15 Best Anatomy Apps for Android and iOS

by Emily Barrow

Best Anatomy Apps

The best anatomy apps offer a great way for medical students to learn about human anatomy. These applications are designed with illustrations and detailed descriptions that will allow the students to learn the structure, function, and potential disorders of the body.

Are you a medical student seeking the best anatomy applications? The following list of anatomy apps will offer a little help. You can find a handy learning tool with comprehensive reference to guide you. On top of all, these apps run well on Android, iPhone, or iPad.

Top 15 Best Anatomy Apps for Android and iOS

There are hundreds of options when it comes to anatomy applications, most of which are available for free. We’ve decided to collect the best apps with top ratings on Google Play Store and App Store. So here’s the list for you.

1. Human Anatomy Atlas

Human Anatomy Atlas

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Human Anatomy Atlas gives you comprehensive insights on human anatomy. This application has been trusted by millions of students, anatomy enthusiasts, and professionals to better understand the human body.

This app includes thousands of models of human anatomy so you can comprehend how the inside of the body looks like and how it works. It also includes detailed descriptions as your reference, which offers a better user experience than any textbook.

On top of that, it supports multiple language interface. The descriptions are available in different languages, including English, French, German, Japanese, and Italian. With realistic and detailed anatomy, this could be the best anatomy application you could ask for.

2. Teach Me Anatomy

Teach Me Anatomy

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Teach Me Anatomy is one of the world’s most comprehensive platforms to learn anatomy. It comes packed with immersive 3D anatomy models, virtual textbook, and thousands of quiz questions to hone your comprehension. Not surprisingly, this app has been used by professionals, doctors, and students.

Delivering a simple and user-friendly interface, it allows you to read human anatomy easily. You can also take benefits from anatomy encyclopedia that contains 400+ anatomy-related articles. Besides, it is loaded with full-color illustrations that brings human body to life.

Teach Me Anatomy supports offline mode that will allow you to learn anytime anywhere. All illustrations, articles, and quizzes can be accessed without internet connection. 

3. Visual Anatomy

Visual Anatomy

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This educational application provides you with interactive reference and education tool for human anatomy. Featuring more than 500 high-res images and immersive movie animation, it upgrades your learning experience outside the classroom.

Alongside the illustration, it has short description and label. The app is also packed with search function which can help you search the labels. In addition to images and description, Visual Anatomy contains attractive quizzes with hundreds of questions.

For a better user experience, this learning tool features tap and zoom, with which you can easily identify specific region. While muscle action animations help explain the function of each muscle group, quick navigation lets you select and jump to different systems from the thumbnail.

4. BioDigital Human

BioDigital Human

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BioDigital Human could possibly be the best anatomy app for medical students. Using this platform, you can learn not only human anatomy but also physiology, disorders, and treatments. Thanks to comprehensive 3D models that supports better insights.

The immersive virtual model is combined with interactive technology which helps visualize the inner side of the human body. The app’s library contains 10,000+ 3D anatomical structures which are scientifically accurate, making it a perfect tool for learning anatomy.

What’s more, it is loaded with easy to use features such as professional-grade anatomy models of male and female, interactive health condition models, and personalized library. It also has built-in tools to draw on the models, which is perfect for medical teachers or doctors.

5. Daily Anatomy

Daily Anatomy

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If you’re looking to learn anatomy in a different way, Daily Anatomy has you covered. The learning tool lets you hone your knowledge and comprehension about human anatomy through flashcard quizzes. Medical students would be happy to have this application on their smartphone.

Using Daily Anatomy’s adaptive quizzes you can solve problem in different ways. This allows you to memorize information better and absorb it for longer term memory. Whether you’re learning about muscles, nerves, or bones, this app makes it more fun.

The key point of fun learning is not to get stressed. Daily Anatomy provides you with an interactive and attractive way for gaining information about human anatomy and its functions. It also highlights spaced repetition that allows you to increase intervals as you progress.

6. Anatomyka


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The 3D human anatomy atlas could be your best mate to learn about human anatomy, including skeletal system. The general anatomy lets you explore over 80 different body parts, all of which have clear label for better insights.

Anatomyka features colorful 3D map inside the human body that offers an immersive experience. The vivid color brings the images to life, in addition to informative descriptions taken from Memorix Anatomy to hone your knowledge.

What’s more, this application provides you with a better visual thanks to different themes included in this app. You can choose between dark atlas, classic atlas, or even cartoon style. Things just get better with a user-friendly interface.

7. Visual Anatomy 3D

Visual Anatomy 3D

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Visual Anatomy 3D simplifies your work to learn human anatomy. Featuring 3D interactive visual of organs, bones, and muscles, understanding each region of the human body is made simple. You can also add notes, get further information from Wikipedia, and much more.

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This app isn’t designed to replace your anatomy textbook but it can serve as a great supplement. Whether you’re a medical student or health professional, it comes in handy to learn or explain about human anatomy and its functions.

Besides delivering an immersive 3D visual, this anatomy application is completely easy to use. The interface enables you to zoom, pan around, or rotate the model. It also includes search and navigation options, 2D modes, and image quality settings.

8. Anatomist


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Anatomist could be an ideal anatomy quiz app to support your learning time. As one of the best anatomy apps, it highlights interactive and fun methods to learn anatomy, physiology, and pathology. With more than 3,500 anatomy identifications included, it helps hone your insights on human anatomy.

There are plenty of quizzes available on this platform. Choose the area of the human body and start the quiz so you can collect scores. The best part is that you can compete globally with millions of medical students from all over the world. 

With multiple language interface, now you can use this application in 6 different languages. It also supports offline mode that enables you to practice anatomy skills anywhere anytime.

9. Sobotta Anatomy

Sobotta Anatomy

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Are you seeking anatomy apps for medical school testing or training? Sobotta Anatomy could be an ideal option. This best free anatomy app is designed in such a way to help review, test, and hone your anatomy skills from Android or iPhone.

Sobotta Anatomy offers an easy way to learn anatomy and test your knowledge. Thanks to detailed illustrations with more than 25,000 precisely located pins to comprehend different areas of the human body, including head, internal organs, and general anatomy.

You can do many things with Sobotta, such as search with keywords, choose training modes, and customize training lists. There are two training modes to choose from, classical and repetition. This application is available in 3 languages, including English, Latin, and German.

10. Essential Anatomy 5

Essential Anatomy 5

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Available in more than 95 countries all over the globe, Essential Anatomy is one of the most used anatomy apps. Coming with a boast of high accuracy and 3D technology, it provides you with a better visual. Medical students, lecturers, or health professionals can utilize this fantastic anatomy platform.

The award-winning app is packed with copious features that make anatomy learning easy. Besides advanced 3D technology, it has 8,200+ detailed anatomical structures with excellent accuracy. Multiple modes are also available to choose from.

On top of that, Essential Anatomy highlights powerful features for improving your experience. For instance, you can make customized pins and place it anywhere on the model. It also has slice tool for slicing through the structures.

11. Anatomy and Physiology Quiz

Anatomy and Physiology Quiz

Download on Google Play

Taking quizzes is one of the best ways to learn anatomy. And if you’re seeking an anatomy quiz app to make learning easier, this app has got you covered. Alongside hundreds of questions, it has anatomy facts that help gain more insights on anatomy.

Whether you want to test or review your skills, this tool comes in handy to achieve the goals. With questions and answers shuffled, you’ll never lose interest in this app. It could be a perfect tool not only for learning anatomy but also physiology, organs, body systems, and medicine. 

12. 3D Anatomy Atlas

3D Anatomy Atlas

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Next on the list, there’s 3D Anatomy Atlas which has 5M+ downloads on Google Play Store. This powerful anatomy application boasts interactive 3D touch interface for a better user experience. You can easily zoom in and out the models or rotate it to any angles.

This app is loaded with a complete set of anatomy models, including bones, muscles, ligaments, organs, nervous system, and more. You can also find reproductive for male and female. With multiple language support, the content is available in English, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, and German. 

13. Gray’s Anatomy

Gray’s Anatomy

Download on Google Play

Upgrade your insights on anatomy with Gray’s Anatomy. Featuring a user-friendly interface, this application is brilliantly easy to use. You can zoom in and out, pan around, and navigate to other images effortlessly.

You can find a variety of anatomy systems, such as skeletal system, nervous system, muscular system, and many more. This application is available in offline mode that doesn’t require internet connection. Anytime and anywhere, you can learn anatomy from smartphone.

And if you want to test your skills, it comes packed with a wide range of anatomy quiz, from liver to diabetes and pathology quizzes. You will also like medical dictionary that helps improve your vocabularies.

14. Complete Anatomy

Complete Anatomy

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Designed for medical teaching and learning, this 3D anatomy platform features cutting-edge 3D technology to deliver realistic models. Not only does it provide you with anatomy atlas, but it also serves as a learning tools with unique collaboration.

There are so many things to find in this application. From microscopic anatomy models to thousands of clinical videos can be accessed to hone your knowledge. You can also use creative tools like virtual dissection to improve your skills.

What’s more, it has a complete set of accurate anatomy models with more than 17,000 interactive structures.

 15. Visual Anatomy Lite

Visual Anatomy Lite

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Designed for iPhone, iPad and Android, this is a top-rated anatomy applications for medical students. Featured with interactive reference and education tools, it offers an attractive way to learn about human anatomy. The lite version includes a variety of high-res images, muscle action movies, and points with labels.

Audio pronunciation is embedded to help you pronounce each part correctly. While a simple interface allows you to view the models better, quick navigation enables you to jump to different organs or areas from the thumbnail. It also features muscle highlighting that helps visualize individual muscle.

Find the best anatomy apps that meets your preference and upgrade your insights on this field. Designed for educational purpose, these anatomy apps aren’t intended to replace your textbook but it can serve as a supplement.

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