11 Best Decision-Making Games for Android and iOS

by Haya Barnard

Best Decision-Making Games

Decision-making is basic in emotional learning. Considered as a key to success, there are so many ways to help you hone this skill. Getting the best decision-making games could be the most fun and attractive way to achieve the goal.

Decision-making games are built to help you think through choices and see the consequences so you can learn about responsibility and management. You may find various ethical arguments, life-changing choices, and even strategy making.

Best Decision-Making Games for Android and iOS 

With so many choices out there, finding a good decision-making game may become a struggle. Take a closer look at handpicked decision-making games below to save your time. Following game choices come along with a brief review to help you decide.

1. Choices That Matter

Choices That Matter

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Find a collection of text adventure games in Choices That Matter. This decision-making game is inspired by the CYOA classic game which has millions of fans from all over the world. Thanks to new contents that are constantly updated, you will never lose interest in this decision-making game.

Featuring more than 2,400 choices in total, no one can have exactly the same story. The epic adventure heavily depends on your decision—choose wisely and be responsible for the consequences. It also has over 600,000 words with oodles of new words to enrich your vocabularies.

Choices That Matter offers an innovative way to hone decision-making skills. Unlike most game books with definite ends, this best decision-based game enables you to control how the story progresses. Your story will be completely different from other players.

Video ads may interrupt your game time so you must purchase a story pass to get rid of pesky video ads. That said, Choices That Matter is a fantastic decision-making game app not only to kill time but also upgrade your skills.

2. Decisions: Choose Your Stories

Decisions: Choose Your Stories

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If you love a bit of drama then Decisions is made for you. This is one of the best decision-making games and interactive story games featuring romance, drama, and even heartbreak stories that feel like real. Discover an episode that you love and choose your own story.

When it comes to features, Decisions has a lot to offer. Not only can you customize your character, but you can also choose from multiple choices of episode. Feel free to dress up your characters with plenty of options available.

Making a decision has never been this fun. Choose your preferred genre and make a storyline that is totally different from others. No one has the same story as it all depends on your decisions—whatever your choices, there’s a consequence awaits.

Decisions game app boasts immersive graphics that promise a better user’s experience. Not to mention it is available in 25 different languages such as English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Indonesian, Arabic, and more.

3. Episode


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Much like Decisions, Episode is one of the best free decision-making games featuring love, drama, romance, and adventure stories. This app is loaded with more than 150,000 immersive stories that would help improve your basic skills.

Your choices matter in Episode for every selection comes with consequences. There is a large collection of choices to choose from, allowing you to define your own destiny or write your own. In Episode you can be everything you want and do everything you like.

There are so many things you can do with Episode. From customizing avatar and design your outfit to develop relationship and change fate, your whole life heavily depends on your decisions. Discover different endings based on decisions you’ve made.

What’s great about Episode is that you can write your own story and publish on this platform. Millions of readers will be pleased with your stories. You can also join the community and share favorite stories with other readers.

4. Dead City

Dead City

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Are you more into thriller? Dead City could be your best decision-making game to download on Android and iOS devices. The interactive chat story needs your help to save the main character Sam for you are the only contact he has. Can you do it? 

This game app is set in the post-apocalyptic world where Sam has to survive. Your duty is to guide Sam through real time chat text. Be careful with your choices as they have consequences on the entire story. Are you good enough at making decision? Dead City is waiting for you.

Unlike most interactive games, this app shows a chat messenger interface that represents your connection to Sam. But don’t worry, it is not necessary to answer all messages immediately. Besides, you will receive new event notifications even if the app is closed.

Dead City could be your best option to hone decision-making skills. With a breathtaking story, it offers an interesting way to kill time. And if you find out decisions made by other players, go to statistic options at the end of the day.

5. Wizard’s Choice

Wizard’s Choice

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Taking a set in the medieval era, Wizard’s Choice is another interactive novel to improve your decision-making skill. This app is built as a series of RPG game that provides you with an immersive story. You are required to stay alive, manage your power, and find treasure.

Your decision is the key to your fate. Read the story and make choices that will determine how your story will end. This best decision-making game has the ability to track your health, gold, and even morale. Once the game ends, you will be able to view your score and track.

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Wizard’s Choice is an awesome interactive novel that is designed with cool graphics. While reading the story, you can enjoy a high-quality and immersive display. Best of all, this application is accessible to blind players.

Are you looking for a distinct RPG game with soft skill benefits? Wizard’s Choice should be on the top of the list. It works well on most Android devices, plus it has a small download size.

6. My Story

My Story

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Next on the list, there’s My Story that allows you to make decisions and determine the story. Whether you are more into drama, comedy, fantasy, or romance, you can control what happens and decide how it would end. This is an interactive game for those who are bored with definite end stories.

This app works in simple premises. Choose a character and make life-changing decisions for career and love. As each decision has consequences, think wisely and choose responsibly. With plenty of options, no one can have the same stories.

My Story has a vast collection of fun stories to choose from. No matter your preference, the fun is guaranteed. All you need to do is pick a story based on your favorite genre and let the excitement begin.

The best decision-making game has over 10M+ downloads on Google Play Store alone. Coming with a large download size, be sure you have enough space on your device.

7. Life Choices

Life Choices

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Brought to you by Unico Studio, Life Choices is a life simulation game that requires you to make choices. This fun, interactive game app is worth trying for it is loaded with surprises. Choose from over 500 choices to shape your characters and determine their fates.

Life Choices game app is set in a town named Unicoville. The town needs your help for repairs and restoration. You will have to bring new people to this town, simulate their lives, and complete goals. Your objective is to make the town reborn.

Your intelligence and decision-making skills play a big role here. Each choice comes with consequences as it can change the outcome. Will you become a mindless brute? Or will you be someone perfect? The choice is in your hand.

Life Choices is featured with attractive town and house in 3D visuals, allowing you to customize your town as you want. You can also find dozens of characters to bring to life. Either you want a useful idle game or want to hone your skills then this best decision-making game is made for you.

8. Dumb Choices Story

Dumb Choices Story

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Do you want to try some silly stuff? Dumb Choices Story has everything you need to make a good laugh. All you have to do is help the little boy complete each level and win. Unlike most interactive games that require your wise decision, this app needs your dumbest choice.

Dumb Choices Story allows you to experience bizarre stories. The gameplay is extremely simple: tap play to watch and swipe to change the scene. After you make a decision for the dumb boy, you will be able to figure out which decision is the worst.

Just in case you want to change a decision, this game enables you to replay levels several times. That’s the best way to see the worst choice you ever made. What’s more, it comes packed with different stories to choose from. Simply pick a story and let the dumbness begin.

If you love the idea of 2D graphics, you will find this game app a good decision. Dumb Choices Story is only available for Android 5.0 and higher. With a quite big download size, you’ll have to make sure your device has enough space.

9. Tiny Decisions

Tiny Decisions

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Tiny Decisions is a quite unique decision-making game designed for iPhone. Whenever it’s hard to make a decision, all you have to do is spin the wheel and get a random answer. Not only does it offer lots of fun, but it comes in handy to help you choose.

This best decision-making game is loaded with features like making your own wheel, built-in decision templates, and color themes. In the event your friend and you can’t decide what food to eat or what movie to watch, simply flip a coin and get an answer.

Tiny Decisions is not specifically designed as a game but it’s fun and exciting just like one. What’s more, it has helped millions of people to make their decisions.

10. Playbook


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How about playing a story with choices? Playbook is one of the best interactive games with which you can pick a story, make real choices, and see how it ends. Discover different endings as a consequence of your choices.

Featuring fun puzzle gameplays, this application offers a unique decision-making experience. Ditch your traditional novel and play your own story with your own choices. Plus, it supports character customization that lets you choose the hairstyle, outfit, or makeup of your favorite.

Playbook supports multiple language interface in addition to popular genres like adventure, romance, horror, and more.

11. Choice of Games

Choice of Games

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Choice of Games is basically a library with a vast collection of interactive novels. The text-based game doesn’t feature sound effects or graphics but it still offers lots of fun. Whether you are a drama enthusiast or adventure lover, you will find exciting stories in this app.

With the power of your intelligence and imagination, you can control the story as you want. There are popular stories in Choice of Games, such as Choice of Kung Fu, Choice of Deathless, Choice of the Dragon, and more.

The best decision-making games can measure how well your ability to make decisions. With plenty of game apps available on the market, you can easily find an attractive interactive game to kill time.

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