12 Best Chess Apps & Games for Android and iOS

Best Chess Apps & Games

Do you want to hone your brain in a fun way? Chess apps offer an engaging game to refine your skills and deepen your focus. Whether you’re a recreational or serious chess player, you can always find the best chess apps and games to play around.

Designed for Android and iOS devices, these apps come loaded with easy-to-use tools to make virtual chess games feel real. For a better experience, some of these games provide you with online game with which you can compete with strangers all over the world.

Best Chess Apps for Android and iOS

It’s not difficult to sort out the best chess game apps out there. But if you don’t have all day for this, we’ve made everything simpler for you. We have put together high-rated chess apps that will meet your preferences, so check out the following list.

1. Lichess


Created for every chess lover worldwide, Lichess is a highly recommended app to download on smartphones. It currently has millions of users and is still growing, thanks to a bunch of features and intuitive interface.

This particular app has four game options to play: bullet, classical, blitz, and correspondence. Not only can you play engaging games, but you can also find and challenge players. It is also possible to play in arena tournaments, only if you’re confident enough with your skills.

Are you a chess noob? There’s nothing to worry about. Lichess allows you to practice with chess puzzles so you can get to know more about how it works. Whenever you are ready, play a real game with a real player.

This chess app is available in 80 languages, so there’s no time for language barriers. It also supports landscape mode for your convenience.

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2. Chess – Play And Learn

Chess – Play And Learn

Chess is where you can find unlimited chess games to hone your skills. Trusted by millions, this is one of the most used chess apps for Android and iOS. It has more than 150,000 tactics puzzles and interactive lessons to bring out your inner chess master.

Connect your device to the internet and enjoy online chess with friends—even you can start a chat while playing. If you need some adrenaline spike, join thousands of players from all over the globe in a chess tournament.

This application is suitable for chess players of any level, from beginners to advanced players. If you belong to the first group, get the most pre-loaded chess lessons. You can find hundreds of chess lessons and videos made by chess masters, allowing you to learn more about how to play chess.

Additionally, it provides interactive tutorials with recommendations and tips to improve your skills. And if you aren’t in the mood for competing with human players, simply play against the computer and see how you can beat it.

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3. Chess Royale

Chess Royale

If you’re looking to become a chess master then Chess Royale is made for you. This is a great app to learn chess and play online with recreational and seasoned chess players worldwide—it provides a brilliant opportunity to get handy tips from them.

Designed for Android and iOS, this board game is ideal for players of any level. All you have to do is set your timer and get ready to drain your brain. Hone your skills and enjoy the game with your new friends.

When it comes to features, Chess Royale has much to offer. For instance, you can find dozens of visual themes for figures and boards. Leaderboard by country statistics are also available to check your positions among other players.

Do you want to measure your competence? Play against the computer and see how far you can beat artificial intelligence.

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4. Auto Chess

Auto Chess

Enjoy a brand new way to play chess with Auto Chess. This best chess app is created based on 8×8 chessboard—players are required to arrange pieces of chess to form the best strategies. Each piece comes with different characteristics which can improve your game experience.

Auto Chess highlights chessboard and chess pieces that simulate real chess. In each round, you’ll get different opponents to beat—this is the shortest way to win. It also features absolute balance in which everyone starts the same in every game.

What’s more, it comes packed with diverse emoticons which allow you to communicate with other players and express emotions. Upgrade yourself and compete with international friends so you know how far you can go. 

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5. Play Magnus

Play Magnus

Chess lovers absolutely know Magnus Carlsen, the World Chess Champion. In your wildest dream, you would want to play and learn chess with him. Now you can download Play Magnus and make your dream come true.

This particular app allows you to play with Magnus Carlsen at different ages. You can also learn chess from the expert, making you feel like having a personal chess coach on the go. Featuring helpful hints, you’ll be guided on the wrong and right decisions.

Not enough with Magnus Carlsen? You can also challenge his friends like Wesley So and Judit Polgar. Find out how far you can play against these world’s chess masters. Additionally, it allows you to connect with friends and share your performance with them.

The good news is you can get more chess training with Magnus Trainer. Through this app, you’ll get chess coaching directly from Magnus Carlsen.

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6. Chess for Kids

Chess for Kids

Who says that chess is only for adults? Chess for Kids is a fantastic app that allows kids to play chess with lots of fun. Featuring more than 1,000 tricky puzzles to sharpen kid’s skills, this is one of the recommended game apps for kids during their idle time.

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Find opponents from all over the world and play chess for free. Alternatively, you can challenge the computer and adjust the level of difficulties. Worry not, this game app is suitable for chess players of all skill levels.

Thanks to kid-friendly videos, this particular app helps you improve your game. What’s more, this best free chess app is ad-free and safe for kids, so you don’t need to worry when leaving the kids with this game.

Designed with a kid-friendly interface, this app is completely easy to use. Feel free to upgrade your subscription to Gold for unlimited videos and puzzles. For safety reasons, kids can’t make friends or chat with other users without parental permission.

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7. SocialChess


SocialChess comes loaded with a vast collection of chess games to play against your friends or strangers online. You can either play fast with a timer or play daily with correspondence chess—it’s all up to you.

Created with a beautiful and clean layout, SocialChess is easy to use. It also has a lot of features to bring your chess experience to another level. For example, you will receive push notification when a new update is released. Advanced features like pre-moves and conditional moves are also available.

This best chess app supports up to 5 different chess games at a time and it can be upgraded to 100 with in-app purchase. You can also find opponents by email, username, or simply match with a random stranger. You’ll be able to claim victory if your opponent doesn’t move within the time allowed.

What’s more, SocialChess provides a map view of the location of your opponents. You can also enjoy chat and group chat features to connect with users worldwide.

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8. FollowChess


Designed for Android and iOS, FollowChess has everything you need to follow chess games in real time from top chess tournaments. Witness how chess masters from all over the globe move and learn a lot of things from them.

Using this app, you can watch multiple games in real time, on a single screen. Featuring WatchList, you can even watch multiple games from different tournaments without switching to another screen. Analysis board is also there to provide you with movement updates.

FollowChess won’t let you miss your favorite tournaments—it alerts you and send notification when it starts. You can also view the entire games from previous rounds and filter games by players.

This chess game for Android and iPhone is completely free to download. But if you need additional features like subscription to all tournament notifications and no-ads, you will have to upgrade to the Pro version. 

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9. Online Chess

Online Chess

Online Chess is among high-rated chess apps that let you enjoy a variety of games, both online and offline. Through this app, you can set opponent rating and strength, choose the mode of game, the side, and time limit you want to play before launching an online game.

If your friends are avid chess enthusiasts, don’t hesitate to invite them by sending a link. Only with a few simple steps, you will be able to create an invitation link and set it through various platforms, including email, messengers, and more.

This best chess app provides 9 different modes, such as Anti-Chess and Battle Royal. These game modes offer a new and different experience, especially if you’ve been playing classic chess for years.

Despite its name, Online Chess supports offline gaming. Whether you’re out of reach or your internet is down, you can still hone your chess skills.

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10. Champion Chess

Champion Chess

From chess.com, Champion Chess is a fun app to help you become the world champion. Join chess tournaments and find virtual opponents so you can measure how far your skills go. Either local, regional, or international tournaments are available to make your way to the top.

Champion Chess is ideal for chess players of any level from beginner to master. With more than 60 virtual, AI-based personalities, they are designed to improve your chess skills. Whether you want to practice for tournament preparation or simply have fun, this app has got you covered.

As your skills advance, you can participate in bigger tournaments. Bring your chess hobby to the next level with Champion Class.

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11. Learn Chess with Dr. Wolf

Learn Chess with Dr. Wolf

Next up, this is one of the best chess apps to improve your insight into chess games. This app serves as your personal coach that not only plays with you but also explains anything you need to know, clearly and step by step.

This app is designed for beginners and intermediate players who need to hone their skills and knowledge. Dr. Wolf is your friendly virtual coach who will teach you some new skills and use them in the game.

As you progress, Dr. Wolf will provide you with new concepts to learn. And if you use a skill in the game, Dr. Wolf knows it and you’ll earn points.

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12. Chess Online +

Chess Online +

With millions of registered players, Chess Online + is undoubtedly a great tool for chess players of any level. This chess app for iPhone has a variety of time control options from Blitz to Classic and Bullet chess. Not to mention it allows you to access account from different platforms.

Chess Online + supports multiple languages, so language barrier is never a reason. And if you want to stay in touch with your opponent, this app is featured with a built-in chat to achieve this goal.

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Playing chess with the best chess apps gives you a new experience, especially if you’ve been playing with boards for so many years. Choose a mobile app that suits your chess skills and have fun.

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