12 Best Logic Game Apps for Android and iOS

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Logic Game Apps for Android and iOS

While some games are created to challenge your adrenaline, others are developed to hone your brain. Logic game apps are designed to force you to think and strategize, allowing you to sharpen and refresh your brain at the same time.

When it comes to choosing the best logic games, Android and iOS users have a lot of options to choose from. Now let’s say that you need references for the fanciest apps with slick graphic but don’t have much time to scroll through Google Play Store or App Store. Stay in your seat and check this out!

Best Logic Game Apps for Android and iOS

The following brain games apps are based on riddles and puzzle, two types of powerful games to keep your mind in shape. They are top-rated and have been trusted by million users from all over the world. Now pick one of your favorites and hone your skills.



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An absurd logic game with more than 500 thousand installs on Google Play Store can be a perfect option to kill the time. This mind game offers quirky yet stylish graphic that refresh your brain, not to mention it also boasts crisp insanity.

Use your utmost logic skills to solve the puzzles. Whether you play it for a few minutes or hours, it works well to keep your brain working. On top of that, the puzzles come in various levels, from super easy to the most difficult.

Smooth gameplay combined with pleasing design offers a unique gaming experience. If you love it, download and install the app on Android or iOS. This game app is free but it provides in-app purchases for more features.

2. Skillz


Download on Google Play

This is one of the most popular logic game apps for Android. The top-rated app provides you with memory game, allowing you to improve memory, speed, and accuracy. It also includes game color that lets you distinguish between colors.

The app highlights a variety of features, such as multiplayer that enables you to play with friends or random players. It also has multiplayer ranking to show off to your opponents. Not to mention it supports up to 4 players for more excitement.

And guess what! Not only does it sharpen your mind, it also tests your reflexes. Thanks to various games and levels that can be adjusted to your skills, making it suitable for all ages. Not surprisingly, it has been trusted by millions of users throughout the world.

3. Brain It On

Brain It On

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

If you’re looking for a game app that offers a wide variety of options, Brain It On is surely for you. It forces your brain to solve physics puzzles with different levels. Don’t be deceived by puzzles that look easy as they may take hours to solve.

Try dozens of brain bursting puzzles and sharpen your logic skills. Compete with your friends then share solutions to refresh your mind. It also enables you to use multiple ways to solve the puzzle, all depends on your competence.

On top of all, you can unlock all the levels and earn stars as many as you can. Solve each puzzle with multiple ways and make your own achievement. Available for Android and iOS, this one of the best logic game apps can be installed for free. Upgrade to Full Game level to remove ads.

4. Math & Logic

Math & Logic

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

When it comes to logic game apps for kids, Match & Logic could be one of the best options. The adaptive math game is specifically designed for ages 2 – 10. The difficulty levels have been adjusted to meet kid’s brain and skills development.

In this game, kids can learn logic, arithmetic, counting, numbers, and more. It also helps develop kid’s attention, memory, creativity, and impulse control. Thousands of attractive, interactive, and fun learning activities are prepared to bring kid’s competence to the next level.

Additionally, this app features an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Children, including preschoolers and even toddlers won’t spend much time learning how to use it. Thanks to animated characters that make learning time more engaging.

5. 100 Logic Games

100 Logic Games

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Next up, this is another great app with a large collection of logic games to upgrade your brain. The app runs well on Android and iOS, providing a long list of games with different difficulty levels. Choose your level, start the game and see how far you can go.

There are 10,000 puzzles levels to solve with more than 100 games to test your brain. Moreover, it supports offline mode so you can play the game without internet connection. Auto-save and quick resumption come standard, allowing you to quit and go back at the level where you left.

What’s more, this logic game app features note-taking for difficult puzzles, timed hints, and solved examples. As it supports two players, it will be great to challenge your friends or family. Achievements and leaderboards are also available to display your performance.

6. Logic Dots

Logic Dots

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

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If you’re looking for a puzzle app with easy gameplay, Logic Dots could be it. All you have to do is place dots on the provided grid to solve the puzzle. Simple interface with increasing difficulty as you progress make this game addictive.

This game has neither time limits nor move limits, which means you can move freely. And guess what! Hints are given freely in some puzzles, allowing you to easily play the game. But don’t get deceived! Challenges increase as the game progresses.

Logic Dots has many things to enjoy, from beautiful presentation to unique brain teasers to hone your intelligence. The best of all, this free app works well on Android and iOS.

7. Lumosity


Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Developed by Lumos Labs, this brain training app is a great way to improve your logical skills. It offers fun and interactive games that push your mind to work harder. Not to mention your speed, memory, logic, and problem solving skills will be challenged.

Set your baseline score by taking a free 10-minute test. More than 50 activities are available to challenge your brain. Find different ways to force your brain, thanks to personalized training habits tracking.

Step into brain training by learning your weaknesses, game strengths, and cognitive patterns. The best of all, it provides you with a feature that can’t be found in its logic game counterparts. It gives analysis of your game play that relates to your daily life.

8. River Crossing

River Crossing

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

With more than 5 million downloads on Google Play Store, River Crossing is a fun and challenging logic game app to improve your intelligence. It comes packed with a set of river crossing logic problems as well as new riddles.

Not only can you find traditional river crossing riddles, you’ll also find new levels such as a farmer with cows, chess pieces, and other levels specifically designed for the geniuses. These puzzles are closely related to mathematical problems that work well to boost your IQ.

Guess what! These puzzles are often used in job interviews as well as taught in schools to improve critical thinking, strategy development, and problem solving.

9. You Must Escape

You Must Escape

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Adding the list of logic games, there’s You Must Escape that offers challenging puzzles as well as logic brain teasers. The room escaping puzzle requires you to find a way to open doors and exit every room. The game may seem simple but it forces your brain to work harder.

Besides challenging puzzles and logic brain teasers, the app highlights attractive rooms with different themes that you may explore. Moreover, rooms are added frequently so you’ll never lose interest to this game.

Things get better as it can be used as numerology apps. Solve the puzzles by finding and combining objects and escape each and every room. Install the app on your Android and iOS devices for free and unlock as many doors as you can.

10. Gears Logic Puzzles

Gears Logic Puzzles

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

How about taking your interest on mechanics to logic brain teasers? This logic game app is a fun way to improve your imagination and creativity. All you need to do is move the light gears to connect them with the red one so they rotate.

It has a large collections of puzzle games with different levels of difficulty. Featuring smooth gameplay with simple rules, it’s suitable for kids and adults. You can also enjoy playing exciting levels made by others.

What’s more, there are various themes to choose from, such as stone, paper, wood, ice, and metal. The best parts, this app has no time limit and supports offline playing. Download and install this game app on Android and iOS for free and sharp your mind!

11. Trainyard Express

Trainyard Express

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

This is a puzzle solving game with different gameplay. You won’t spend much time learning how to play, but it’s not that easy to master. Your goal is to bring each train to the right station. Red station for red trains, green station for green trains, and so forth.

Trainyard requires you to draw a track so the trains can follow. The first puzzles may look easy and simple but the difficulty increases as the game progresses. Unlock all the levels and be the winner.

When it comes to features, Trainyard has many to offer. It comes packed with more than 60 puzzles, challenging puzzle mechanic, and smooth increase of difficulty. It also features color blind mode you won’t find anywhere else.

12. Where’s My Water? 2

Where’s My Water? 2

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

A new version of Where’s My Water? is here! This is a fun logic game with cute alligator characters that add more excitement. The rules are simple: guide Swampy, Cranky, and Allie to fresh water. While cutting through dirt, you can also collect as many ducks as possible.

The app highlights Challenges Modes that allow you to replay the levels in different ways. It also offers hint that help you solve the problem. With more than 100 levels and challenges, it’s a great game for your spare time.

When you complete achievements, earn duckies with special themes such as hula-duckie, gladiator-duckie, or astronaut-duckie. This award-winning puzzle game is suitable for kids and adults, making it a great game app for your family. Download and install the app on your Android and iOS device!

Games are not always destructive. With logic game apps, you can hone logical skills, improve intelligence, and refresh your mind at the same time. Discover your favorite problem-solving puzzle games and see how they make your day better.

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