How To Fix YouTube Video Keeps Pausing On Android

by Hashir Zuniga

YouTube Keeps Pausing On Android

Are you an android user? Well, this device has a lot of advantages but sometimes it can go wrong. Some applications sometimes will be getting error and it disturbing your activity. For example, YouTube keeps pausing on Android, or sometimes it forced to stop too. You don’t need to worry again because we will try to explain to you how to fix it.

On android, available a lot of streaming applications like Hooq, Netflix, and the most famous one, YouTube. You all should be familiar with YouTube because, in some devices, YouTube is an application from the developer. However, we can find a lot of different videos on YouTube. It can entertain us and also can be an opportunity to get knowledge.

Sometimes we faced an error on YouTube and it can be disturbing. We often experienced YouTube Keeps pausing on Android. But in every problem there available a way to fixed as long as we want to search and try. In this article, we will try to explain some of the easy ways to fix it.

However, while your YouTube keeps pausing, there available some problems behind it. It can be easy and also hard to fix it according to the problem. But in most cases, the problem is easy to fix because of it just a setup error or cache memory. We will try to explain to you the causes and how to overcome them one by one. Here we go.

Reasons YouTube Keeps Pausing On Android

1. Using the Old Version of YouTube

Some people usually shut down the auto-update on their application store. Also, they sometimes lazy to update it because all offline videos will remove from their device. They probably do not know that it can make an application get some errors. Besides, they maybe didn’t have a lot of internet quota to renew it. If this is the problem, then you should know what to do next.

If your YouTube keeps pausing without you touching it, the first thing you can do is see your Play Store. Take a look is your YouTube application is the newest version or not. If it is not, you just need to renew it and download Youtube’s newest version. Do not forget to make sure that your phone has enough quota to download it.

2. Network Disruption

The second problem that usually caused YouTube keeps pausing is network disruption. Your internet connection may be in low position and it getting slower to download the content. Sometimes, this problem can happen not because of your phone error. The Wi-Fi developer or Provider can cause it while they do some upgrade or add their speed.

YouTube has a default mechanism when the network is in the problem. They will pause our video because it has not downloaded yet. If this happens to you,  you can use another provider or wait for the connection back to normal. Above all, it is worth to spend more money and use the trusted provider because you can get a better connection.

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3. Internet Quota Getting Low

Almost all provider is facing slow internet connection when you have a low quota. This problem is a natural thing because the provider will take precedence on others who have more quota. Sometimes it feels unfair because we pay the same money with others. On the other hand, it can be a signal from the provider that your internet quota is low. So, you can check it and fill it again. It can make you avoid you from incurring more losses.

Internet Quota Getting Low

If this problem happens to you, the only thing you can do is refill your internet quote or pay your Wi-Fi bills. Watching a video on YouTube can spend a lot of your internet quote. Because of that, you should think twice while using YouTube. Set the video quality into 144p if you want to spend less data to watch the video.

4. Auto Pause is Active

YouTube has a lot of features, one of them is auto-pause. This feature can pause the video while you leave your phone and did not see the video. It can make your life easier because you don’t need to stop it manually when you need to do something else. Maybe it works with the face sensor or something like that so it can happen. But this feature sometimes gets an error and pause the video even while you are watching it.

The only thing you can do is shut down the auto-pause mode. You can click this auto-pause mode under the video you play. Honestly, this auto-pause mode only happens while your video is done to play. But yeah it sometimes affects the video you watch too. Just shut it down if you do not need it to get more comfortable.

5. The Application Contains a Lot of Cache

Well, this is the next problem that usually caused YouTube keeps pausing on android. A cache can come from last played video and it can fulfill your room. However, a cache is some data that record your activity on the application. Not only YouTube, other applications like Google, WhatsApp or something else also have this data too. Many people still underestimate this data because they think it will affect nothing.

Clean Master

The first step you can do to fix this problem is installing one memory clearer on the Play Store like Clean Master. After that, run the application and wait for them to check your memory and found the cache data. If its success found the cache data, then just run the cleanser feature to remove it. Make sure you remove cache data periodically. If you feel your phone is getting heavy and almost all applications running slowly, you can try to do this.

Well, this is the end of the article and these are some ways to fix YouTube keeps pausing on Android. You can try from the first way and if it does not work, just try another way. If all these things can repair your YouTube, just bring your phone into any phone center near you.

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