9 Best Anonymous Texting Apps for Android and iOS

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Best Anonymous Texting Apps

Did you think of getting connected to strangers and making new friends? The best anonymous texting apps grant your wishes for a quick and instant connection with people from all over the globe. Designed with security and convenience in mind, these apps come packed with a bunch of features.

AntiLand, for example, has advanced filters to stop bullying and trolling so it can provide users with a safe environment. There is also a hashtag feature by Chatous that lets you find people with similar interests, allowing you to share thoughts and experiences in excitement.

Best Anonymous Texting Apps for iOS and Android

There are tons of anonymous texting apps you can discover on the App Store and Google Play. But if you don’t have much time to browse for the best, the following list can be a good reference. Find the most recommended apps along with their reviews below.

1. AntiLand


AntiLand is a top anonymous chat app with unquestioned popularity. It provides you with anonymous chat rooms to connect with total strangers and make new friends or find dates. This is where you can share your confessions, secrets, or feelings you can’t tell to real life friends.

On AntiLand, you can discover a secret identity to reveal your true self to the world. No one is judging your thoughts so you don’t have to hide behind a fake mask. This is why millions of people use this random chat app to find true friends or love of life.

For users’ convenience, it supports more than 500 filters that automatically predict and stop bullying. This advanced feature also helps counter trolling and unwanted behaviour to provide a safe, nice, and friendly environment for every user.

This best free anonymous texting app also comes packed with role-playing games to have fun. Plus, you can find useful tips on how to start a conversation, break the ice, and even flirt anonymously. If you want to joke with new friends, AntiLand helps you learn how to do it well.

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2. Connected2.me


Chatting anonymously on Connected2.me is simple and fun with a bunch of features. This best anonymous texting app is built to improve your social life, allowing you to meet people, chat with them, and make new friends.

Get started by creating a new profile. Then you can find people and follow them to begin a conversation. Whether you want to connect with celebrities, artists, or experts, you can easily find them on Connected2.me. They will be right there to answer your questions and share thoughts.

Furthermore, this app has a shuffle feature to check who is available for chat. Start a conversation without revealing your identity so you can share confessions, secrets, or thoughts without embarrassment. Don’t forget to break the ice before getting into a real convo.

To protect your privacy, Connected2.me lets you chat with a nickname instead of a real name. It offers a great way to socialize while hiding your personal information. Supported by a user-friendly interface, this is a worth-trying app to chat anonymously with random people.

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3. ASKfm


ASKfm is a popular question-answer app currently used by millions of people. Initially designed to ask questions, now it comes with a new chat feature that allows you to chat anonymously with others. Simply send your question and it will appear under the answer it is addressed to.

On ASKfm, you can join the chat and enjoy the discussion. If you find an interesting profile, you can switch to anonymous mode with just a swipe. That’s how you can ask questions and get an honest reply. With more than 40 million people using this anonymous chat app, you can send questions to anyone.

In addition, it has a unique feature that allows you to collect ASK coins. Check your wallet and spend your coins to get special offers. Each answer is worth a different number of coins so you want to give the best answers. What’s interesting, you can challenge other users for a coin race.

ASKfm is free to download but it offers a VIP program that lets you get exclusive access to special features, promotions, or backgrounds. You can also find a premium feature to set the price. Hear the thoughts of others while keeping your identity secret with ASKfm.

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4. Chatous


Here’s Chatous, one of the best anonymous texting apps to chat with people worldwide. Designed with a simple and user-friendly interface, you can talk about different topics with strangers while hiding your personal identity. This is a brilliant way to express yourself without worrying about judgment.

On Chatous, you can use hashtags feature to find people with the same interests. Discover an attractive profile and start a conversation. And if you want to level up the chat, stay in touch through video chat. It also supports photo and video sharing to bring the chat to life.

How does it protect your identity? This application lets you use a display name that can be changed at any time. Users can’t search your display name, allowing you to keep the information secret. This anonymity makes Chatous one of the most reliable anonymous chat apps on the market.

This random chat app supports multiple platforms so you can use it on desktop computer and mobile phone. Building a connection with random people becomes simpler, thanks to easy-to-use features and convenience.

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5. Wakie


Wakie is basically a random voice chat to connect with people. But if you are not comfortable with voice calls, feel free to express your feelings in the chat. It offers a friendly place to express your thoughts and feelings with new people that may be your new friends.

With more than 5M downloads on Google Play alone, it helps people get rid of boredom. It also makes a convenient and safe environment to learn a foreign language, cultures, or share personal experience. Upon joining, you can get access to millions of strangers all over the globe.

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This anonymous messaging app has abundant features to ensure an exciting chat experience. For example, it allows you to create a topic to discuss anything of your interest. You can also get some worthy life advice from other people.

On top of that, Wakie has a Carousel section in which you can choose people to chat with. Swipe to find a profile and topic that suits you best. To experience text conversation, don’t forget to disable calls when building topics. Be sure to check the profiles before accepting requests and starting a dialogue.

What’s interesting, this best anonymous texting app has an option to send compliments to other people. Choose from fun and meaningful stickers to appreciate your new friends. There are also thousands of clubs to connect with people based on their interests.

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6. Camsurf


Next in order, there’s Camsurf that provides you with a place for sending messages and talking through video chats anonymously. Featured in more than 200 countries with thousands of users online 24/7, it comes in handy to meet strangers and make friends. You can also learn how to flirt to find a date.

Camsurf boasts easy search with a filter feature that allows you to filter profiles by location and language. Using this feature, it is much easier to find people with similar interests.

This free random chat messenger app takes your privacy and security seriously by protecting the personal information of all users. It does not require you to complete sign up forms to use the app. This means you can stay anonymous while enjoying the convos.

Considered as one of the best anonymous texting apps, Camsurf is supported by dozens of moderators who make sure all users follow the rules. The team works against inappropriate behaviour and will ban users who disregard the rules.

This app has got more than five million downloads on Google Play alone. It is available for free with paid content to upgrade your chat experience. With an intuitive interface, using this app is completely simple on Android and iOS devices.

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7. Rooit


Rooit is a fast-growing chatting app that allows you to send anonymous text to random people across the globe. You can find people with similar interests so it won’t be difficult to find attractive topics and start an exciting conversation.

This platform provides you with a friendly place to express your true self. Be proud of your unique personality and share anything without embarrassment—even you can tell the worst thing in life that you never tell to real life friends.

Not only can you share thoughts and feelings, but also you can listen to the best or worst stories of others. This is where emotion is safe to share without worrying about judgement. One best thing about anonymous chat apps is that you can take or give advice on various things.

If you are not good enough in starting a conversation, this best anonymous texting app has a chatbot that helps you break the ice. Simply use the in-built chatbot in the beginning and continue with the flow.

Though everything is anonymous on Rooit, the team ensures a safe and secure environment for all users. It supports a reliable report system with which you can report violent users so the moderators in charge will handle it right away.

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8. Masked Love

Masked Love

Masked Love deserves your thought whether you are looking for friends or a love of life. Built as an anonymous dating app, it works well to chat with single boys or girls and get connected. With Masked Love, meeting new people has never been this fun!

This dating app offers a fast and reliable solution to find a partner without revealing your personal identity. It helps boost your fantasy and if you are lucky, you can bring it into reality. Just grab your phone, download this app for free without registration, and start searching.

For easier search, set your gender preference and let this app filter the profiles. It will provide you with boys or girls based on your preferences so you can easily choose one and start chatting. If you like them, arrange a date in real life and decide with your heart.

Thousands of people use this best anonymous texting app to find a dating partner. Thanks to a simple and user-friendly design, you can focus on communication and find interesting topics instead of learning how it works. This application comes with paid content for additional features. 

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9. Paltalk


Build new friendships and enjoy conversations with Paltalk. Featured globally, this anonymous chat app connects you with random strangers from around the world. Find people with the same interests, share the same value in a desired topic, and make new friends from your home.

Paltalk offers a safe platform for exceptional conversations while keeping your identity secret. But if you don’t mind with a little exposure, it has a live chat feature that allows you to join a video community. No matter your preferences, you can always find the right people to share.

On Paltalk, you can share experience, learn languages and cultures, get life advice, and open the world. Start a new friendship with total strangers and feel the therapeutic benefits. No more embarrassment or judgement when talking about something you’re not comfortable talking with real life friends.

For a lively text chat, it comes packed with tons of gifts and stickers to choose from. It also features video filters and video effects that make video call experience more exciting. 

There are thousands of chat rooms that you can join ranging from flirting to music room and many more. Choose a live chat room to join and talk about topics that come to your interest. Whether you want to socialise with text chat or voice chat, Paltalk has got you covered.

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The best anonymous texting apps are designed to improve your social life without exposing your identity. Find an app based on your preferences and socialize safely from your home.  

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