12 Best Stud Finder Apps for Android and iOS

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Stud Finder Apps

Stud finder is a crucial tool for a DIY project. Whenever you need to screw or hammer things into walls, floors, or ceiling, a stud finder helps you know if there’s something on the other side of the wall. Luckily, the best stud finder apps are now available for easier use.

Thanks to these apps, you don’t need to purchase an expensive stud finder. They come with a variety of features so you can find a great tool that fits your project needs. Whether you want to find studs, nuts, or electrical wiring, these apps got you covered.

Do Stud Finder Apps Work?

You may wonder if stud finder apps really work to detect studs, nuts, and other metal objects. In order to answer your curiosity, you’ll first need to know how it works.

A stud finder app uses your phone’s magnetometer, a sensor to detect metal objects. This sensor comes standard in modern smartphones and commonly used for other apps, such as compass. However, this magnetometer isn’t as powerful as that of a high quality stud finder.

Depending on the quality, stud finder apps require extra effort to get the job done. These apps may fall short for dense walls but it works quite well for average walls. Just make sure to download the better versions of the app.

Best Stud Finder Apps for Android and iOS

Are you interested to install stud finder app on your smartphone? We have scoured the internet and collected the best apps for you. Following are recommended stud finder applications to simplify your DIY home project.

1. Walabot DIY

Walabot DIY

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Walabot DIY is a great tool to find out what’s behind the walls. Whether you want to hang a TV or install new plumbing, it comes in handy to help you see through walls before working. This app is designed exclusively for Walabot DIY device which can be easily connected to your smartphone.

Using this app you can locate studs, wires, and pipes. It also has the ability to detect movement, allowing you to identify mice or other creatures lurking behind your walls.

Walabot works well on various surfaces, including concrete, drywall, and plaster. It can detect up to 10 centimeters or 4 inches deep, which is sufficient for average walls.

2. Stud Finder

Stud Finder

Download on Google Play

Finding bolts, studs, and screws through walls is getting easier with Stud Finder. This best free stud finder app has been used by thousands of plumbers, engineers, and contractors to see through walls before starting their jobs.

This app uses your phone’s magnetic sensor and radiation meter to work properly. The ability to perform deep scanning enables you to detect stud and other metal objects behind the walls.

What’s great about Stud Finder is that it is quite easy to use. Once downloaded on your Android device, you can launch this app and hover it over any surface you want to detect. It will start beeping when finding any metal objects.

Stud Finder works perfectly without internet connection, not to mention it is completely free to download. If you are looking for a simple stud finder app for Android then this app can be a great option.

3. Stud Finder & Metal Detector

Stud Finder & Metal Detector

Download on Google Play

Stud Finder & Metal Detector is one of the best apps for finding studs. With more than 100K+ downloads on Google Play Store, this tool has a wide range of ability to streamline your home projects. Whether you want to locate studs, pipe, or cable, this app got you covered.

Featuring deep scanning, Stud Finder & Metal Detector app helps you find out things behind the walls without opening. Simply hover your Android over the desired surface and let this app do the magic—it will start beeping when finding metal objects.

The best thing about this stud finder app is that it works perfectly on various surfaces. You can detect metal objects through a variety of walls and even earth.

Plus, Stud Finder & Metal Detector is designed with a simple and user-friendly interface. Get this app for free and enjoy a better user’s experience while working with your DIY projects.

4. Stud Finder by Antilogics

Stud Finder by Antilogics

Download on Google Play

Built for Android, this stud finder is a convenient app to locate screws, studs, and other metal objects through your walls. The app works using the magnetic sensor of your phone so the ability to detect studs depending on the quality of your sensor.

Stud Finder by Antilogics comes packed with a user’s instruction that helps beginners to use the app properly. This intuitive app is designed with a simple interface involving dark background and green buttons for easier use.

Not only does it allow you to find studs, but it also works well to locate wood, cable, and even pipelines. Stud Finder by Antilogics is suitable for plumbers, DIY workers, engineers, or contractors who need to work efficiently.

Additionally, this app is incredibly lightweight. Either you are concerned about phone resources or you run older version of Android, this stud finder is just for you.

5. Stud Finder by Synosure Tech

Stud Finder by Synosure Tech

Download on Google Play

Whenever you need to find hidden studs, pipes, or wiring, this app is ready to help. This stud detector app is designed with your convenience in mind, providing a set of features to make your DIY projects a lot simpler.

Brought to you by Synosure Tech, this app includes multiple scanning modes that allows you to detect studs and other metal objects, AC wiring, and even hidden devices like camera or microphone. Plus, it has the ability to detect movement for finding mice or bugs behind your walls.

The smart app comes in handy to help you with electronic installation, plumbing, and constructions. Simply hold your Android device close to the area you want to detect and see how it goes. Whenever it is beeping and vibrating, this means some metal objects are found.

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Just as with its stud finder counterparts, this app uses magnetic sensor of your phone. The more powerful your sensor, the better it locates studs and metal things.

6. Stud Detector

Stud Detector

Download on Google Play

Stud Detector is one of the best stud finder apps to install on your Android. Using this app you can easily locate screws, studs, and metal objects hidden behind the walls. It comes in handy help you nail some new pictures or mount TV without unwanted accident.

This app is featured with detailed instructions for effective operation. Get these instructions by clicking the question mark and read it carefully before starting your project. Don’t worry, it will not give you a headache.

Stud Detector app highlights adjustable sensitivity that enables you to scan a variety of metal objects at different depth. This app displays magnetic field magnitude, allowing you to approximate the size and location of the object.

What’s more, this smart tool offers distinct feedback levels for audio and vibration. And if you’re left-handed, you’ll love its left-handed mode which is optional.

7. Stud Finder

Stud Finder

Download on Google Play

Transform your Android device into a magnetic stud finder with the Stud Finder 2021 app. The useful tool allows you to see through walls and locate any metal in the desired area. Simply move your phone close to the wall and see if it finds something.

Whether you need a stud finder immediately or want to simplify your budget, this application got you covered. Once installed, it uses the sensor of your phone to detect metal and magnetic field.  You will see the value of the magnetic field increases when it detects metal.

You can do many things using this stud finder app. In addition to finding stud behind the walls, it locates cables and metal objects. It works on drywalls and in earth, making it a versatile app to get your tasks done.

When it comes to features, Stud Finder 2021 highlights visual and audio feedback. It offers various beep sounds that can be customized to your preferences.

8. Stud Detector Nut Finder

Stud Detector Nut Finder

Download on Google Play

Next, there’s the Stud Detector Nut Finder that will help you locate studs, screws, or nails behind drywalls. This Android app is meticulously designed to discover metal objects in your surroundings. With easy-to-use tools, it can be a great company for your project.

Using this app you can monitor the magnetic field from your phone screen. As you move the device, the needle shows if there’s a metal object nearby.

Stud Detector Nut Finder is a user-friendly app with a beautiful interface. If you don’t want to purchase a handheld stud finder then this app is surely for you.

9. Stud Finder

Stud Finder

Download on the App Store

iOS users can take all the benefits of this app to locate studs and ferrous metal objects. This tool is highly rated on the App Store and thousands of people have trusted this app to help them with their DIY home projects.

Like most stud finder apps, this useful tool utilizes the magnetometer of the device to measure the magnetic field. How it works is incredibly simple. Once installed on your device, launch this app and put it near the area you wish to detect.

When it finds metal objects, magnetic field needle displayed on your screen moves to the right. You can adjust the sensitivity to detect a variety of ferrous metal objects at different depth. The higher sensitivity you choose, the faster it may detect studs, screws, or the like.

This is a great app for electricians, builders, or engineers. It can be a great substitute in the event you lose your magnetic stud finder.

10. Wall Stud Magnetic Detector

Wall Stud Magnetic Detector

Download on the App Store

Locating studs comes easy with Wall Stud Magnetic Detector. Whenever you need to mount a TV but can’t get a stud finder nearby, simply download this app and get to know if there’s metal objects behind the walls. It works well for different types of walls, such as drywall, stucco, and plasterboard.

Using your phone’s magnetometer, this app is able to pinpoint the location accurately. Whether you’re trying to find nails, studs, screws, or other metal objects then this app will help you out.

How to use this mobile stud finder is pretty similar to handheld stud detector. Move your iPhone along the wall and see if the needle moves. When it detects a magnetic field, your device will start to beep and the needle moves to the right.

It can be the perfect tool for occasional DIY-ers who don’t use a magnetic stud finder quite often. Get this app on the App Store and level up your DIY project experience.

11. Metal Detector & Magnetometer

Metal Detector & Magnetometer

Download on the App Store

Metal Detector & Magnetometer can be your best option to discover metal objects inside the wall. With added features, it promises high accuracy to explore your surroundings. It also offers a better user’s experience thanks to its beautiful interface.

This app works using magnetometer embedded into your mobile device to measure the magnetic field in nearby area. When it detects a magnetic field, the needle moves to the limit and your phone starts to beep. This means there’s a metal object behind the surface.

In addition to active detection beep, this app has the ability to store the measure read and time. The best part is that you can find metal detector tips for easier use.

Metal Detector & Magnetometer comes in handy to get your job done without a handheld stud finder. It can be a suitable app for construction workers, handymen, or DIY-ers.

12. Metal Detector (PRO)

Metal Detector (PRO)

Download on the App Store

Designed for iOS, this app helps you discover metal objects in a fun and easy way. It allows you to explore your surrounding and measure the magnetic field using your iPhone.

How to detect metal objects with the Metal Detector app is quite easy. Move your device along the walls or other surfaces and see the movement of the needle.

Although this app is designed for entertainment purpose, it provides you with a complete set of features. Besides visual and audio feedback, it offers adjustable sensitivity level and cool user interface.

Depending on your phone’s sensor and app quality, stud finder can help with your home project. Find the best stud finder apps of your version and get the best out of it.

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