Can You See Who Views Your Instagram? Find the Truth Here!

by Hashir Zuniga

Can You See Who Views Your Instagram

If you love to post your creative photos on Instagram and set the account to the public, you must be curious if the posts are enjoyed only by followers or other users. There may be people from nowhere who love to enjoy your posts but don’t want to hit like, leave any comment, or even follow you. For this reason, it must be nice to know who views your posts. But, can you see who views your Instagram?

A similar question has been asked by millions of Instagram users around the globe. Apart from the fact that you can restrict the viewers through a private setting, there is a temptation to know who has viewed your Instagram profile. Is it possible to check on who views your Instagram? If it is, how to do that? Let’s get to know more about this.

Can You See Who Views Your Instagram?

If you are an avid Instagrammer who are curious about the truth, be ready for some disappointment. There is no way to know who has viewed your Instagram profile as Instagram doesn’t share any information about it. There is no tool or in-app functionality that can help you track your visitors. In other words, you are unable to see who takes a sneak peek to your Instagram profile.

But if you have a business account, you will be able to see how many visitors who had come to your account in the past 7 days. You can also see how many users have seen your posts. But the information stops here as you cannot see the details, including the visitors’ names.

As with Facebook, Instagram does not share this kind of information to the third party. Even though they know the data, they don’t want to share it with anyone, including the users. The only purpose is to keep your privacy secure. Besides, this ensures your experience when using Instagram without being distracted of who has viewed your profile.

Do Third-Party Apps Really Work?

When it comes to third-party applications, there is plenty of it on the Google Play Store. You might be tempted to install one of them and figure out who has viewed your Instagram profile. Can you see who views your Instagram using third-party apps? Unfortunately, it is absolutely not. No matter how much they brag to the users, there is no way to take a sneak peek to your profile viewers through these apps.

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To be honest, most of the apps are fake and they don’t provide you with actual viewer data. They display several names of your followers and claim that they are the ones who have viewed your profile. In fact, these apps only pick random names and display the list to you. The data are not accurate so that you cannot trust any of them. There are some reasons why you shouldn’t trust these third-party apps:

1. Inaccurate data

As mentioned, Instagram upholds the user’s privacy and they don’t share such kind of data with anyone. If one of those apps provides you with visitor’s names, you shouldn’t trust any of it as the data are surely inaccurate.

2. Privacy issue

You never know how these third-party apps handle your data. Whenever you give them access to your private data, it means you put them at risk. In other words, the security of your data is undoubted.

Best Alternative to Know Your Viewer

Instagram Stories

Instagram has provided another cool alternative that enables you to check on the viewers. Instagram story is a versatile function that allows you to post photos and videos temporarily. It will disappear after 24 hours. Luckily, this feature comes with functionality that lets you check out who has viewed your stories. Everyone seeing your story will be visible on the list.

To benefit from this feature, all you need to do is make a story and swipe up. You will see an eyeball icon with the number of people who have viewed your story. Even if the viewers don’t follow your Instagram, they will appear on the list.

Can you see who views your Instagram? Unfortunately, the answer is NO. Even if you use third-party apps, the data are inaccurate that you cannot trust any of them. As an alternative, you can take advantage of the Instagram story that enables you to see the viewers. You can see anyone who has viewed the stories, even if they don’t follow your account.

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