11 Best Bill Reminder Apps for Android and iOS

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Bill Reminder Apps for Android and iOS

Do you often pay extra charge because nobody reminds you of bill payment? You may need to try a bill reminder app and see how it changes your life. The best bill reminder apps are created with the best features to manage multiple bills, keep track of expenses, and more.

There are so many bill reminder apps available out there, but only few work well to help you with personal finance. If you need a little help to find the best apps to track bills and more, scroll through this page!

Best Reminder Apps for Android and iOS

From Prism to Money Lover, to Money Manager, the following apps are created with finance in mind. Most apps you’ll find below are packed with ease of use features, such as bill pay alerts, calendar, payment history, and more. Check this out and find one that meets your preferences.

1. Prism

Best Bill Reminder Apps: Prism

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Prism is a versatile finance app to help you pay bills and anything about personal finance. Using this app, you don’t need to pay late fees thanks to bill pay alerts and reminders that come standard. With more than 11,000 billers, it’s a holy grail for your bills.

Automatic bill tracking is a great feature that allows you to view bill totals, payment history, and due dates. It also has graphs of personal expenses that are easy to understand, aside from exclusive payment options for your convenience.

Prism is more than a bill reminder, it’s a multipurpose app with tons of functionalities. It lets you pay the bill in seconds without additional charge. It also offers an easy way to manage debt and view income as well as account balances.

The best of all, the security of your information is guaranteed with Prism. All the data and information is encrypted, not to mention it features biometric/PIN authentication settings.

2. Spending Tracker

Spending Tracker

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Developed by MH Riley Ltd., this is a useful finance app to manage your expenses. It combines a user-friendly interface and amazing features to provide you with a powerful application to control spending. Simply enter your income and expenses and let it be your personal financial manager.

Tracker your spending has never been this easy. With fast expense entry and flexible time periods, it allows you to track spending on a daily to yearly basis. See major areas of spending with a summary view so you know how to simplify the budget.

Additionally, Spending Tracker offers different categories for expense and income. Set the categories and choose icon for each category so you’ll never lose track of income and expense. To keep your information safe, be sure to back up all the data to Dropbox.

3. Wallet


Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Wallet is one of the best bill reminder apps to help you manage personal finance. It has everything you need to save money, keep track of income and expense, plan for the future, and more. Not surprisingly, it’s awarded Editor’s Choice on Google Play Store.

When it comes to feature, Wallet has many to offer. Automatic Bank Updates allow automatic and secure transactions which are later categorized into your budget. Planned Payments, as one of its core functions, help you pay bills on time.

Insightful reports are among useful features brought to your table. It delivers graphs and financial overview that are easy to understand, even if you don’t have management or accounting background. With this feature, you’ll know which sector should be simplified.

4. Fudget


Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

More than 1 million people have trusted Fudget to manage their personal finance and now it’s your turn. This is an amazing app that helps you track expenses, save money, pay bills on time, and more. With a beautiful and simple interface, it won’t spend much time learning how to use it.

You will love how it makes personal finance management easier. Start with creating a list of income and expenses and check your balance at the bottom. Fast and easy entry allows you to edit income and expenses instantly.

What’s more, Fudget lets you repeat the same budgets in the future so you don’t have to enter it manually. Simply tap the star on an expense or income and it will be a recurring income / expense.

The security of your information is priority. That’s why it features passcode lock and login to keep your finance information safe. This app is available for free but you can upgrade to Pro version for more features, such as no-ads, calculator, and themes.

5. Money Lover

Best Bill Reminder Apps: Money Lover

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Here’s an award winning app for managing your personal finance. As one of the best bill reminder apps, it offers a huge help for anyone who needs a better control over their finance. Money Lover has added a bunch of features, such as the budgeting, reporting, forecast budgets, and more.

Money Management allows you to track income and expenses by categories. Simply enter the amount, select date, and choose a category. While the Reporting feature helps budget your spending habits, the Budgeting feature serves like a finance assistant that alert your spending.

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And, no need to worry about bill and recurring transactions. It keeps everything in place and it reminds you to pay the bill on time. You can also tag specific transactions so that you can search for a group of transactions within seconds.

There are many other features to enjoy, such as built-in calculator, data sync, currency converter, and icon packs for different categories. If you urgently need an ATM, this app shows you ATM nearby.

6. Due

Best Bill Reminder Apps: Due

Download on the App Store

Never forget your bill with Due. This app is a reminder app to keep and remember all things, so you won’t forget anything in the future. Despite it’s not specifically designed for bill and finance, it works well to remind you when the due date is about to come.

This reminder too is fast to set, thanks to the 12 preset that comes with a time picker. It has customizable times, allowing you to set due dates easily. Auto snooze is also a great feature that lets you know missed reminders.

Due is a powerful reminder for daily or weekly basis. With support of cloud storage, it allows you to sync the data across Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Due is completely private because it doesn’t store your data. However, it’s a paid app so you have to invest on this tool.

7. Easy Bills Reminder

Easy Bills Reminder

Download on Google Play

This is one of the best bill reminder apps that serve as a great personal finance assistance. It sends you a daily payment reminder to make sure you pay bills on time. There are key features to help you keep an eye on bills like advanced repeating options, payment history, and support for partial or full payment.

User friendly notification won’t let you miss any notifications. It also has dark and light modes that can be chosen based on your preference. Still about views, it offers different view options like overdue, monthly view, custom view, and more.

There are more features you’ll find in Easy Bills Reminder. Let’s mention backup and restore data, categories management, currencies, and multiple languages.

8. Expense Keep

Expense Keep

Download on the App Store

With more than 500 thousand downloads on the App Store, Expense Keep is possibly one of the best apps to manage your personal finance. You may need to cut spending or simply track expenses. Either way, this app works well to manage your money.

Expense Keep has a number of features, such as adding accounts, expense-income, transfers, monthly history, and more. It also features recurring entries that get specific entries automatically entered. You can also choose a category for income and expense.

Cash flow is another great feature that allows you to keep track of your income and expenses for the month. That’s how it can help you cut any post with major spending. On top of all, Expense Keep has passcode lock feature to ensure the security of your information.

9. Bills Reminder

Best Bill Reminder Apps: Bills Reminder

Download on Google Play

Bills Reminder is a great app to get rid of irritating late payment fees. Once downloaded on your Android, it keeps your bills and notify you when the due date is about to come. All you have to do is enter the amount of payment and due date and let the app do the rest.

This tool will start to send message of the bill 5 days before the due date. But it can be customized according to your preference. The notifications will fire off at a preset time to ensure you don’t miss any bill payment.

Moreover, it offers recurring bill reminders which allow the app to repeat every week, month, or year. Once the bill is paid off, capture photos of the bills and make a new attachment for future reference. With everything is well saved, this app gives you some peace of mind.

10. To Do Reminder with Alarm

To Do Reminder with Alarm

Download on Google Play

This is a great alarm for various purposes, including your bills. This app is designed to remind you everything, so you don’t need to squeeze all the information in your brain. Simply add the details of the bill, including due date, and it won’t let you miss the payment.

Setting reminder is quite easy and quick. You can customize reminder based on taste and add repeat options, be it weekly, monthly, or yearly. On top of that, it supports speech-to-text that allows you to create reminder without typing.

Featuring backup and restore, save your reminder to Google Drive or SD card. That way, you can easily retrieve the data if something happens with the app or your phone. To Do Reminder with Alarm can be downloaded on Google Play Store for free. It offers in-app purchases for more features.

11. Money Manager

Money Manager

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Money Manager is another great app to manage all your bills. Using this tool, you can get upcoming bill alerts so you never pay late payment fees again. Besides, it can also serve as a debt tracker, payoff planner, and payment app.

Set your weekly or monthly budget and see how much you spend on food & groceries, household utilities, entertainment, and more. This is a great budgeting app to manage your personal finance.

Getting late payment fees is irritating. The best bill reminder apps above help you pay bills on time, control spending, and manage finance easily.

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