How to Record Internal Audio on Android without Rooting

by Hashir Zuniga

How to Record Internal Audio on Android without Rooting

Recording gameplay from Android devices is a must for avid gamers. But the fact that recording internal audio on Android is extremely difficult, chances are your record becomes less engaging. Thankfully, now you can learn how to record internal audio on Android.

Previously, only tech-nerds can record internal audio as this process requires complex rooting. This method, however, may affect internal devices and cause warranty void. Good news, there are some other ways to record internal audio without rooting. Get the answer here!

5 Ways to Record Internal Audio on Android

Several options are available to record internal audio on Android, such as using third-party apps, using a capture card and buying a specific smartphone with internal audio recording capability. Here’s a closer look at each method.

1. Recording apps

Play Store is flooded with screen recording apps that allow you to record not only video but also internal audio. These tools are specifically designed to record any screen activity along with the sound produced by the device. Some of the popular recording apps are AZ Screen Recorder, Mobizen app, and Native screen recorder.

How to use these recording apps? The answer varies depending on the app that you use. But if your device to use AZ Recorder, simply go through the following steps to start recording:

  • Download AZ Recorder from Play Store.
  • Once it is installed on your device, tap the icon to launch.
  • Go to Settings. The tool does not record audio automatically, so you need to enable the feature before using it.
  • Enable Record Audio. Now the app will record internal audio on Android.

How to Record Internal Audio on Android with AZ Screen Recorder

  • Exit the app and re-launch.
  • Start recording sessions by tapping the Record icon. The app will record both internal and external audio as it records video.

To check if it works, you need to extract the audio file through the computer. You may require a video editing software to extract the file.

2. Capture card

If you want to know what professionals are using to record screen, capture card is the answer. This device works much better than screen recorders as they are the bridge between your Android and PC. Capture card, however, is pretty expensive because it offers high-quality screen recording and clear audio. Not to mention it is difficult to tackle, especially for laymen.

How to record screen and audio using a capture card? Much like third-party recording apps, it depends on the capture card you are using. Most cards have their own software that comes with a different process of adjusting video and audio recording.

If you choose to use El Gato, there are a few steps that you should do. It may be a little bit tricky but the result is worth the effort. Here are the steps:

  • Connect your smartphone to the capture card. You can use either USB cable or HDMI.
  • Configure the recording software that comes with the capture card device, then press Record.

3. Bandicam and Android emulator

Bandicam screen recorder

This method is not the simplest but the result is worth the effort. Bandicam offers high-res screen recording as well as professional and clear internal audio. It makes no surprise that professional gamers use this software. However, Bandicam only works on PC so you need to install an Android emulator. Nox App Player can be the best emulator option for a smooth screen transfer.

How does it work? Once you connect the PC to your Android, run Bandicam and start recording. The software will record both video and audio on Android through your computer. If you are using Samsung Galaxy, follow the instructions below:

  • Download and install the SideSync program.
  • Connect your smartphone to the PC through USB or Wi-Fi.
  • Start Bandicam. To record phone screen in high-quality graphic, use Game Recording Mode.

Once you have a high-resolution recording, the video can be edited for the best result. No extraction is needed for this method.

4. Pass-through earphone

Have you ever heard about pass-through earphones? This innovation allows you to transfer internal audio into external audio. This product is released by Mobizen, a developer of video recording app with millions of users around the globe.

How to Record Internal Audio on Android with Mobizen X Gameduck Earphones

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How to record internal audio on Android using a pass-through earphone? Once the tiny device is plugged into your smartphone, a built-in chipset inside the earphone captures the internal audio. It will be fed back to the phone as external audio. The high-quality audio enables you to record using any recording app.

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5. Buy a new smartphone

If you have a loose budget, this option can be the simplest. Buying a new smartphone with internal audio recording capability gives you the best recording quality. The most popular phone with this function is Xiaomi. All new smartphones from this brand are equipped with a built-in screen recorder that allows you to record screen and internal audio at the same time.

The graphic and audio quality is excellent as it is close to the source. Not to mention it is very easy and simple as you don’t need to install third-party applications or connect to the computer.

Recommended Apps to Record Internal Audio on Android

Among the five methods above, recording internal audio on Android using a third-party app is the easiest for users. Most apps are available on the Play Store and are free to download. With a plethora of options, choosing the best one can be overwhelming. No worries, here are recommended apps to record internal audio on your Android device:

1. Screen Recorder

How to Record Internal Audio on Android with Screen Recorder App

This application helps simplify your way to record screen and audio at the same time. Screen Recorder is designed with a user-friendly and minimalist interface, but it does not look outdated. Once the application is installed and launched, you will need to give all permissions so it can work optimally. Make sure to activate the internal sound option so it can record internal audio on your device.

Screen Recorder allows easy customization, thanks to a lot of options that come with this app. You can set up the resolution and frame rate as well as change the bitrate, video and audio encoder, sample rate, and file format. One of the best things from Screen Recorder is no-ads.

2. AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder

This screen recording app is available on Play Store for free but you can upgrade to the paid version, especially if you want to get rid of ads. Whenever the recorder is installed on your device, go to the setting tab on the left side to manage internal audio record setting. As with Screen Recorder, this app comes with plenty of options including changing bitrate, resolution and frame rate.

There are more other functionalities to enjoy, such as crop, convert to GIF, add backgrounds, extract frames and many others. Whenever you are in a middle of recording but you need to pause or stop, simply tap the magic button.

3. ADV Screen Recorder

ADV Screen Recorder

If you are using Android 10, ADV Screen Recorder can be the best app to choose. Once it is installed on your device, you need to accept the privacy policy and give permission to storage. Before recording, go to the settings menu on the upper right corner and tap on Internal audio.

ADV recorder has a floating button that enables you to stop and start recording without accessing the notification. This feature can be deactivated if you want. There are several options provided by this app, such as change bitrate, resolution and frame rate. Once the recording is finished, you can enjoy the basic video editor.

4. Mobizen Screen Recorder

Mobizen Screen Recorder

Get the best out of screen recording with Mobizen. This app comes with all screen recording tools, allowing you to produce high-quality screen record only with smartphone. Mobizen is available for free on Play Store but it contains ads so you need to be patient with it. However, this app works best on Samsung and LG.

Using Mobizen Screen Recorder is pretty easy. Once installed on your Android, launch the app and go to Settings. Tap Sound option and make sure to enable it. Once enabled, select internal audio so you can record screen and internal audio at the same time. Now you are ready to record gameplay or anything on the screen.

How to record internal audio on Android is simple, provided you know what to do. There are several methods to choose, such as using recording apps, capture card and even buying a new smartphone. Among all, installing a recording app is the easiest as most apps are available for free on Play Store. There are copious options for recording apps on Play Store, so you need to choose wisely!

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