10 Best FL Studio Alternatives

by Hashir Zuniga

Best FL Studio Alternative

Talking about sound production software, there is the most used application in the world, FL Studio.  This application came with flexibility, and performance but it needs a high specification laptop. Did you need other FL Studio alternatives?

Some users complain about the complicated interface and complexity so it is pretty hard for the newcomers to study the ropes. On the other hand, the app needs big money to buy, $99 for the start and can grow to $899. It is reasonable when some people are searching for alternatives. Did you search for it too? We got some best FL studio alternatives for you:

Best Free FL Studio Alternative

There are many professional composers or talented musicians that create their songs in FL aka FruityLoops. As a newbie, some users tend to look for free FL Studio alternatives. Here is a shortlist that you can take a peek at:

1. Audacity


Download for Windows / Download for Mac / Download For Linux

In the first place, here is the Audacity app. While creating your own sounds and editing something there, Audacity offers its best features.  We are amazed at the simplicity of the interface, it will be pretty easy to use even for newcomers.

For free software, this application did not support all FL features but we think it is not a big deal. This application is available in several versions and you do not need to purchase a new device only to install it. You can install Audacity almost in all computer programs. Audacity is totally free.

You might not find several premium tools to support you on this application but it is still the perfect one. If you are interested to taste how musicians create their music without spending too much money, we also recommend this.

2. Traverso DAW

Traverso DAW

Download for Windows

Some people just want to enjoy creating some music without any complexity on their software and here goes Traverso DAW. This application didn’t show any complexities on the interface, you might not feel strange to the welcoming interface. Not only is it highly scalable, but you can also get high creative flexibility while making music.

Moving from the interface, this application also comes with an album mixer that will let you add some unique effects. When you feel FL Studio can’t fulfill your needs then this application has the chance to fill it. Another perfect feature on there that catches my attention is the ability to record and turn into a CD easily.

There are no professional tools here so it might disturb you if you produce music to make money. It is reasonable because you don’t need to pay any penny and it can work in all computer programs. Above all, in this application, you can optimize your audio with an auto optimizer so you can get better performance with this. Traverso is free!



Download for Windows / Download for Mac / Download For Linux

Another FL Studio alternative software that will match with you as a beginner is this LMMS. Come with almost all basic knowledge in the world of production music, this app also offers several complex tools. You may feel uncomfortable at the start but it is just a process and you will get some important experience there.

You can install this application on Windows computers, Linux, or macOS devices, they also offer an open-source application for free. Better for the newbie who is just interested in music audio to not spend any money from the start.

Like other apps, you might need a little time only to feel comfortable with all the features in LMMS. Unfortunately, several bugs might appear while running this application on Windows. They seem to be fixed in the next update. However, you can grind and improve your skills using some free tutorials on the internet.

Best Paid FL Alternatives

FL Studio might be the best but it still is not comfortable enough for some users especially when you hate the complexity. Some premium FL alternatives are available, here are some of them:

1. Avid Pro Tools

Avid Pro Tools

Download for Windows / Download for Mac 

Avid Pro led the way for the greatest world of editing and also composing new audio. In addition, they also came with an awesome interface. The DAW includes various resources that will let you embody your creativity without any limit. However, talking about the interface, this application seems a little bit similar to FL Studio.

It is another case when you are just a beginner here. You should prepare yourself to get rid of rough learning at the start when you use it. Above all, when you feel comfortable with the interface and its features, you can call yourself an expert. You can add several mixes there with fun and versatility without worry about anything else.

In this application, you can share your project with the team and let them see or edit it effectively. When you are just walking down to the music maker industry, just take a look at the free version first. This application wasn’t free, you should pay for a pro subscription after trial. It is available at a starting price of $299 in one year.

2. Cubase


Download for Windows / Download for Mac

Take a look into this awesome FL Studio alternative app, Cubase that is popular in audio composers. Many professional musicians use this application and you can feel their worksheet on yourself with this application. Are you a newcomer?

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If you have some experience in using FL Studio, you may need more time to feel comfortable. Cubase comes with large flexibility, users can easily customize their audio tracks with large effects or instruments. With Cubase, we are sure that all people can produce professional audio quality while recording only in your house.

However, when you are getting interested in making electronic music, better you choose another option like Ableton Live rather than Cubase. One thing we love the most about this app is the ability to produce some great sounds with less money. Cubase is only available in the pro version, there is no Cubase for free.

3. Ableton Live

Ableton Live

Download for Windows / Download for Mac

Try this Ableton, the perfect DAW application with many tools and also authentic effects for their users. Ableton has a massive sound walking with many effects but some of them only available in the premium version. This is the best app we can find. You will find not much application in the same level with this Ableton Live to create awesome EDM.

The developer created Ableton for professional purposes so it’s very complex and a little bit hard for the newcomer. You will need time to feel comfortable here because the user interfaces are also more difficult to adjust to. Especially, the first time you try it. This application was available in Pro, free trial only for 90 days after installing.

If you once login into the app, you will realize that this app was specialized for live EDM performance. However, if you need an application only to record guitar and vocals, it is better to not choose this app. We think that this application was too much for that. It will be different if you compose some EDM, this app can be the best lab for you.

4. GoldWave


Download for Windows

Despite not being as feature-rich as another app in this music maker word, GoldWave is another perfect app like FL. This application is renowned for providing dependable audio-editing skills and has over half-decade of experience. GoldWave prioritizes the simplicity of its features in all main areas including edit, process, converting, and so on.

Move to the worksheet, this application looks nice both on the UI or UX, looks better compared to FL Studio. It might not comfort you if before you feel familiar with the FL GUI, it takes little time to adapt. However, the instruments on this application are not as flexible as others but it is still adequate for the job. GoldWave is a pro application.

They come with over 40 audio effects and everything expertly made to fulfill your creativity and imagination. However, we found one feature that works better than FL Studio can do – audio analysis. It can show you real-time graphics so it can be so much easier for the user to get a deeper understanding. It was also quite cheap, only $45.

5. Logic Pro

Logic Pro

Download for Mac

If you love using a macOS device, then the perfect FL studio alternative on mac is this Logic Pro. Some professional music makers usually use this application behind FL because they are extremely powerful and useful. The DAW system there is capable of handling no matter how much your audio tracks. It also prevents any flinching or workflow breeze.

They serve several unique features like loop systems in high-quality, many effects units you can find nowhere. Above all, the drum sounds there are very complete.

If you’re a beginner to the music maker, then Logic Pro might be a bit pricey to buy. You don’t need to be worried because the money you can get from there is almost unrivaled. Unfortunately, this application only came in macOS so you may need to purchase a Mac at the start.

6. Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition

Download for Windows / Download for Mac

Adobe is also walking in this type of app and this is one of the best premium FL Studio alternatives, as we imagine from the greatest companies in the whole world. Adobe Audition. The first time you open this application, you will see the interface has a similar look to FL Studio.

Adobe Audition has several powerful features that make you can improve and get high-quality audio output. Moreover, this app allows you to edit videos if you’re audiophiles who enjoy both music and video. Adobe Audition reflects the perfect combination of audio production and also simple user interface.

Adobe Audition available both in Mac OS and also Windows but it might be too pricey for some users. You will not get any regrets about spending some money on this app. This is the best option to improve your creating music skills. This is a pro application but you can use the trial for free.

7. Reaper


Download for Windows / Download for Mac / Download For Linux

More affordable on price, when comparing Reaper with other FL Studio alternatives without sacrificing the quality. People who create WinAMP are the ones who also create this app so they have long experience in audio.

With this application, you can do a lot of things from record, edit, and mixing with all useful tools. Take your time to get comfortable with this Reaper because it has a different interface from FL Studio.

Above all, this application offers a reasonable price and it’s fair for you who just need it for home production. If you feel good enough about that, you should spend more money to get a premium one. Buy a pro license to use Reaper more than 60 days after the trial.

Outside there, many FL Studio alternatives also provide many useful tools without spending too much money. Before you decide which one to use, better check your wallet first. Need FL studio without any intention of getting some money? Just use one free alternative app above.

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