13 Best Hairstyle Apps / Games for Android and iOS

by Emily Barrow

Best Hairstyle Apps / Games for Android and iOS

Hairstyles can change your whole appearance. While trying random hairstyles can put your look at risk, it’s good to find references for hairstyles and hair colors that are hype and good for you. If you need a little help, the best hairstyle apps below will do.

Not only do they provide hairstyle inspirations, some apps allow you to try on new hairstyles. So, it’s much easier to decide if a haircut looks good on you. These apps are suitable for all users, no matter your sexes, hair types, or hair length. Keep on reading!

Best Hairstyle Apps for Android and iOS

Whether you want the latest collection of haircuts, trendy hair color, or simply play game with hairstyles, these apps have got you covered. Here are top-rated hairstyle apps for you!

1. Hairstyle Magic Mirror Lite

Hairstyle Magic Mirror Lite

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Magic Mirror is a great way to try new hairstyles and colors. It changes your look virtually, allowing you to pick the right style that you like the most. How to use this app is completely easy. Simply take a picture of you or your friend and change your look.

There are many features to choose from, including a vast collection of hairstyles for men and women as well as tons of hair colors. With a simple and clean interface, Magic Mirror brings lots of excitement! If you’re happy with the result, save the picture and bring it to your favorite hairstylist.

This app is available for free on the App Store and Google Play Store. Upgrade to full version and enjoy more features, such as facial detection and rotation tool.

2. Crazy Hair Salon

Crazy Hair Salon

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Get this app on your Android or iOS device and be a professional hairstylist. This app allows you to do a bunch of styling activities, from cutting, curling, straightening, coloring, and more. Your main goal is to tame pretty girls’ crazy hair.

In this app, you’ll find a wide range of professional tools, from blow dryers to curling irons, to hair growing spray. You can also pick a color to make pretty girls even prettier.

There are four pretty girls to choose from at the salon. Give your best treatment and style their hair with professional tools available. Overall, this is a great tool to unleash your creativity.

3. Hair Zapp

Hair Zapp

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Before getting a new hairstyle, install Hair Zapp and choose a style that suits you best. This best hairstyle app uses your photo for virtual hairstyling, allowing you to see how you look like on a hairstyle.

How to use this tool is quite simple. Run the app and tap the camera button. Put back your hair and take a picture. Use the photo to try different hairstyles until you find a suitable style for the best makeover. Thanks to high-res imaging that makes the hairstyle look real.

Hair Zapp has added tons of features. Besides plenty of hairstyles, it has a large community that allows you to get feedback on your new hairstyle. If you’re satisfied with the result, discuss with your hairdresser.

4. Hairstyle Try On

Hairstyle Try On

Download on Google Play

Experience a different look with Hairstyle Try On. The hairstyle app provides you with different hairstyles and color, giving you more options for makeover. It is ideal for all users, thanks to haircut simulator that supports different styles for male, female, long haircuts, short haircuts, and more.

What’s more, it supports smart face recognition technology. This technology ensures all hairstyles fit your face and look natural. It also has hair color booth that enables you to try different hair colors like brunette, blonde, golden brown, and so forth.

Million users have trusted their look on this app. It’s a great way to get a new hairstyle without ruining your whole appearance. Choose your photo and see how your hairstyle makes a great change.

5. Best Hairstyles

Best Hairstyles

Download on Google Play

Add new hairstyles to your photo and find one that makes you look awesome. There is a large collection of hairstyles for any hair types, allowing you to find a perfect reference before visiting a hairdresser. No more weird look after changing hairstyles, thanks to Best Hairstyles app.

How to use this app is very easy. Take a photo or choose one from your gallery and pick hairstyles from the collection. See how you look with the new hairstyle.

Moreover, Best Hairstyles lets you enhance photos with stickers, filters, and text. You will also love magic art effects, brightness adjustment, crop, HDR effect, and more. If you’re happy with the photo, save it and share on social media.

6. Hairstyle Trial Room

Hairstyle Trial Room

Download on Google Play

How do you look like in a short hair? How about trying curly style? Find the answer with the Hairstyle Trial Room. This is one of the best hairstyle apps that allows you to see how you will look like in a specific hairstyle. Of course, it offers a huge help to choose a hairstyle that suits you best.

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It has many features that come standard, such as a large selection of hairstyles and simple interface. Much like its counterparts, Hairstyle Trial Room uses your photo to try any hairstyle. Try out as many styles as you want and find the best one.

Developed by Dream Trials, this is a nice app to have fun with hairstyles. Install on your Android device and show the result to your hairstylist.

7. Boys Men Hairstyles

Boys Men Hairstyles

Download on Google Play

Find more than 1,000 men hairstyles in Boys Men Hairstyles. This app gives a quick access to hairstyles for daily or special occasions, such as dinner, gala event, and more. If you are looking for the latest hairstyles for men, this tool is surely for you.

On top of that, the application supports offline mode that allows you to browse cool hairstyles without internet connection. Pick a style and improve your look!

Things get better as it comes with a bunch of features. In addition to a large collection of hairstyles, it has photo filters, photo editor, and hairstyle editor. It also offers beard and mustache designs to bring your appearance to the top level.

8. Hair Saloon

Hair Saloon

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Feel like a professional hairdresser with Hair Saloon. This app is a great educational game for young kids but it’s also fun for adults. It helps you learn how to manage a beauty salon and make your customers satisfied.

Using this game, you will find a large selection of professional tools like curling tool, blow dryer, and more. You’ll also learn how to cut, color, and style hair for the best appearance.

This free hairstyle game app is suitable for the whole family. Whether you want to teach your kids fashion or learn how to treat customers in a beauty salon, this best hairstyle app is worth the thought.

9. Hair Salon

Hair Salon

Download on the App Store

This is another hairstyle game app to make you feel like a top hairstylist. Your goal is to change the appearance of characters, mainly by styling their hair. There are six lively characters to choose from, giving you a unique experience of handling different customers.

The app enables you to learn how to cut or grow hair with serum. You can also color their hair or add some curl for makeover. With various hairstyles to try, Hair Salon is a great app to upgrade your creativity level.

Despite it is ideal for kids, you can enjoy the game and have some fun. Thanks to quality graphics that make it suitable for all ages.

10. Hair Color

Hair Color

Download on the App Store

Do you plan to try new hair color? Browse the App Store and you’ll find Hair Color one of the most amazing apps to opt for. Featuring live video, it allows you to try some hair colors and find one that fits you best.

There are more than 50 unique shades to try on. With enhanced shine and intensity, your image look realistic. Never regret your hair color since this app tells you how you will look like.

How does it work? Run the app and tap the record button to start a live video. You’ll see a set of thumbnails displaying different shades. Choose a color and enjoy live hair coloration. Once you find a good one, take a screenshot and let your hairstylist know.

11. Hairstyle Try On

Hairstyle Try On

Download on the App Store

Another great app to try on new hairstyle is here! Just like other apps, it lets you know how you will look like in a new hairstyle. Simply upload your picture, choose one from different hairstyles and see if it suits you.

It comes packed with 36 free hairstyles in different lengths which can be upgraded to 800 hairstyles. Moreover, it also offers 50 hair colors for each style so you have unlimited possibilities to try on. Take a photo and share the result with your friends, family, and of course hairstylist.

Hairstyle Try On has more other features to enjoy, such as photo editor and export. It also has My Style album to save your photos.

12. Hairstyle Makeover

Hairstyle Makeover

Download on the App Store

Hairstyle Makeover is a user friendly app to have fun with hairstyles. Find and try a long list of hairstyles so you know which one fits you. Besides, you’ll also find mustaches and beards, making it a great app not only for female but also male.

This app uses your camera to take a photo. Load the photo and edit with hairstyle samples provided in the application. Adjust the placement and size so it fits your face shape. No matter your hair length preferences—long, short, medium—this app has everything you need.

13. Try On Celebrity Hairstyles

Try On Celebrity Hairstyles

Download on the App Store

If you see celebrities with their fabulous hairstyles, naturally you want to try the same hairstyles. But will it suit your face? The only way to find out without ruining your look is using Try On Celebrity Hairstyles app. This amazing app allows you to discover how celebrity hairstyles look on you.

Simply take your photos and choose free hairstyles in a variety of length. To find the best hairstyle, be sure to understand your face shape and kinds of hairstyles that suit you.

The best hairstyle apps come in handy to help you discover how good new hairstyles look on you. It’s such a useful tool that allows you to pick the best hairstyle you won’t regret.

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