brings a lot of conveniences. The software is pretty lightweight, as small as 1MB. Besides, it works with system resources without importing outside materials that slow down your computer. If you looking for a free WinRAR alternative for Mac OS, 7-Zip also developed WinRAR alternative for Mac named Keka, it’s official 7-Zip for Mac.

2. PeaZip


PeaZip is another excellent program to substitute WinRAR. Despite the program being completely free, it comes with functional features to help handle your files and folders. The users are also allowed to manage their files effectively for a better experience. The program supports Linux and Windows only, so Mac users must find other alternatives.

PeaZip brings basic yet useful features to open and create compressed files. Among the best features offered by this software is a password manager that enables you to set a master password for all files. It also comes with compression options that allow you to open over 150 types of files and compress them to your file. Some of the supported formats are 7Z, ARC, and BZip2.

When it comes to file size and performance, PeaZip is more than acceptable. It consumes only 10MB of your computer space, so older computers and laptops can work well with this program. It may be not the fastest program but it works well to replace WinRAR. Read also: Best Free WinZip Alternatives.

3. B1 Free Archiver

WinRAR Alternatives : B1 Free Archiver

If you are looking for a great tool with simple functionality, B1 Free Archiver is surely for you. This free program supports a few platforms such as Linux and Windows. It also works well on Android so you can download this software in your handheld device. What makes it attractive is that B1 Free Archiver supports online and offline archivers for ultimate convenience.

The online archiver is useful especially when you can’t download the program on PC. It comes in handy, simply open the archiver from your browser, upload the files or folders then download the compressed version. But if you want to download the software, be sure to uncheck the add-on installations to prevent unwanted adware.

B1 Free Archiver supports a variety of ZIP formats such as 7z, rar, jar, b1, and many others. Beginners can easily use this software as it comes with a simple interface, though some users find that it’s too basic. But if you don’t mind with how it looks, B1 Free Archiver is a trustworthy alternative to WinRAR.

4. ExtractNow

WinRAR Alternatives : ExtractNow

Avid Windows users can rely on ExtractNow to substitute WinRAR. This program is specifically designed for Windows 98 and later, so you should check your Windows version before downloading it. The tool is totally free and it doesn’t provide a paid version. However, it works pretty nice to compress and decompress files and folders.

A clean, simple, and intuitive interface make ExtractNow a great choice for beginners. It supports major ZIP formats, though some of them can’t be handled by this software. To compress a file, all you have to do is drag and drop the files and let the tool do the rest. Or else, you can right-click the file in Explorer and click ExtractNow.

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There are many good things to find from this program. Not only does it support a handful of ZIP formats, but it also comes with versatile features. For instance, it allows you to set an automatic folder in which any extracted files will be saved. Or else, you can also choose the path manually.

5. Hamster Zip Archiver

Hamster Zip Archiver

Hamster Zip Archiver is one of the best free WinRAR alternatives for Windows computers. The free software offers a simple and intuitive design as well as easy navigation, so you won’t spend a lot of time learning about this program. Despite its free price, Hamster Zip Archiver brings tons of features to improve your compress-decompress experience.

Compared to other programs, this archiver only supports a few ZIP formats. It can only handle 7z and ZIP files only, giving you limitations when making new archives. And yet, the software still allows you to open a variety of formats.

Another lack found in this program is language issues. Some users find that the installer uses Russian instead of English, making the installation process quite challenging. Overall, Hamster Zip Archiver is a nice tool to download especially if you don’t want to spend a dime for WinRAR.

6. Bandizip


Are you looking for a free tool without adware or malware addition? Bandizip can be a great choice to download and it’s one of the best WinRAR alternatives. This program enables you to scan for viruses before opening, ensuring file safety to save your computer from getting infected. Additionally, the program supports multi-core compression so it can deliver faster performance, especially in a high-end computer.

Bandizip features an easy-to-use interface, giving a nice experience for beginners. It also supports most compression formats, including rar, zip, 7z, and zipx. The program is specially designed for Windows, specifically Windows 7 and later. How about the security aspect? Bandizip is trustworthy and safe as it uses the most secure encryption algorithms.

Although it is free, Bandizip boasts a lot of features such as preview contents. This feature enables you to preview compressed contents simply by right-clicking in the files. No extraction is needed so you can ensure the safety of your computer. Additionally, it supports multi-languages such as Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and Korea.

7. Zipware


Zipware makes your compress-decompress activity much simpler and efficient. This great tool brings a handful of features that make this software more functional than you think. It has flashy, colorful buttons that contain all the options you would need. It’s quite surprising to know that this program is completely free to download and use. Learners will find that Zipware is very easy to use.

As with Bandizip, Zipware comes with the ability to scan for viruses. The highlight feature allows you to maintain computer health and prevent virus infection. This software is kind of good news for Windows users as it is specifically designed for this platform. Make sure your computer runs Windows XP or higher.

Zipware supports major archiving formats, including rar, rar5, and 7zip. It also supports Linux archive formats such as gzip and tar. The program is designed to deliver stable and fast performance, allowing you to handle large archives with ease. Thankfully, Zipware is pretty lightweight with file size as small as 3.0MB.

8. Ashampoo Zip

Ashampoo Zip

When you are looking for a WinRAR alternative, Ashampoo Zip is included on the list. This compression program is compact and powerful, supporting more than 60 different formats to create and extract archives such as arc, rar, zip, xpi, and many more. The software is renowned for its fast and reliable performance with multicore support for faster processes. Luckily, the ZIP engine is suitable for beginners and expert users.

Not only does it offer traditional features such as opening and creating archives, but it also allows you to create self-extracting files. It helps repair corrupted archives, a feature rarely found in a free program. The new version comes with cloud browsers that enable easy upload to various cloud services such as Google Drive, One Drive, and Dropbox.

Another amazing feature brought by Ashampoo Zip is the preview function. It allows you to preview archive files without extracting to the computer and it works for the first 5 files. Other highlighted features include fast speed, 4K display support, and no additional software required. Overall, Ashampoo Zip is a great tool to handle compression.

9. BreeZip


If you are working with common archive formats, BreeZip is a pretty good alternative for WinRAR. This compression software supports popular formats such as tar, gzip, rar, zip, and 7zip. The tool can help extract archive files without problems.

BreeZip comes with a wide array of features to improve your compress-decompress experience. Aside from creating and opening archive files, it also comes with other functions such as browse, view, and extract files. To ensure your file security, Breezip is equipped with password functionality that lets you create password-protected archives.

10. Quick Zip

Quick Zip

Last but not least, you have Quick Zip on the list. This WinRAR alternative is totally free but it delivers powerful and fast performance. It supports a handful of archive formats, including zip, rar, and 7zip. The software features a multi-pane interface that allows you to see files, folders, and properties easily. Thanks to the Help manual that gives assistance to new users.

Additionally, Quick Zip features drag and compress that offers a quick compression. You can also specify the compression levels, add comments, or do other actions by clicking a button. If you want to use default values, this best free WinRAR alternative can easily handle it.

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