15 Best Polaroid Frame Apps for Android and iOS

Best Polaroid Frame Apps

Polaroid photos have distinctive frames that evoke a vintage accent. If you’re inspired to edit your photos with a similar frame, the best polaroid frame apps can help you get the job done without having to buy an actual Polaroid camera.

There are so many options when it comes to polaroid frame photo editor. While some apps are specially designed for this purpose, others are basic photo editors that come loaded with abundant features. Enjoy capturing thousands of photos and edit with these polaroid frame apps.

Best Polaroid Frame Apps for Android and iOS

Following photo editors have been trusted by millions of users worldwide. With top ratings on Google Play Store and App Store, these apps highlight easy-to-use tools that allow you to apply polaroid frames conveniently. Here’s the list for you.



VNTG is a top-rated polaroid photo frame app that enables you to add a vintage touch to your photos. Simply take a picture or import from your gallery, choose an effect, and share with friends. Or you can print it with VNTG print service for a scrapbook or photo garland.

Featuring different format borders, it’s much easier to pick a polaroid frame that suits your preference. More editing tools are also available, such as vintage textures, handwritten fonts, and aged filters for stronger vintage nuance.

In addition to easy to use tools, you’ll love its user-friendly interface. Even if it’s your first time using the app, it’s unlikely you’ll get puzzled. Overall, this is a great app to make your photos look a lot better. 

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2. 1998 Cam

1998 Cam

1998 Cam app has everything you need to capture moments with vintage nuance. It comes loaded with hundreds of film filters, such as retro, cinematic, vintage, and more, allowing you to make photos look so much better with just a few taps.

This best polaroid frame app allows you to take a picture and edit photos directly from the app. Feel free to change filters, add realistic 3D effects, and of course add polaroid frame to your photos. These features are available for free without subscriptions.

For your convenience, this app features an advanced photo and video editor that makes it possible to change contrast, brightness, sharpness, and more. Photos will be automatically saved to your gallery, so you won’t lose your creation.

The best thing about 1998 Cam is that it doesn’t put watermark into your photos and videos. Share your vintage photos and videos with friends or social media followers.

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3. Retro Cam

Retro Cam

Retro Cam provides you with a vintage camera filter to bring artistic flair to your photos. In addition to polaroid frames, it allows you to apply more than 80 color filters like retro, black and white, vintage, cinematic, and more. Over 60 analogue light leaks effects make your memories even more memorable.

Using this app, you can have fun with photos. Enjoy the style of classic camera and vintage film with the highlights of saturation, vignette, shadows, or tints. Everything you need to get a retro feel is just right here.

Retro Cam is more than a photo editor. Instead, it’s a camera app that you’ll find useful to take a picture, edit photos, and share them on social media. It also has a date stamp feature so you can get the retro feel of analog photos.

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4. Nichi


Creating polaroid-like photos made simple with Nichi. This collage and stories maker is designed to help you make beautiful collage layouts for IG story. It has a wide selection of story templates and frames, so you can create stunning and unique stories to impress your followers.

Not only is it a nice frame app, but it’s also a handy story editor. Use this tool to create story collages with special fonts, texts, and white borders. The polaroid template app also provides elegant and minimalist templates made to improve your Instagram.

Make your creation more beautiful with stickers. Nichi has a vast collection of clip art images, sketch, and tapes to decorate your Instagram stories. Not to mention it comes packed with filters and a wide variety of fonts.

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5. OldRoll


OldRoll is a disposable camera app that brings retro flair to the present time. Using this app, you can capture beautiful moments with fantastic analog filters. You can either choose Classic M camera or 503 CW classic cameras to produce beautiful pictures just like in the movies.

This particular app is not equipped with photo editor or video editor, so you don’t necessarily need to retouch your photos. Instead, it has capable cameras that allow you to take realistic film photos with just one tap.

When it comes to polaroid frame, OldRoll makes it possible to take pictures with square film frame. In addition, retro scratch effect is also available for easier sharing on Instagram or other social networks like TikTok and Facebook.

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6. InstaRoid


InstaRoid is a polaroid border app to create stunning photos instantly. It provides you with a large selection of frames to bring your photos to another level. With beautiful color customization, you can easily select a color for the polaroid border.

Besides a wide variety of frames, you can choose from various types of textures. Not to mention it allows you to choose quality before saving or sharing your creation with your friends. Thanks to easy to use tools, improving your pictures has never been this easy.

What’s great about InstaRoid is the user-friendly interface that makes it completely easy to use. All you have to do is select your photos, choose possible editing to personalize the pictures, and you’re done.

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7. Instax Mini Link

Instax Mini Link

Easily add a variety of frames to your photos with Instax Mini Link. This Instax frame app is exclusively designed for use with the Instax Mini Link printer from FujiFilm. Once connected, you can get instant access to the following functions, including photo print and video print.

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Additionally, it features Instax camera with which you can take photos with an Instax frame. Even if you’re connected to the printer, it still allows you to shoot. That’s how you can print pictures instantly from your device.

When it comes to frames, Instax Mini Link supports a wide variety of frames and collage. Make your choice and bring your photos to the next level.

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8. StoryLab


StoryLab is basically designed to help you create amazing Instagram stories. For a better user’s experience, it also serves as a polaroid frame app. It features over 1,500 templates that allow you to enhance snapshots with a distinctive frame of a polaroid camera.

On top of that, StoryLab highlights over 250 different filters to make your photos look much better. Feel free to customize with stickers so your IG story becomes more unique.

How to use this app is very simple. Choose a story template and select a photo or video from your camera roll. Edit photo or video with filter, stickers, or text and post right now.

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9. PolyCam


If you want to make retro Instax photos, PolyCam could be the best option. This app is able to imitate the Instax retro film camera –when connected to a printer, it serves as a real polaroid. Using this app, you can print amazing photographs with frame.

This best free polaroid frame app comes loaded with vintage camera filters, light leak effect overlay, grain texture effect, and film burn effect. It also highlights unique picture frames that look much like Instax paper.

What’s great about PolyCam is that it offers flexible adjustments, which means you can easily adjust ratio, size, details, and HSL. Not to mention it offers advanced editing like skin retouch and VHS glitch.

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10. Lomo Cam

Lomo Cam

Lomo is a vintage cam app that allows you to capture a collection of nostalgic photos. Even if you don’t have a Fuji instant printer, you’ll be able to take retro Instax photos from your smartphone. Simply connect to your printer and see how it delivers good quality photos. 

As one of the best polaroid frame apps, Lomo Cam has a collection of retro vintage camera filter. It also comes packed with light leak effect such as dust texture and film burn. With the ability to imitate Instax paper, you can create unique photo frames just like polaroid.

Do you want to create a vintage photo with 80’s photo filter? Lomo Cam has the right tool for you. Make unique posts on your Instagram and be a real influencer.

Download on Google Play

11. InstaMini


If you want to bring back the era of the polaroid cam without purchasing one, InstaMini is worth the download. This is an instant camera app designed for Android, making it possible to take a photo and get the genuine experience of instant camera.

Once downloaded, InstaMini will ask for permissions for your camera, gallery, location, and contacts. Then you can enjoy a wide range of random filters as well as distinct polaroid frame. What’s more interesting is that you can change camera types as desired.

With InstaMini, making unique photos is easy as pie. Supporting 10 films per day, you can capture every moment and create nostalgic photos from Android and iOS devices.

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12. mySquare


Create your beautiful instant photos with mySquare. Featuring a user-friendly interface, this instant photo application helps improve your snapshots with a wide selection of vintage filters.

All you have to do is choose a picture from your phone’s gallery then choose a color or texture of the paper. Write a description and select a filter you want to apply. When it’s done, save to the gallery, share to social networks, or print for your scrapbook.

Customizing your photos has never been this easy. With mySquare, simply choose from billions of colors and abundant fonts that suit your photo.

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13. MolyCam


Designed for iPhone and iPad, MolyCam is a retro effect camera to make your moment more precious through simple editing. Coming with abundant features, you can apply retro film filters and light leak effects, get beautiful polaroid frames, and more.

This best polaroid frame app is constantly updated, ensuring a better user’s experience from time to time. Whether you want to bring current photos to old times or you simply want to personalize your pictures, MolyCam has got you covered.

For your convenience, this app is designed with a user-friendly interface and easy to use tools. Editing your photos is much easier with MolyCam.

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14. Polaroid


There’s nothing better than Polaroid to create unique polaroid pictures. Designed to get the most out of your instant photography, this application helps you unlock creative tools like portrait mode, self timer, manual mode, light painting, and more/

How about turning your digital photo into a polaroid picture? Polaroid Lab lets you create collages consisting of two to nine frames. What’s more amazing is that you can embed a second image or video to your Polaroid picture.

Trusted by many, Polaroid is a great app to capture memories in a spectacular way. If you’re happy with the result, you can either save, share, or print it for creative projects.

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15. Instants


Making instant photos made simple with Instants. This photo app is designed to redefine your special moments, creating unique photos with just a few steps. There are so many things you can do with it, such as choosing a frame, zooming, and cropping.

What’s more, it enables you to add effect and text to make photos more dramatic. Once you’re done, feel free to save or share photos on your favorite social networks. Everything is only with a single app.

Instants features a user-friendly interface, making it super easy to use even if you have no editing skills. Thousands of people have trusted their memories to this app and now it’s your turn.

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The best polaroid frame apps have been a great way to transform your basic photos into amazing pictures with vintage accent. Now that you know top-rated applications to download, you can pick an app that meets your requirements.

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