15 Best Blue Light Filter Apps for Android

Best Blue Light Filter Apps

According to experts, blue light exposure can damage your eyes. If you want to enjoy screen time without worrying about destroyed eyesight then you need to download the best blue light filter apps. As the name suggests, it helps filter blue light emitted by your smartphone.

There’s a bunch of options when it comes to blue light filter applications. Unfortunately, only a few apps really work to filter blue light and keep your eyes healthy and safe. Take a closer look at the following list to find out recommended blue light filter apps for mobile devices.

Best Blue Light Filter Apps for Android

We have collected the top 15 applications that really work on Android device. These apps come packed with useful features to filter and reduce blue light, allowing you to reduce headache and other side effects of blue light exposure. Here’s the list for you.

1. Twilight


Using your phone or tablet before bedtime can cause trouble falling asleep. If you should have screen time at night, get Twilight to help you reduce bad side effects of blue light. This Editor’s Choice is designed to filter blue light and adapt the time of the day.

Featuring red filter, the intensity is adjusted to the sun cycle. The cycle is based on sunrise and sunset times in your local area. Upon installation, this app will ask permission to access your location. Be sure to tap allow to help the app work optimally.

There are some other permissions you’ll need to allow upon installation, such as running apps to stop Twilight in chosen apps; write settings to adjust backlight; and network to access smartlight (Philips HUE).

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2. Bluelight Filter for Eye Care by Hardy-infinity

Bluelight Filter for Eye Care by Hardy-infinity

This is a great app to adjust phone’s screen color to external light. It offers a simple yet brilliant solution to reduce emitted blue light, allowing your eyes to relax. Using your device before bedtime shouldn’t cause sleep trouble any longer.

There’s a set of features to find in this best blue light filter app. For instance, it provides a screen filter that comes with natural color for convenient screen time. It also features auto mode with which your device automatically adjusts the color of the screen according to external light.

You will also love schedule mode with which the application turn on/off the filter based on the set schedule. In the event you want to take screenshots without a filter, it is equipped with AI technology that removes filters from the screenshots.

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3. Blue Light Filter – Night Mode

Blue Light Filter – Night Mode

Presented to you by Leap Fitness Group, this blue light filter protects your eyes with night mode. This is a useful application to prevent tired eyes during a prolonged screen time, especially at night. It also prevents trouble in sleeping caused by blue light exposure.

The app offers plenty of features, such as adjustable filter intensity, easy to use tools, and built-in screen dimmer. Not to mention it is also capable of saving the power of your smartphone.

Designed with a user-friendly interface, this blue light filter app is completely easy to use. Keeping your eyesight healthy during your screen time is possible with this application.

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4. Night Shift by Better Life

Night Shift by Better Life

Blue light filter has a number of benefits, including improving your sleep quality, reducing headache, and keeping your eyes healthy. Night Shift is a functional blue light filter application that helps reduce blue light emitted from your smartphone so it can reduce the negative effect of the phone screen.

Using this best free blue light filter app, you can choose a default filter to reduce blue light. You can make a dark filter using a customizable dark mode option. This allows convenient screen time in the late evening. Dimming is also available using the night mode.

There are some other customizations provided in this tool, such as temperature, color, and RGB. And if you wish to use filter at specific period of time, Night Shift is featured with an automatic schedule. Simply adjust the schedule and night mode will turn on automatically.

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5. Bluelight Filter

Bluelight Filter

Here’s Bluelight Filter by AndroidRock, a simple and useful application to promote healthier screen time at night. It helps reduce blue light by changing screen color, so it doesn’t put too much strain on your eyes. This filter tool comes in handy for reading or playing games, especially in a dark environment.

Choose from five different colors to reduce blue light emitted from the phone screen. You can change the opacity of filter color to adjust the filter power. Additionally, it offers an option to adjust screen brightness for your convenience.

On top of that, this particular app lets you receive notification on the status bar. From this bar, you can easily turn on or turn off the filter as needed.

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6. Blue Light Filter for Eye Care

Blue Light Filter for Eye Care

This is a blue light app designed specifically to protect your eyes from damage. Unlike most apps that help reduce emitted blue light, this tool reduces and block the light to keep your eyes relax. That’s how it prevents your eyes from fatigue and deterioration.

You can find a set of features, such as a dimmer to protect your eyes, simple and intuitive interface, and various adjustments. The least mentioned include 6 different dimmer colors, phone brightness and opacity options, and status bar.

For easier access, this blue light filter is equipped with a widget. Easily turn on or off the filter without getting into the app.

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7. sFilter


Next on the list, sFilter can be the perfect app to reduce blue light from your screen. Featuring status bar, schedule, and widget, it has all convenient functions in a single app. Whether you want to enjoy screen time for playing games, reading, or text messaging, this tool has got you covered.

Blue light filter is the main star of this app—it blocks the blue light and helps reduce eye fatigue during prolonged screen time. Feel free to adjust the blue light filter and choose from 18 different colors. One of the best features is that you can change filter settings from the status bar.

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8. Blue Light Filter Pro

Blue Light Filter Pro

This is one of the best blue light filter apps to reduce harmful blue light from your screen. It overlays a translucent filter and keeps your eyes healthy. With reduced intensity of blue light exposure, you can achieve better sleep at night.

Featuring a simple design, using this app is easy peasy. It has an option to set the filter on or off for different application. Not to mention it comes packed with a variety of useful functions like timer settings to turn filter on/off automatically, widget for faster access, and more.

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9. Bluelight Filter for Eye Care by EZ

Bluelight Filter for Eye Care by EZ

Developed by EZ to Use, this is a functional blue light filter app to keep your eyes healthy. Use this filter every time you use your smartphone before bed time and see how it changes your sleeping habit. No more trouble in sleeping or insomnia, thanks to reduced blue light exposure.

With this app, you can adjust screen brightness with just a single click—it helps you save battery life. You can also choose from multiple modes for a comfortable screen time. Additionally, it offers customizable eye protection as you control the filter.

This best blue light filter app has everything you need to get the best of your smartphone without damaging your eyes. Adjust and control filters as desired and enjoy comfortable screen time.

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10. Blue Light Filter

Blue Light Filter

If you don’t mind spending a dime, this is a premium blue light filter app to improve your sleep and prevent eye fatigue. It also helps reduce headache caused by blue light, thanks to a complete set of features brought to the table.

With this app, you can choose a default filter that is pleasant for your eyes. If you can find one, feel free to make your own dark filter using a customizable option. That means you can have unlimited blue light filters.

What’s interesting is that you can enjoy a variety of customization, such as temperature customization, color customization, and RGB customization. The latter mentioned enables you to set the amount of red, green, and blue color in the filter. 

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11. Blue Light Filter – Eye Care

Blue Light Filter – Eye Care

Say goodbye to tired eyes as now you have a useful blue light filter app. Designed for Android devices, it comes packed with four different color temperature modes to choose from. If these pre-loaded modes don’t fit you, make your own color temperature.

This best blue light filter app supports schedule feature that allows you to turn on/off filter automatically. All you have to do is set start and end time and let the app do the rest. You can also enable notification and enjoy quick access to the app.

Built with a user-friendly interface, this blue light filter app is accessible to everyone. Enjoy screen time in the late evening without damaging your eyes with this useful tool.

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12. Night Shift

Night Shift

Night Shift is another blue light filter app presented to you by Leap Fitness Group. It helps prevent the harm of the blue light, allowing you to spend screen time with some peace of mind. No more disturbed sleeps or tired eyes, thanks to reduced blue light.

This application comes loaded with features but the main highlights include auto timer, various color choices, and intuitive interface. It also allows you to save battery up to 15 percent with reduced brightness.

If you want to protect your eyes and maintain a healthy habit then Night Shift is made just for you. Get this app on your Android device and keep your eyes protected from the blue light.

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13. Eye Protect

Eye Protect

Your phone emits blue light that keeps you up at night, so you may have trouble in sleeping or insomnia. If you should have screen time at night, download Eye Protect and avoid the bad cause of the blue light. How this app works is actually simple.

Eye Protect keeps your eyes healthy in many ways. Not only does it help reduce the blue light, but it also dims the screen to prevent high intensity of light coming to your eyes. Not to mention it provides stress-free mode for a better sleep.

Additionally, it features adjustable filter intensity with which you can adjust the intensity of screen light. Power saving is another main function of this application so you can extend the battery life of your device. Overall, this best blue light filter app makes night screen time more convenient and safe.

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14. Light Delight

Light Delight

Designed with an intuitive and simple interface, Light Delight can be your best screen time partner at late evening. This blue light filter application helps reduce brightness to your desired level with black as its default color.

Using this app, you can easily control the brightness level from the notification bar. It also offers a home screen shortcut to turn on/off easily so you don’t have to access the application. If you want to stay away from the bad effects of the blue light then Light Delight is worth the thought.

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15. Blue Light Filter by Apps2all

Blue Light Filter by Apps2all

Not least of all, this best blue light filter app is built to reduce sleeping problem caused by blue light exposure. Featuring screen adjustment, it allows you to adjust the screen to its natural color so you can reduce the blue light.

Besides, it enables you to change the screen to night mode to relieve eyes strain. Say goodbye to tired eyes during night time reading. Feel free to adjust filter intensity that feels comfortable the most.

Coming with a built-in screen dimmer, this blue light filter app helps save power and extend battery life. This feature comes in handy when you’re away from home.

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Find your best blue light filter apps and gain a better night’s sleep. If you should use your phone before bed time, these applications are useful to reduce blue light intensity and protect your eyes from damage.

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