13 Best Daemon Tools Alternatives

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Daemon Tools Alternatives

Daemon Tools might be the most used disk imaging program across platforms. The program is available for both Windows and Mac users. Seeing that Windows use still dominates a large percentage of computer users (by 76.5% in 2020), the number is significant. However, many people search for best Daemon Tools alternatives.

Although this program is very useful, not everyone finds it easy to use. Moreover, there are some limitations that users find when using the free version. To obtain a more robust use, people should subscribe to its pro tool. This fee can be expensive to many users around the globe.

Why Do People Use Daemon Tools?

In the past, people mostly obtained computer programs through an external disk (particularly in the form of CDs and DVDs). However, this form of data is not accessible to everyone as there are devices that do not have CD insertion space. In addition, such disks are prone to physical damages.

People use programs like Daemon Tools to create copies out of physical disks. Such programs convert disk data into a digital format. Thus, the file will be easier to transfer from one device to another. It also prevents broken files due to damages on the disk.

Common Issues with Daemon Tools Usage

Users are looking for a free Daemon Tools alternative for more reasons. First of all, it is noticeable that the program occupies a significant chunk of the desktop computer’s RAM. When running the software, it is difficult for users to run other programs smoothly. If they push it, the device will experience lagging.

Another problem that people run with its use is its level of difficulty. A less skillful computer user will find operating the program rather difficult. People often relay their dissatisfaction with the fact that its developer does not provide adequate usage information. Even if people install the program, it might be unused.

Another problem that people encounter is its expensive premium version. Daemon Tools is available to download for free but there are some limitations with its usage. However, people still find the premium version lacking in several aspects. It does not have attractive benefits that a premium program should have.

Even so, Daemon Tools is still the best imaging program in the market in today’s age. People who can operate it with ease have found tremendous use of its functions. The program is notoriously reliable and receives continuous updates. The Daemon Tools alternatives should strive in that direction.

Top Free and Paid Daemon Tools Alternatives

There are several Daemon Tools alternatives programs that users can install to get similar functions on one’s computer. Users can in fact obtain the following programs without paying:

1. Phantom Drive

Phantom Drive

Phantom Drive is a great program because it is very versatile. It does not only work with one operating system. Windows, Mac, and Linux users will be able to use this program to do image mounting tasks. This versatility causes it to be widely used worldwide and becomes an alternative.

Versatility is not the only good thing about this program. It enables image mounting from various different platforms. The software accommodates CD to Blu-ray discs without any issue. Users can either get the free version or the full version which is actually more affordable than other similar programs.

2. WinMount


This program is another  Daemon Tools alternative that can deliver results nearly similar to the aforementioned program. The difference is that it is said to be friendlier to less advanced computer users. It does not take an expert to figure out the way to make this program run.

Winmount does more things than mounting image files into the computer’s operating system. It helps to compress and decompress data when necessary. The program also virtualizes archives (usually the compressed ones). It is an important program for users who regularly access large files.

3. Virtual CloneDrive

Virtual CloneDrive

People love this software because of its interface’s simplicity. It can mount image files from network drives or even hard disks. The file runs really well just like when someone is accessing a file from a CD or DVD drive. The difference is that it does not exist physically in the device.

Virtual CloneDrive enables various file-formats including ISO and CCD. The support is not only provided in the mounting process, but also in other features of this software. Its navigation process might also be one of the easiest among image mounting programs in the current market.

4. Alcohol 120%

Alcohol 120%

It is a quite famous Daemon Tools alternatives. The program is free for personal purposes. However, if the usage is for commercial functions, then users can only use the premium. The current price for the premium version is $55. However, it is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase with free updates.

Alcohol 120% has the purpose of creating data backup. Users can create a duplicate from a disk file. It supports more than thirty formats of the virtual drive. Additionally, it also supports the latest BluRay format as well as HDD DVD. The software can also mount any picture format.

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5. Brasero


This particular software is less common among computer users around the globe. The developer designed it to be suitable for an operating system that is more Unix-like. It has a relatively easy interface. The menu options are straightforward so that users should not have a hard time figuring it out.

Brasero accommodates the mounting of files in CD and DVR formats. Users are able to manage the contents inside a disk, including copying and editing the file names. Its developer also equipped the software with other useful functions that will surely make one’s life easier.

6. HDClone Free Edition

HDClone Free Edition

The developer stated that the free edition is for temporary personal use. Regardless, users will be able to find many useful functions in its free versions. If they feel the need to utilize the more extensive functions, then the premium version is a better option. It is affordable too.

HDClone’s free version is a nice free Daemon Tools alternative because it offers similar functions. The hardware support ranges from CD to Blu-ray and the premium version is even more extensive. It is also available in several languages other than English, including German and French.

7. MagicISO


Simplicity at its best might be the motto of this particular software. It has a basic but very functional interface. This program is recommended as a reliable free Daemon Tools alternative. It is a powerful program despite its unassuming appearance. It can perform disk mounting tasks mostly successfully.

MagicISO can convert between ISO and bin files back and forth without a problem. The program accommodates all forms of image files that people normally use. The maximum size it can support is up to 10 GB, which is quite plenty.

8. ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver

ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver

Just as the name suggests, the program creates a virtual hard disk utilizing the OS’s memory space. The developer created this program to mainly accommodate Windows from the XP series to the latest 10 version. It does not demand system reboot for installation and uninstallation which is convenient.

Because the design is very simple, people can navigate through the program without difficulty. However, it is not always compatible with all disk formats. Shadow copy is a function that users cannot do with this driver. Nonetheless, it is still a worthy free Daemon Tools alternative.

9. CDBurnerXP


This free Daemon Tools alternative is a great option if the user wants to get similar functions and beyond. The program is provided for Windows users who utilize the 2000 series and the later ones. Seeing that many computer users still use this OS, even the older series, it is a great option for most people.

CDBurnerXP can aid disk burning of various formats. It is also able to create a virtual disk and burn in ISO format. After the disk burning, there will be a data verification process to increase safety. The program also accommodates users who speak languages other than English with its multilingual user interface.

10. UltraISO


UltraISO is a great alternative to Daemon Tools because of its reliability as an image mounting program. Most of the time, users will be successful to mount files into their operating system. It is different from several other programs because they have lower success rates.

This program is especially popular because of its intuitive user interface. Users do not see the difficulty in operating the program to mount image files. Additionally, the program also caters to various image files. It allows users to work with many different files with high success probabilities.

11. ImgBurn


This free Daemon Tools alternative is great to burn files in CD, Blu-ray, DVD, and HD DVD format. It can yield a great and readable result. This particular software is available for Windows users. It is a very inclusive program because it supports up to 39 languages.

One characteristic that distinguishes this program from others is its lightweight. Usually, an image mounting program will take a heavy toll on the system. This one does not make the system lags. However, its setup comes in an ad bundle. Thus, the installation process must be done carefully.

12. WinCDEMU


WinCDEMU is a simple emulator that supports various disk formats. It can handle various file forms including ISO, IMG, and CCD. It has a very manageable user interface, meaning that people can operate the program with relative ease. The program also accommodates various drives.

The developer seems to design it with convenience in mind. For installation, it does not require rebooting the entire computer system. The installer is also very compact, only 2 MB in size. It is also available in 20 different languages for worldwide users.

13. FarStone VirtualDrive

FarStone VirtualDrive

This program is provided in its free and premium forms. If users only need it for personal purposes then the free version is already more than enough. VirtualDrive is designed to suit Windows operating systems from the 7 series onwards. It is among programs known for high portability.

Without a physical CD or DVD, users can play games at 200X speed. Users can also perform virtual CD burning onto a physical disk. Another great thing about this particular software is that it can accommodate up to 23 virtual disks. Those disks can run simultaneously.

Daemon Tools is an essential tool for many computer users. Nonetheless, if for some reason this program does not work for them, there are some alternatives. Users can choose free Daemon Tools alternatives from the list.

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