How to Delete Telegram Account Permanently

by Hashir Zuniga

How to Delete Telegram Account Permanently

As a widely used chat app, Telegram offers tons of excitement. But for some reason, you may want to quit and delete your Telegram account. Unluckily, this app isn’t equipped with a built-in delete button so you have to find out how to delete Telegram account permanently.

Once your account is deleted, you won’t be able to access it. All the data will be erased and it cannot be retrieved. If you accept the consequences and insist to keep going, find anything you need to know about deleting Telegram account right here!

How to Use Telegram’s Self-Destruct

By default, Telegram deletes any accounts that are inactive for 6 months. This term that can be adjusted on setting, so you should wait before this self-destruct feature works. The terms ranges from 1 month to a full year.

If you don’t want to delete the account manually, this is the best alternative to get rid of the Telegram account. Here’s how to adjust inactivity duration before your account self-destruct:

  • Open Telegram app on your mobile device.
  • Tap the menu button with three bar icons. It should be in the top-left corner of the screen. 
  • Choose Settings
  • Then tap Privacy & Security and scroll down until you find the Advanced option.

Scroll down until you find Advanced option.

  • Choose Delete My Account If Away For

Choose Delete My Account If Away For

  • Pick an inactivity duration that you wish.

Pick an inactivity duration that you wish

Once inactivity duration is adjusted, you can leave Telegram before it’s deleted by the system. However, it’s not possible to deactivate Telegram account temporarily. This option isn’t available so all you can do is leave the account inactive.

How to Delete Telegram Account via Web

So let’s say that you cannot wait for a month until the account should self-destruct. If you want to delete the profile as soon as possible, Telegram requires you to access them on the website. This is because delete tool isn’t present on apps.

Here’s how to delete Telegram account permanently via website:

  • Go to from web browser on mobile device or desktop. This page allows you to delete account or manage apps.

Go to

  • Enter a phone number that you use for Telegram. It should be in the international format.

Enter a phone number

  • If the provided phone number is correct, you’ll receive a message. It should come with a confirmation code.
  • Enter the code to the provided field and choose the Sign In button.
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Enter the code to the provided field and choose Sign In button

  • Click Delete Account.

Click Delete Account

  • Now you’ll be asked why you want to leave. You can submit the reason or simply leave it blank and choose Done.
  • Click Yes, delete my account if you see a warning popup.
  • Now your account is deleted.

The fact that you no longer have a Telegram account, you won’t be able to contact friends using this chat app. If you ever change mind, you’ll have to wait for a while before Telegram lets you create a new account.

Consequences When You Delete Telegram Account

Deleting Telegram account has some consequences. Before making a decision you’ll regret, take a closer look at the following risk of deleting account.

1. Lose Chats and Data

When your account is deleted, the system will erase all of your data, including messages, contacts, stickers, and anything. But if you ever built a channel or group, it will stay and the existing administrator will be able to control the group or channel.

2. Inability to Setup New Account with the Same Number

After deactivating your Telegram account, you won’t be able to set up a new account using the same phone number. You’ll have to wait for a few days before the system lets you to do so. 

3. The Termination Is Irreversible

The termination of account is irreversible, which means you cannot reclaim your username. In the event you sign up with the same number, you’ll have to find a new username. You won’t be able to retrieve chat history, or contacts. But people with your contact will be notified.

How to Backup Data before You Leave

Since Telegram will delete all of your data, you might need to back up the data before leaving. If you have important messages or contacts, simply take benefits from the export Telegram data option. With this feature, you can export data, such as messages, contacts, and stickers and save it in the computer.

Here’s how to export data from Telegram:

  • Download and install Telegram app on your Mac or PC, then sign in using your phone number.
  • Click Menu options with three-bars icon, then choose Settings.
  • Scroll down and navigate to Export Telegram Data.
  • Select that option and choose data you want to export.
  • Click Export and wait until your PC completes the extraction. It depends on your internet connection.

When picking the data, you may include channels, chats, videos, GIFs, and much more. Be sure you don’t leave important data behind.

That’s how to delete Telegram account permanently. Whatever your reason, Telegram allows you to deactivate the profile, be it using inactivity period or manual deactivation. If you have important data, make sure to back up the chats and data before leaving.

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